Book 2- Chapter 10- Wild Hunt part 2

Book 2- Chapter 10- Wild Hunt part 2

Shae.Alpha POV

Why me?

After receiving the extermination mission from the prince, Nu went about coming up with a plan on how to go about the mission. Eventually we decided to split into groups. And lucky me, I got paired up with the most deadpan people of the group.

Nu argued that I had some of the best Sword Heirs. Traus’s strength rivaled that of Rumo’s. Yusei and Kugei were among the quickest out of us. I was assigned with them by virtue of process of elimination. I still couldn’t shake the feeling that I was chosen out of process of elimination.

Throughout the entire trip we all sat in silence. Our carriage ride was essentailly long due to the wrap around in the road. Most of my time was spent looking out the carriage window, counting the clouds. Truas sat next to me, but seated himself as far away as possible, as if trying to avoid me.

Yusei and Kugei sat in front of us with their eyes close. They were sitting cross legged, as if in a state of meditation. I quickly gave up on the notion of starting a conversation and merely minded my own business.

Time seemed to have slowed down to draw out my misery as I was bored beyond measure. Bored of the silence, bored of counting clouds, and bored of the silence. Ever since coming to this new world, I was quite grateful of my new body. No longer did I need, food, water or sleep. I was self-sufficient but during that initial ride I was in agony.

After several agonizing hours, we reached our designation. Reaching our designation, I was the first leap out from the carriage. Taking in a whiff of fresh air, they soothed my unease. Although I had become an android, I still retained some of my initial senses. Such as smell and taste. Breathing in the fresh countryside air was refreshing.

As the others disembark from the carriage, I surveyed the ruins of the village. It was a small village, like the ones we pass on the way to the Capital. Everything was in ruins. Homes and buildings destroyed and broken. Crows littered the area, pecking at the trash and spoiled waste. “Guess they were in a hurry to leave.” Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted something.

It was a makeshift doll. It was woven and stitch together from straw and wheat. The craftsmanship left something to be desired but… “Must have belong to a child of the village.” Inspecting the doll, I felt a small pain in my chest. The owner of the doll was more than likely a little child. Hopefully, he or she made it out ok.

The thought of a child hurt or dead was to make my entire chest to shake. Shaking my head, now wasn’t the time for hesitation.

Looking back to the carriage, the others were talking with a group of knights whom we were to rendezvous with. Leaving the carriage to them, we were finally underway. Our group was assigned the southern quadrant of the forest. We would work our way up to meet with Nu’s group.

The forest was dense, trees were packed close to one another. It was the first time since I’ve seen a rural area such as this forest. Strange colored plants grew from the vines of the massive trees. My eye memorized by the sight around me. Initially, we had to maneuver around the trees in order to progress. That changed the further in we went.

As we traveled further inwards the destruction of the forest is evident. At first broken branches and dead leaves littered the ground. Next tree with park of their bark removed covered the ground. Finally we came across an area where trees were completely uprooted.

‘Whatever did this, it certainly was strong, strong enough to uproot these trees.’ Making the silent observation, the others looked to have noticed as well. Caution and tension rose within the group as we continued further. As we continued deeper into the forest, more destruction unfolded.

But what made it truly eerie was the issue that we have yet to encounter anything resistance. Our suspense only grew until finally.


I immediately stopped and looked at my radar that had just beeped. As a [Support] class my duty was to support the team. One of the many branches of the support class was [Observer]. A subclass of my [Support] class, where my detection skills derived from. One of the advanced skills under the class was [Advanced Observer].

Back in Eternia the way the radar would function was that it was a circular radar. Non-hostile creatures would appear white while hostile ones would appear red. The range was limited but thanks my class I was able to upgrade my radar to encompass a much larger radius. The beeps were telling me that hostile enemies had entered its range.

Checking the mini-map, several hostile enemies were heading our way.

“Everyone, we’ll be expecting trouble.”

I quickly warned them and got in front. The others got the message and took up their positions next to me. As we waited, I monitored my radar until they finally arrived.

