99 way to keep poor life with Onii-chan

Tittle  : お兄ちゃんとの貧乏生活を守り抜く99の方法

Author : 日々一陽

「Onii-chan , there’s an order.One morning set ~! !」
The second year high school student me who was making a living at a little cafe, Kamishiro Yuuya and my little sister Reina.

Without getting discourage because of poverty. A common story where the two of us are helping each other for living only , or that was supposed to be ….. What are you saying Onii-chan ! This is gonna be a beautiful pure love story that describe the pure love trial between me and Onii-chan you know ! Everyone please hear this~
I really love Onii-chan.
We are already done the wedding preliminaries ! Ah , don’t take away the mic ! I am still in the middle of talking after all.
Aah , Onii-chan meanie ~ ! …. Eh , sorry for the rudeness.
Although she is such a little sister, except for her brocon she is actually a really nice person.
Since the two of us will be making a living with all we got , everyone please cheer for us ! ( Basically , I am trying to update every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday ! )


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(wait for an hour before snow made a page for it XD )

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