NC ch 05

Neta Chara provisional play-string life Hen

fifth episode the fall of my reasoning

(Tl note: this episode is such a tease.. this early chapter was so short but later on, when the story progressed further, you will smiled with a satisfaction after reading it)

Hot! My body is burning! It was as if I was boiled in hot water!

I was inside the tent that Miri made and writhing in pain. In particular my lower half is in a dangerous condition. As if all of the blood in my body is all concentrated to my nether area.

Somehow, the scene of Miri on the fountain was repeated in my mind like a movie. I know this might be because I am excited and aroused but I never feel this way. As Miri dynamite body is dancing in my mind, my lower half was hurting.

Should I ask Miri to turn off the fire? If she saw my lower body I will be embarrassed. Furthermore as time passed by, the situation is worsening. My member is swelling.

The Miri in my mind is now running wild. Now, my lust is skyrocketing as I imagined her doing some perverted things.

“Kent, are you okay?”

“Miri, don’t come here.”

I really don’t want her to look at me in this state.

“Is it really that bad?”

Miri is looking at me with a worried face. The images of the Miri in my mind and the real Miri is overlapping. Under the dimly illuminated lights, her appearance almost breaks my limit.

“This is bad.. if you come any closer I can’t hold my self back.”

“Kent, I think this is the effect of Totona that you ate earlier.”

Miri then comes to me to look at my condition. However her sweet body odor entered my nose.

My lower half is about to explode. I can’t endure it anymore. I need something to release me from this pain. There is Miri right? Her body is tempting me. I really can’t hold it back.


“Sorry Kent. It was because I give you Totona.”

Miri is crying while looking at my condition. She was very beautiful however the urge to defiled her outdo my earlier thoughts.

“Miri.. sorry… I’m really the lowest.. I can’t hold it back anymore.”

Immediately I attacked her. I pushed her clothes upwards and her G-cannon is towering. However she doesn’t try to hide it. she hugged me and whispered.

“It’s alright. Afterall I love you.”

The moment she said that, I become a beast. Single mindedly I am trying to pleasure myself as I tried to ease my pain. At that moment I feel that there is another consciousness inside of me. I was thrown out of my body and I watched the scene silently.

The scene where I was ravaging her like a madman.

Really, I’m the lowest man. The joy to have graduated from being a virgin can’t be felt. There’s only a huge guilt to Miri. Really, I will apologize to her later on.

So, my consciousness was lost at the same time I released something.


(tl note: I know, don’t complain to me.. I want more too.. and you know what? As the series goes on it will be aweeeeesssooommee!)

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  2. Thanks for the chapter. I hope the limp scene was due to him losing consciousness and we get more in the future.

  3. Wow…… This chapter is so long dude, like, it took me 3 days to finish reading all of this.

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