NC ch 02

Neta Chara provisional play-string life Hen

Second chapter- encounter with a beauty

“Boy, are you alright? Are you alive? ”

It was a clear and warm voice.

” Thank you for your help. If it wasn’t for you, I might have been dead. ”

I looked at voice owner and surprised that it belong to a woman clothed in armor.

It was a blonde with blue eyes. Her face is beautiful and the most important thing is her chest. It was Huuuge! At least an E cup. Wait.. Is that a wing? And that’s a small horn hidden between her hair!

Behind her back, appear bat like wings like the one they wear in cosplay.

She approached me and stopped in front of me. Oh no my eyes couldn’t move away from her two mountains. I need to look away in a hurry but she doesn’t seemed to care.

“Don’t worry. I don’t mind it. After all you are still growing. ”

” Um sorry.. It wasn’t on purpose. ”

That’s the best excuse I can think of. However thinking that she was just an NPC inside a game makes me maintain my composure. If she was real, I will go bury myself in the sand.

Then she helped me putting aside the mantis corpse.

” this silver mantis is really dangerous. It was fortunate that you are safe. ”

” Ah. Thank you once again! ”

I tried to stand up but the pain on my cheek stings me. I used my fingers to check the wound, there is a small cut. Is.. This real?

” Oh, you’ve got some wound. Here let me do this, [healing light]! ”

She is doing something while putting her hand on my cheek. After she muttered something that is not familiar on my ear, lights come out from her hand and it feels warm on my cheek. When the light disappears from her hand, she remove her hand from my cheeks.

“Wha.. I doesn’t hurt anymore. Amazing! ”

” Boy, don’t you know magic? ”

” Ah it was magic! It is so awesome. ”

” It was only a basic healing spell. I couldn’t do more than that. ” she is slightly embarrassed but happy hearing the compliment.

” That’s not true, if it wasn’t for you I will be this guy prey right now. ”

” Well, you might have a good luck. Come to think of it, we haven’t introduced ourselves. ”

Oh yeah, I haven’t known the name of the beauty.. Erm.. My benefactor I mean. Where is my courtesy? Even if she was just an NPC inside a game I still have to keep my manner.

” Sorry, my name is Kent. ”

” My name is Miriaria. ”

” This is inside a game right? ”

” Ga.. mu? ”

It seemed that she didn’t even understand the word game.

” Miriaria-san, mind if I ask a question? Is that horn and wings are real? ”

Hearing my question she just give me a confused look.

” Don’t you know that I come from succubus race? You never see someone from my race? ”

(TL note: alright.. I know what you guys are thinking..)

” Sorry for the rude question. It’s just.. This is the first time I saw it with my own eyes. ”

” Well it couldn’t be helped then. Anyway, we need to do something with that. ”

She is looking to the area in between my leg. Oh no.. It was wet with my own pee. I released it out of fear of the death.

” No! Please don’t look at me. ”

It was a shame that I put such a sorry sight on our first encounter. I want to run away.. No.. I want to bury myself inside the sand. Seriously I tried to hide it with my hands.

Miriaria only giggled while saying. ” Wait until I finished collecting materials from the mantis. Then I will take you to a nearby fountain to clean up.”

(TL note: oh no.. Hold your imagination from running wild guys.)

“Ah yeah.. Mantis blood also reek a lot. ”

” Don’t worry, it won’t be long. ”

I was waiting for her to finished dismantling while I tried to analyze the situation.

There’s something flashing in the corner of my field of vision.

> Twink skills triggered, [Miriaria] friendship significantly increased

> Twink skills triggered, [Miriaria] friendship significantly increased

> Twink skills triggered, [Miriaria] friendship significantly increased

> Twink skills triggered, [Miriaria] friendship significantly increased

> Twink skills triggered, [Miriaria] friendship significantly increased

> [Miriaria] state: favorable

If I read the log, it seemed her state has changed to be in my favor.

The power of unique skill [Handsome] should be feared. Her affection towards me is favorable even if I’m just a peeing man.

“Kent, let’s go. I have finished collecting the material. ”

Behind her back, I can see the silver mantis sickle hanging, it was quite a bizzare sight. As a man, I have to do something.

” Miriaria, seems like that sickle is heavy. Let me carry it for you. ”

” Don’t worry. This is quite heavy you know. ”

” Even so, let me just express my gratitude for saving my life. Leave the luggage to me. ”

Due to my persistence, she finally give in. She handed the sickle to me and..

Ugya~ this is heavy! I couldn’t stand straight and my foot somehow jittery.

” Kent, are you okay? Don’t overdo yourself. ”

” Don’t worry . This isn’t heavy at all. Hahaha. ”

” Just tell me if you need help okay. ”

While wobbling left and right, we walked towards the nearby fountain.

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