A stamping sound was heard accompanied by the rustling of the branches and trees. Soon the monsters came into view. They were odd looking, very similar to chimpanzees. Their fur was a magenta color while their bodies were bulky, especially their arms which were quite large. Several large canines protrude from their mouths.

“What are they?”


“…They are agile monsters with strength to match their size.”

As usual, Yusei and Kugei completed one another sentences. Hearing their name, I had a hard time putting their name to the creature’s appearance. Hearing the name ‘Wumba’ makes me imagine a large, fluffy animal. The monsters in front of me greatly contrasted from my views.

Breaking away from my thoughts, I needed to focus on the task at hand. Ten Wumba appeared, surrounding us. Combing the fact of them outnumbering us and unknown strength. The fight might be more of a hassle then I originally thought.

‘I wonder if Nu encounter these Wumba yet? If so, he probably has a strategy against them…Maybe I should cal—‘ Subconsciously, I was about to send him an echo message but my mind and body froze.

No…This is my fight.

I shook away the notion of asking Nu for any help. Ever since coming to the Empire, we’ve been following Nu’s decisions. Although I agreed with them, the thought of constantly relying on him bugged me.

We still never got over the argument from last time, so this was a good way to destress myself. I tightened my fist along with my resolve to see this through.

“So anyone got a plan?” Both parties have yet to make any moves, however, a plan was needed so that we may lay the first strike.

“We came up with several but…”

“…Their number right now is more than what we had anticipated.”

Finishing one another’s sentences, Yusei and Kugei were of little help.

“I see… What about you Traus?”


Traus remained silent as ever. Suppressing a sigh and mentally scratching my head, it was up to me to figure out a game plan.

“Well then since no one has any good plans we’ll go with mine then. We’ll be performing a hit and run tactic. Yusei and Kugei you guys will distract them with your speed, Traus and I will be doing the damage.”

“What about you? We’re armed with our legendary weapon but you’re unarmed…”

“…We know you’re strong but that doesn’t mean you can’t get hurt.”

“I didn’t realize that you care so much about me.” Chuckling at own jokes, I needed to get serious. “Jokes aside, I’ll be fine. You worry about your jobs.” Despite their numbers, I was confident that I could take them on with little issue.

The two silently glace at one another.  Nodding their head’s in quick agreement, they readied themselves before quickly charging towards the Wumba. Their speed was enough to impress me but also stun the Wumba.

“|Lesser Agility| |Flash Strike|”

Using the same skills they attacked head on. Grazing the Wumba, they shifted from target to target. The monsters roared in defiance, trying to swat them like flies. With their speed, they could dodge anything strike. Distracted, it was Traus and mine turn to strike.

As a supporter my role wasn’t on the front line. My offensive capability were very limited compared to Nu’s or Drakus’s but my role didn’t end there. Fortunately for me, I don’t need to have high offense capabilities. One benefit was that I was able to use my own support spells on myself, easily making up for my weakness. I silently activated some of my support spells to go against the Wumba.

“|Heavy Armor|, |Lesser Mobility|, |Enforcement Arm|, |Masodonian Plating|”

I easily covered the distance with my support spells. Using my skill my fist flew like a machine gun, rapidly hitting the Wumba. At first the damage dealt was minuscule. It was no different from punching a wall of meat. Building in seconds, multiple bloodied punch wounds appeared on the chest of the Wumba before dropping dead. Another came at me, which I meet head on.

“|Heavy Knuckle|”

Using my skill our fists collided and I won our conflict. My fist easily broke its arm, going in deeper, the sound of crushing bone and ripping flesh accompanied my attack. Continuing the momentum, I cupped my hand together and smacked his head downwards. A booming cracking noise could be heard as the skull bashes into the ground.

Its head smashed against the floor as blood spilled from it like a coconut. The mere sight of it caused me to stop for a moment. For a moment, I could feel my stomach turning. My moment of hesitation came to bit me back. One Wumba attacked, using an unrooted tree as a weapon. Catching me off guard, I took the hit instead of dodging.

