NC prologue

Neta Chara provisional play-string life Hen
~ Prologue ~
My name is Horikawa Kento. I’m an employee on a submarine company, single, 35 years old.
Why submarine? In a world filled with competitive sense, the company that is sinking down with its employee is a submarine.
So, now with a pressure given from my manager I decided to take a day off. I still have some savings from my deceased parents and a house so I don’t really need to work. However I do it to socialize. I don’t have any friends, not even someone from opposite sex will pick up their phone if I call. Because of that I will spend my times playing a game.
It was a net game. Net game has a wide variety and you can do it alone. I look at a game called “hunter life” which is unpopular. It was supposed to come out two years ago but the development has been on hold. It status is open beta but no update for two years. It was a mixed game like “snow dr*p” eroge with magic skill like “m*nster hunter” that is a hit on portablr game. The most attractive part is the sign of 18+ that is circled and crossed in red colour. I was kind of interested without reading the manual.
I installed the client in the PC and lrocees to character creation screen. It has some CG effect which is failed to be displayed because of my PC specs. I wonder if it will run the game smoothly. For now I’ll just create a character .

The first one is tribe.
Ashura, Dragon, beastman, succubus, mystic, ghost, demon, devil and many more lined up. When I hover the mouse it have some explanatory text. I choose demon tribe that has average overall ability.
Next is apperance, I didn’t bothered and choose default. Altough the face is similar to me it wasn’t a big deal.
And then the name. My Kento name is changed to “Kent”, and the age I lowered it to 15 years. For the age I don’t think it mattered much.

Finally, the skill selection. There are skill slot determined with wide range of choice. From combat skill, gun skill, manufacturing skill, weapon knowledge, trade negotiations and much more. However the initial slot is for four skill. Anyway this is just a test character and I will create a serious one once I get used to it. I press the random button.
The random skill was shown in a baloon like pop up.
[handsome], [well protected], [womanizer ], [sexual prodigies].
[Handsome] is good..
[well protected] what is that mean?
But, [womanizer ] and [sexual prodigies] am I going to be a Harem king or a pimp?
I could press the random button again but the temptation of two hidden erotic skill override my rationality. So I press the OK button.

Status window
Name: Kent Race: Demon
Sex: Male Age: 15
Language: English Reading: None
Combat job: None General job: None
Combat Skills
General Skills
Initial Skills
Well protected
Sexual prodigies

(TL note: is it beter Sexual prodigies or sex prodigy or any suggestion? And idk what reading is)

I don’t know what I am going to do without combat and general skill. I may need to learn them later on. To end the character creation there is a letter of warning.
I pressed the [Enter] button.
[Are you ready for the game with this character? YES / NO]
It is of course YES. Nice skill! Erotic Hurrah! !
[Are you sure? YES / NO]
I was to impatient to start playing.
[So, we will have to proceed with summoning to a different world, Grimoire]
Summoning? I was watching the monitor screen..
It shine really bright and I lost my consciousness….

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7 comments on “NC prologue

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  2. Sex Prodigy would fit better since it’s referring to just his skill. Sexual prodigies sounds more like his students or something.

  3. Sexual Prodigy would better the either of those 2.

    Sexual Prodigies would mean: Multiple people with talent pertaining to sex and other sexual conduct.

    Sex Prodigy would mean: Talent and skills pertaining to the act of Sexual intercourse alone, meaning Fellatio, Anal, and various other talents sexual situations would not be included.

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