NC ch 03

Neta Chara provisional play-string life Hen
Third episode beauty and bathing

From the location where I got attacked by the silver mantis, we walked around twenty minutes. It was hidden by dense trees, a fountain that coming from the springs and the water was clear and you could see trough it.

“Now, we have arrived. Kent, please take off your clothes. ”

Miriaria is approaching me while spreading out her arms.

” Wait! I can take it off by myself. You could wait over there. ”

” Is that so? Alright, I’ll make a fire so we can dry your clothes after you washed it. ”

Afterwards, I move behind a stone and undressed my self. I will washed my clothes after entered the cold bath.

” Uu, it is cold. I really missed soaking in hot water. Onsen.. ”

However the cold water could easily remove the dirt and stain on my body. It was clean not long after. Then I washed my clothes. After it was clean, I folded it and turned my body around to put it on a stone behind me.

Unfortunately, I saw something I couldn’t forget. Miriaria is already stark naked and trying to enter the fountain.

“Miriaria! What are you doing? ”

” What? I wanted to take a bath too. ”

(TL note: this one is a pun alright, it was funny though how the author describe it. Imagine it was a scene on a battleship)

The sight of her two main gun entered my consciousness.
Lock on.. Search completed.

” Commander, reporting! We have encountered the enemy! The enemy main gun estimated to be E-class. No.. It was G class! Commander, we have G class enemy. ”

I can feel my brain froze.

” Commander, the enemy data had arrived. From Top: 154, B:88, W:55, H:85. It should be noted that the enemy gun is aimed at us! ”

” What? How do we handle this situation? That G cup is armed. ”

” Quick, dodge it! Use the speed to dodge it. ”

” Ay captain, we couldn’t dodge, the speed was too fast. In the radar it was signaling that we’re locked! ”

” Darn, turn the ship, at least try to dodge. If we got hit, our ship will sunk. ”

I tried to look away from Miriaria body.

” Kent, are you embarrassed? How cute. ”

Oh no, Miriaria bombshell is approaching without even a single thread to cover it.

” Captain! It’s useless. Thirty more seconds before we enter the enemy field of fire. ”

” darn it, prepare our best, be ready! ”

” Captain, bullets incoming. ”

” All hands prepare for collision! ”

Miriaria catched me and I was wrapped in the two big and fluffy marshmallows. Then, something small and hard touched my cheek.

” Tsu, captain! The enemy bullet have hit us. Second turret damaged, third and fourth has collapsed. We’re in danger. ”

” Mechanics! ”

” It is useless captain, the limit had been reached. The ship will sink. ”

” Alright we got no choice. Abandon the ship! Abandon! ”

” Life boat is ready captain. ”

” Just leave me here. I will remain in the ship. Just tell my son that I died honorably while fighting a G-class. ”

” Alright, all hands, salute to the captain. ”

My consciousness is moving back as my mental strength ship has been sunk. I can smell her body odour. The soft feeling around my face.

(Kent: ” Oh no, please don’t come out. Oi, hide! “)

” Kent, why don’t we take a bath together? ”

(Kent:” No, it couldn’t be stopped anymore. “)

” Kent, is there something wrong with your lower body? ”

The hand of Miriaria touches my important son.

No touch! Touching is prohibited! Hey! Why my voice won’t come out?

Miriaria whispered to my ear. ” Kent, are you still a virgin? Don’t worry, big sister will teach you. ”

Miriaria is too aggressive. She is a beast, and I will be eaten if thing goes like this.

“Miriaria but isn’t this kind of thing should be done when we know each other better? ”

” but, aren’t you ready for this? I’m alright even if we do it now. ”

” But, we’ll catch a cold like this. Please stop now. ”

” Aaa.. Sorry.. ”

I was trying hard to break trough her control and succeed.

I was moving back and I could see her clothes scattered on the ground. I-i-is that a g-string? I looked back at her and I saw her two generous peach floating on the water. Really, she is dangerous.

When I arrived at the bonfire and sit down, I noticed something is blinking in the corner of my eyes.

> Handsome skill triggered, [Miriaria] friendship significantly increased

> Handsome skill triggered, [Miriaria] friendship significantly increased

> Handsome skill triggered, [Miriaria] friendship significantly increased

> Handsome skill triggered, [Miriaria] friendship significantly increased

> Handsome skill triggered, [Miriaria] friendship significantly increased

> [Miriaria] state: Falling in love

Seriously? I just met her today and she already fallen in love with me? Really this [handsome] skill is so scary.

However, I feel that my chasity is in danger. I was originally a thirty-five years old virgin. Of course a virgin above thirty years old can be considered as a sage in the real world. I didn’t care though because I want to at least keep my soul pure for my destined one.

I also remember she mentioned that she is a succubus. Isn’t it a race that have sex with a male and suck out their soul? I will become a mummy afterwards. I really need to part ways from her tomorrow.

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  2. I thought this story was a bunch of cliché until the succubus that let’s cherry boy D get away and a virgin wizard/sage looking for a destined one. Hahaha he is so screwed!

  3. This fucking novel is meant for us loners~ Especially me!!~ T^T Recommend to all loners that don’t have GF’s even at the age of 20 and still continuing!! Shit! I think I just slapped myself with shame from saying that!! 😥

  4. i hate that MC, he still think is a game so why don’t bang her, and if it was me i would be trilled with those skill. my life would so so much easy

  5. LOL dude even if it is a game the MC is obviously a naive, inexperienced with women and idealistic fool who dreams of falling in love gradually with a woman and then getting married etc. First day is out of his expectations. Even if he made the character to get some the whole realism throws him off and makes him revert to his old cowardly idealistic ways. Plus it’s a succubus bro, steal your soul and you die from SEX not everybody is a brave hero to sacrifice himself for the “greater god” lol , he’s too cowardly to die while having sex LMAO!!!!! This is why you dont read a story with a comedy and mature tag, mature always gets kicked in the nuts for comedy’s sake

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