Thanks to my additional defense I stood my ground. The damage dealt was laughable at best. Before I could properly retaliate, Traus joined in. He appeared behind and cleaved them in half with one horizontal slash. Blood erupted from the severed as he stood triumphantly.


The only reply I recieved from Traus was a silent nod before he ran off to attack the remaining Wumba. In most situation a person would at least say ‘you’re welcome.’ I wasn’t so much angry as more a bit annoyed. Brushing away the thought and I got back to work.

The plan went relatively well until we finally dwindled their numbers down to around four. We had them on the ropes until a loud roar interrupted us.

Hearing the mysterious noise, all four of us backed up to safe distance. A loud rumble noise could be heard then a whooshing noise could be heard as well. Within seconds of the noise, something landed. The impact caused dusts and leaves to shot everywhere.

Entering abruptly, the creature that appeared was significantly larger than the rest, about 1½ times larger. Its arms were massive and hairy. The snout was sticking out from its face with odd looking symbols on it. The fur was more crimson compared to the Wumba.

“Considering its size and overall differences, guess we found the Rank E monster.” The others silently agreed without taking their eyes off it. The beast came at a rather inopportune time. The plan was going well, but our side was getting tired.

With my new body, I had little doubts that they would provide any problems. My only concern was the others. Exhaustion and fatigue slowly crept up on the three. They certainly did their best to hide it but it’s obvious that they needed time to rest. Goes to show just how strong these Wumba truly are.

Racking my brain for a new plan I was once again stopped by another clamor. Another large Wumba dropped down next to the first one. This one however was much smaller and a lighter hue compare to the crimson fur.

It started to talk with the remaining Wumba, as if ordering them. We waited in silence for their next move. We still knew little of our new enemies so attacking would be a bad idea. The monsters apparently wrapped up their conversation as the others scattered and it brought its undivided attention towards us.

“The others have left? Why would they, unless…”

“…Unless those over there believe they can take us on. We must retreat an–“

“No. We’re fighting them.” Cutting the two off, the others looked at me as if I was crazy, and I don’t blame them. To them I looked like a strong girl who knows how to fight. If you were to superficially compare it to the new Wumba’s, of course their reaction would be the way as it is.

“The creatures are confident that they can take us on with just the two of them. We’ll use that to our advantage. Besides if we retreat now then the next time we face them again, it might not be just them. I say we end this as quickly as possible.”

The others looked at one another with nervous reluctance before readying themselves. Without waiting on them, I charged forward. The monster roared and charged in retaliation, just as I hoped for.

Even if it was larger and more powerful than the base version I was sure I could beat it in a direct fight. If it matched my strength then I was still confident in my own strength. Or it’s defensive capabilities is great, then I’ll just need to wail on him until it finally drops. Several possible scenarios played inside my head. I was confident that whatever scenario played out, I could win.


The monster was nowhere in sight. One second I was running right at it, the next it was gone. It couldn’t have just disappeared or gone invisible. The only option left was for it to jump.

Just as the thought formed I felt an enormous pressure hitting my body, it was the Wumba. Out of all the possible opinions, I didn’t once consider the possibility of it dodging my attack and retaliating when I was open. Rather, I simply assumed that it was just like the rest and would attack blindly. Realizing my mistake too late, my entire body was smashed against the floor.

The wind was instantly knocked out of my body. With my new body, sensation such as pain or pleasure have been suppressed. Only in extreme cases would I truly feel anything. The pain and damage from the Wumba’s attack was minuscule. Yet it was still an annoyance.

“Get off of me!”

Attempting to attack, the Wumba jumped to avoid my attack. Seeing an opportunity I quickly rolled to the side to avoid him coming down but that left me open for another attack. The moment I stopped I was hit from behind. Rolling on the ground, the culprit was the second Wumba. It was Traus who stopped me.

