NC chapter 01

Neta Chara provisional play-string life Hen
First episode – awakening

I wake up..
I was supposed to be inside my house… However..
I’m surrounded by trees.. I am in the middle of a forest..
How? Why?
I was trying to play a net game in my house. But the feel of comfortable grass, the smell of nature, it all so real..
I remember there is a bright light when I was looking at the monitor and a window of summoning to a different world.

I look around and noticed a semi-transparent window at the edge of my field of vision. I tried to focus on it and saw a menu screen.
Is this a game?
If this is only a game, it was a highly advanced virtual reality game.
Even VRMMORPG with dive system hasn’t been developed. There is a gap of technology.
I look at the menu screen calmly. There are status, skill, equipment, and there’s an ON/OFF function for map display, party, and others.

I look at the map and a semi-transparent windows pop up in front of me. It has a black background with a red dot blinking. It seemed that the red dot is me. I tried to move and yeah, that was me. Then I tried to look at my status.

Status window
Name: Kent Race: Demon
Sex: Male Age: 15
Language: English Reading: None
Combat job: None General job: None
Combat Skills
General Skills
Initial Skills
Well protected
Sex prodigy
basic clothes

It is the same character that I created. The problem is I couldn’t readjust my stats and skill. I don’t know if I am strong or weak. Let’s fiddle with it more. I make the HP and MP to be displayed on the top right of my field of vision.
The only menu left to check is inventory and skills.
Inventory is where I put my belonging but I don’t have anything with me.
The skills were divided into combat – general – initial. The combat also divided into physical and magic skill. So I tried to check my skill and the legendary windows come up.
(TL note: the initial skill maybe passive or increasing skill but I’ll used initial for now)

Handsome: it will be easier when interacting and increasing intimacy with opposite sex.
Unique skill.
Well protected: it will be easier to cooperate, invited to party, and obtaining gifts from opposite sex.
Unique skill.
Womanizer: the chance for you to seduce and engaged in sexual activity with opposite sex is greatly increased.
Unique skill.
Sex prodigy: you won’t get tired from sexual activity.
Unique skill.

Although it was all unique skill however it was terrible. It is only useful if I become an AV actor. Still I am relieved it was only effective to opposite sex. Of course I am a normal and healthy man!
However there is no option to log out. Maybe it can only be done at a save point.

There is no point in guessing so I decided to walk and explore.
Maybe I could find a house, some people, but… I was lost…
The map display didn’t show any town or information. I continue to walk and I feel thirsty and hungry. It was good that they devoted themself to make it as real as possible. However no log out button and map display isn’t working, makes me want to give the developer long hours of preaching.
When I was cursing them, the grass behind me began to shake.
I turned around and saw a silver mantis. It wasn’t a normal one. It was three meters tall. The oversized mantis is watching me with its eye, he lifted his huge silver sickle, something that looked like a mouth is grinning.
This guy seemed to lock on me. I am his target.
I fall to the ground and can’t move. My leg is frozen in fear.
The mantis swung down its silver sickle and with a huge wind noise, it move past my cheek.
I felt the danger of death from the pain on my cheek.
“Is this only a game? ”
I saw my HP bar is draining like crazy and the pain is too much for me causing me to scream in agony.
This game is ridiculous.
Is this hard mode? Nightmare? Hell?
The silver mantis approached me and I couldn’t even stand up. The mantis jumped and landed on top of me.
All my limbs were restricted.
I had tasted the fear of death. The terror, the pain, I feel I could passed out any moment. However the stinging pain brings me back again to reality.
The mantis and me is looking at each other. However one is the prey and the other is the predator.

I could feel my body cowering in fear. Lukewarm feeling fleeting down from my cheek.

The mantis raised his sickle sending me to the afterlife.
I closed my eyes..
I hope there is not much pain.
The hot liquid poured down on my body.
Is this my blood?
No, there is no pain.
I opened my eyes slowly and saw the silver mantis..
The head was gone..

ed.  Now, you can either took the would be my blood?  But, it does not come at all is pain. Opening the fearfully eye, there is was a mantis that you no longer head and sickle.

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