NC ch 04

Neta Chara provisional play-string life Hen
Fourth episode a different game world or a dream?

It was the sound coming from my stomach. It has been some time since I survived from the mantis attack. While I was waiting for my clothes to dry, I mess with my menu screen.

It was too late but I regretted that I didn’t read the game manual before transported into this game world. Is this the famous VRMMORPG dive system? However I don’t have any VR equipment with me. My old built up PC couldn’t even support high end game what’s more VR game. The last thing I remember is [So, we will have to proceed with summoning to a different world, Grimoire] .

I understand the logic of summoning however is it really real? The fact that I was transported to a game world is shocking my mind. So, this hungry feeling is real, not some VR technology sense stimulation. Right now I can only make these conclusion.

1. [Hunter life], this game actually a VRMMORPG game without a log out button.
2. [Hunter life] causing me to actually transported to another world
3. Right now I am inside the [hunter life] in another world

This is so funny. If this was a dream, I wish I wake up right now. If it was a game, maybe when I arrived in the city there will be a building named ‘costumer service center’. I don’t have any other choice but to live my current life.

The smell of the grass is real. If I was transported to another world, I can accept my situation. But these game menu and message logs that is look like a game, I couldn’t eliminate the possibility of this is one of those VR world.

But, I really need to take care of this hunger level. I could see that my hunger bar is decreasing and at a red limit.


This is useless. I don’t know what can I eat or not in this world. What happened if I died because of starving? Is there a revive point? I look around and see mushrooms grew in the root of a nearby tree. Can I cook it in the bon fire?

In a hurry because of the hunger, I take a tree branch, put the mushroom on it and roasted it. Not long after, fragrant smell fills the air. If only there is a soy sauce and other seasoning. However I don’t care anymore, this hunger state is killing me.

However when I tried to eat the mushroom, a black thing flew past in front of my eyes in a great speed. I look at it and it was a dagger.

“Phew.. I made it in time.”


It seemed that Miriaria is the one who throw it. She is trying to stop me from eating the mushroom.

“kent, that mushroom is poisonous. Even just a bite could send you directly to the afterlife.”

“what? Lies!”

“No, the plants and animals in this forest is all poisonous because the area is full of toxins. And that mushroom is one of the deadliest plants in here.”

How can this mushroom be poisonous? Look at the colour? It was blazing red with white dots. It is tempting me to eat it.

“but my stomach is hurting.”

“kent, if you want to eat then please wait a while. I will be cooking. Please eat this to hold your hunger for now.”

Then Miriaria passed me a leather bag. Inside of it were nuts similar to walnut. I tried to crack the shell bare handed and I can do it easily, when I tried to eat the brown fruit inside, it was crunchy, sweet and the aroma was delicious. I don’t know if it was really delicious or I am too hungry to care. I continue to eat it. Two, three, when I realized, the leather bag is empty.

“Miriaria, sorry it seemed that I ate all of it.”

“What?” Miriaria was surprised and then sighing.

“Is this expensive food? Sorry, I didn’t mean to do this. I’m sorry.”

“No, it’s not that expensive, it’s just..”

“What? Is there a poisonous effect if it was taken more than normal?”

“No, there is just a little bit of side effects but you shouldn’t worry much about it. Anyway, dinner is ready. Let’s eat it.”

The meal Miriaria made was bread and roasted rabbit and grilled fish. I eat until my belly bulged. Really, for me who is used to eat the food from convenience store, the taste of Miriaria home cooking was too good too be true and the taste was superb.

“Really, this is delicious!”

“Hey, don’t talk while your mouth is full. Look at how messy you are.”

Then Miriaria pick a crumb that was sticking to my mouth and throw it inside her mouth. Actually this kind of scene is embarrassing.

After the dinner ends, Miriaria come and asked me.

“By the way Kent, why are you alone in the forest? You are deep inside of the forest and there is no way you could have traveled there alone.”

“I don’t know. When I wake up, I was already there.”

“are you saying that you were kidnapped? Where did you live? Won’t your parents be worried?”

“actually my parents have passed away and the place where I come from is called Japan.”

“Ah, I’m sorry to hear about your parents. But, I never heard of a village called Japan. I have travelled across the continent but I never heard that name.”

So, the possibility of Miriaria is a NPC was high since she doesn’t know the words Japan. Maybe if I go to the city I could get the information I’m looking for.

“Miriaria san, is it possible for us to go to a city?”

“Of course, that wasn’t a problem. I also need to go to a city not far from here. It was the Abisuvu city near here. I’ll take you there.”

“Thank you Miriaria san.”

Of course I need her to show me the way since I don’t know the area. I feel safe because she could defend me from monster attack but I might get attacked first by her sexual harassment attack. Once I fall to her temptation I will be a dry mummy in the morning. Even a little while ago she tried to attack me in the fountain. Really, she is a succubus I can’t fall for her trick. But, that blonde hair, blue eyes and slender face. Perfect nostril and tempting mouth. Dynamite body and that G-class cannon, she was within my strike zone. The only thing that is stopping me from attacking her right now is the tails and wings behind her.

“Of course but I want to ask something from you.”

Miriaria wanted to put up a condition. Is it money? Or will it be forced skinship? I don’t have any money right now so, skinship was highly possible.

“but, I don’t have any money.”

“No, I don’t need money. I want you to call me Miri! That’s all.”

I was relieved but somehow disappointed.

“Oh, is that all Miriaria san?”

“Kent, it’s Miri! M-I-R-I!”

I couldn’t miss it. Her face turned red for a moment there.

“Alright then…. Miri..”

“Ah, because it is dangerous to travel at night, let’s make a camp here. Is that alright for you?”

There is no way for me to refuse isn’t it?

“Just keep the fire so it doesn’t die when I’m preparing the tent.”

After she said that she take a tent from her bag and start to assemble it. In the meantime I also checked my message log that is blinking.

> Handsome skilltriggered, [Miriaria] friendship significantly increased> Well protected skill triggered, [Miriaria] protect you from poison

> Handsome skill triggered, [Miriaria] favor significantly increased

> Well protected skill triggered, [Miriaria] accepted your escort mission

> Handsome skill triggered, [Miriaria] favor significantly increased

> [Miriaria] state: In love with you

I read the log and noticed that this time the [well protected] skill is triggered for the first time. Miriaria state also been changed. Really thanks to [handsome] skill, in a day friendship becomes love. Surely friendship can turn to love but I didn’t even do anything.

She was in love with me. I don’t know if it was a good thing or bad thing. I wonder if I could survive the night against her succubus traits.

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  2. So I tried to get a crumb stuck on my cheek and let me tell you,it’s impossible unless you are eating forcibly or like a pig………or slamming your face into a loaf of bread. That also works.

    • not true, you just need facial hair…. even stubbles work to an extent…. or the food needing to be sticky to an extent.

      but I will straight up say that with the consistency it happens in anime, manga, LNs, WNs, and other such japan related entertainment goods is simply in-human… almost like their faces or rather cheeks and chin are as adhesive like fly paper. >_>

  3. Haaaah… Would’ve been a good find of a story if only the MC is not a big wuss and had a bit of common sense. Seriously? You had no device for VMMORPG? And you think you are in a virtual world? You even said that the technology is not that far yet but you still think you are in a virtual fucking world? Grrrr… Of course if it was me, I would be doubtful if I was actually in a different world, but never would I give a reason for it that is as absurd as what my current situation is… Haaah… well off to look for another novel to read >.>

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