‘Damn it!’ Cursing in my mind, I was frustrated. I hadn’t consider the fact that these new Wumba were smarter than a sack of bricks. Instead of following its kin and attacking mindlessly, the Wumba knew the danger ahead of them.

“Are you alright?!” Kugei and Yusei rushed over.

Reassuring Yusei that I was fine. I tried to stand back up but immediately fell but Traus quickly grabbed hold of me.

“You’re hurt.”

“I’m fine. Just give me a moment.”

Putting up a front to reassure Kugei I managed to stand on my feet. Silently using some support spells, I fixed myself up. I took a step forward but I ended up stumbling instead. Traus once again had to support me.

‘What’s going on? My wounds are healed and my Hp is at max already. So why do I suddenly feel weak?’ I had little time to ponder on my question as the Wumba rushed towards our position. Separating, the monsters separated us from one another. Traus and I on one side with Yusei and Kugei on the other. They keenly positioned themselves in the middle, separating our group.

“We need to retreat…”

“…Right now we’re at a disadvantage.”

“Thank you for that wonderful insight. Easier said than done.” I responded in a low moan as our attempts to escape were halted by the creatures. Knowing now that they are smarter than their kin, I was confident that I could take them again.

Traus, Kugei, and Yusei were a different matter. Charging in recklessly would only drag them down. Our best strategy was to regroup and escape with everyone. Later I could go off one my own to deal with them. If we try to run separately, the Wumba could simply hunt us down one at a time.

Within seconds, the odd numbing feeling that I felt was gone. And I was back to my normal peak condition. Testing the water, I came up with an idea.

“Traus follow my lead and don’t slow down!”

Screaming my order I rushed forward. Hopefully Traus paid attention and followed my order. We were across from Yusei and Kugei with the two Wumba in the middle. The plan was to make a mad dash straight through, of course it wouldn’t be easy.

Seeing our movement, one charged forward to confront us. The Wumba was smart enough to know that it couldn’t attack back in time so it brought up its arm to defend. Smashing my fist against its guard, the creature was knocked back.

The Wumba watching Kuegi and Yusei brought its attention towards me, just what I wanted. Signaling Traus to run towards the other, I ran to meet it head on. Using the same tactic as before I jumped once more until I heard a scream.

“Watch out!”

It took me a moment to find out that Traus was the one who screamed. The reason for it was because the pitch of the voice was so high, like a girl’s voice. I almost mistook it for another person. However my thoughts were brought to a halt as I felt something hit my back.

The next second I knew I was flying towards a tree. Slamming into the trunk of the tree my thoughts were disorientated as I tried to figure out what had just happen. But it didn’t end there. Appearing right after was a fist, slamming against the tree.

The culprit was the Wumba that defended against my attack. Hanging from its side was a limp arm, most likely broken from my initial attack. ‘Damn it…I did I hold back? Just how durable are these things?!’ Despite the injury, it managed to continue forward.

Before I could react two burly hands reached for me. Pressing together, the two Wumba pinned me against the tree. Despite how infuriating it is, the creature’s instinct and battle knowledge was commendable. My strength and mobility outclass their own, so their first objective was to take that away. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, they were trying to crush me against the tree. Struggling, they had a tight grip on me.

The thought of removing my restriction came to mind. If I did so then these things would be child’s play. Before I could go through with it however I heard a yell from Traus.


His sword glowed a brilliant yellow and white glow. Moving in a fluid motion he quickly slashed at the two. The Wumba screamed and started attacking their surrounding. Their action was no more different than a child throwing a temper tantrum.

Letting go of me, I descended. Traus raced towards me and catch me at the last second Kuegi and Yuesi waited for us before sprinting alongside us. Eventually the Wumba cry became indistinguishable as we grew further and further away.

Traveling all the way back to the forested area only when we were safe did we finally relax. Traus leaned me against a tree. Everyone was exhausted and we simply sat there, in awkward silence from what had just transpired. For once I was grateful for my unchanging face or else I would be showing an expression of rage.

