11 comments on “Chapter 48 for Ex-Hero Candidate

  1. It’s alive!!!

    While slight and for rather selfish reasons; I became somewhat worried that something might have happened to you since you seemingly dropped off the face of the Earth. (Blog posts are the only sign of life I recognize.)

    Are your kidnappers treating you properly?
    Would a blanket make you feel better?
    Were you able to dispose of the body properly this time or was it to much to eat by yourself?

    • pretty sure its a completely different person, novels japan translates loner dungeon, skill-up with login bonus, and this… if i am forgetting things, sorry, judging by comments, and terrible memory, the translator is actually snowfallsdown… don’t quote me on that

  2. its been 2 weeks since those words were spoken

    “I will continue my translation from today onward…….

    you can say I’m back on track….”

    I’m not complaining i just find it funny =D

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