For one at myself for constantly underestimating them, and at the Wumba. I’ve always been competitive and a rather sore loser. A rather ostentatious trait I admit. Wallowing in my own thoughts, it was enough.

“Where do you think you’re going?” I was already up before any of the others were and was about to head out.

“To fight those things again.” I answered back.

“Are you crazy? We barely escaped the last time.”

“That’s why I’m going by myself. I have an idea on what to do.”


Leaving Yusei and Kugei behind, I didn’t walk too far before Traus stopped me. “You’re not going out there. Not after how you almost died back there.”

Now that I was free of distraction I had time to comprehend Traus voice. At first I thought I was just hearing things but after listening to him again, it confirmed it. Truas whom I always assumed to be a big and distant person has a high pitch voice similar to a girl.

I tried to walk around him but was met with the same resistance.

“Get out the way.”

“No. You’re only going to get hurt again. Please think this through.”

“I did think about it. I can take them” I snarky replied.


“That’s none of your concerns. I’ll beat them an th–“

“No you won’t!” Screaming, I took a step back in surprise. Never before did I think of Traus to do something so out of character.

“We are a team, its only nature that we would worry about you! Right now you’re being driven by your pride. You have the same eyes as Rumo. What exactly are you trying to prove!”

As if something click inside my brain, a memory rose from the deep conscious of my mind. It was back in Eternia when we were among the top guilds. The specific scene that played out was just after a guild war with a warring guild, Blue Comet.

I was walking through the guild building, while doing so I listened in into the different conversation of those that participated in the war. Most talked about how fun it was or how they died to a random attack but what everyone talked about was Nu.

“If it wasn’t for Nu-Ru’s plan we would have lost.”

“Yeah. Did you see those guys faces when we caught them at the canyon?”

“That’s the ‘Genius Tactician’ for you.”

Everywhere I go, it was always Nu this and Nu that. As one of the top guilds, we had what we called a War council. The committee consisted our guilds strategists, of which I was a part of. Despite my loud voice and temper, I was one of the leader members.

A joke among the others was that my title was the ‘Back-up Tactician.” It was always Nu that received most of the glory. I never cared for praises nor was I jealous. I always believed that I was better than that.

The memory suddenly end and I was back in the present. I looked up to see Traus with a concerned expression. Suddenly I busted out into laughter. My laughter causes the others to look with a mixture of surprise and a hint of fear.

“I’m…I’m sorry. please.” I laughed for a good minute before finally calming down.

“Sorry. Had to get something off of my chest. Thank you Traus for making me realize just how stupid I was.”

“Ohh…well. You’re welcome.” Truas gave a look of surprise at my sudden change in attitude. For the first time ever I watched him showing a genuine smile. Albeit a shy smile.

“I must say I didn’t expect your voice to be like that. No wonder why you’re always silent.” His smile was now gone, replaced with a nervous and shy expression. Fidgeting, Traus had his epiphany of the situation. “Go ahead and make fun of it. The others always tease me about it.”

“Why would I do that? Your voice is lovely, especially coming from a girl. Not to mention I like this more than your quiet and distant personality when you aren’t talking.”

Apparently my compliment was too much for him as he covered his face with his hands, trying to hide the blush and the grin that he was forming. It was quite cute. I slapped my cheeks and told myself to focus.


“There are two rank E monsters…”

“…The four of us can’t beat it on our own.”

“That’s the thing. We’ll be fighting with only three of us?” Answering their question, they looked with one another with puzzled looks.

My main role is that of a supporter, not an offensive fighter. Pure, and blunt strength are rather ineffective against the two Wumba as I have shown. No doubt that the others with their swords would have a better chance.

“I want you all to promise me one thing. That no matter what, you will never speak of this to anyone.”

Their puzzled looks grew into one of suspicion. What I had in mind would go against Nu but we needed to win. But I still needed to at least keep it hidden. So I was taken a gamble. Kuegi and Yusei were giving me odd looks. I could tell that they had their doubts. However.

“I, Traus David, first of my name and heir to the third grand family swear. I swear to uphold your secret till my death!” He took a pose and knelt down with his in a fashion of how old knights would swear loyalty to a king. By the gesture alone, it showed that he trusted me. Glancing at the two they reluctantly took the same stance.

Breathing a sigh of relief, I continued. “Here is how this will go. You’ll be the one fighting while I stay back and support you all.”

“Support? What do you mean?”

“It’s just like I said I’ll support you guys.”

“That stil–”

“If she said she’ll support us, then that will what she will do. She wouldn’t suggest this strategy if she wasn’t confident. Let us trust her on her words.” The two were the most reluctant but trusted Traus’s word. Before picking ourselves up again I waited for all of us to be full rested, including myself. At full capacity we embarked to find them once more.

We came upon them resting against some trees. Stealth was on our side so I ran over the plan one more time. When everyone was one the same page we rushed out. Taken by surprise, the Wumba’s were slow to react.

“Traus charge forward!”

Without so much as looking back he charged in without any hesitation. The act alone showed that he trusted me. Traus ready his sword just as the Wumba reeled in for a punch.

“|Mountain Force| and |Warrior Determination|”

Just before they made contact I finally used my support spells on Traus. His body shimmered and glowed. The moment they did made contact, Traus easily won the conflict. The creature was knocked back in cartoonish manner, surprising everyone.

“Shae…What did you do?” Gasping at his strength, Everyone stopped to wonder what had truly happen.

“I can explain later. Right now we need to focus, Kugei, Yusei, you’re up! |Swift Acceleration|, |Lion’s Pride|” The two sprang into action immediately. Increasing their speed tremendously, they turned to mere blurs in the wind. The two relentlessly attacked

Kugei and Yusei took on Wumba while Traus handled the other. All while I stood at the crossroad. Yet I didn’t felt any pressure from it, I felt at home. I knew where to divide my attention and how much support to provide before shifting my attention. It felt like I was back in Eternia again.


The tides of battle easily shifted towards our favor. Combined with my support spells and their fighting ability. It was only a matter if tune. Chipping the Wumba down, Traus’s battle was nearing its end. Either out of desperation or hope of escaping. The Wumba charged directly at me. Of course this time the roles were reversed, I held the advantage.

“|Iron Guard|”

Standing my ground and activating a skill I meet its attack head. The sound of cracking bone filled the air along with a deafening cry the moment he attacked me. Both of it’s hands were nothing but a bloody mess. Knowing that it couldn’t win, it ran away. But we wouldn’t let it.

“Traus! Jump as high as you can where I am!” Sprinting towards me I completed the preparation. As he descended I applied several support spells onto him. Just as he would fall on me I punched him, or rather his legs.

Flying towards him like a bullet shot out of a gun. He caught up with the wilaer in no time and ended it. With one swing using the momentum, he decapitated its head. Blood spurted from the neck like fountain, covering everything in a crimson color.

I resisted the urge to jump up and down, screaming at our victory. But I couldn’t help but smile at it all. The feeling that I felt, it was just back in Eternia. Overcoming a difficult enemies. I pushed those nostalgic thoughts away and focused on the main issue. All that was left the lone Wumba.

With all four of us working together, we chased down it down. We chased it for some time before reaching an area that was devoid of trees. Coincidentally we meet up with Nu’s group as well. Wrapping up our fight, we finally killed the Wumba.

While he was off inspecting it I decided to join in with the others. But our conversation didn’t last long as my radar pinged once more. Hasilty checking the status of the incoming creature. ‘What the…’ I blurted out in surprise. Whatever the creature was, it was fast. Much faster than the Wumba’s we encounter.

Realizing that I was wasting time simply gawking, I turned my sight to Nu. Whom too realized the threat. As I opened my mouth to speak, something crashed in our general vicinity. Dust and Debris flew everywhere, clouding my line of sight. Before I could make any sense of the situation, something shot straight out of the cloud of dust.

None other than Nu.

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