Chapter 15: Bandit Group [Rotten Wolf] – 2

Halva issue a command to Lorna that was setting up trap to bring them to the [Throne room].

This is the group of goblins and human.

There will be no problem if it is only goblins.

But, The number of their group is around 50 people, their number was numerous but, it was similar with the last group.

The problem is the human that was coming together with the goblins.

It is a group that was filthier than a goblins, when they arrive on throne room, Derito unconsciously twisted his face from the terrible smell they emitted. Lorna that was guiding them also feel the same way, and her cold eyes become sharp.

Even though the goblins doesn’t smell good either, but, they aren’t as terrible as they are.

When they enter [Throne room],


“We came here because we are invited by Telchis-sama ”


The Goblins place his head into a floor and said.

Perhaps he was the leader. He have equipment and accessories that was much better compared to other. Because he had a wand, probably he was a magician. When Derito hear his voice, he realize the opposite party was a girl for the first time. There is not much people that can differential a gender of Goblins in a single glance, but when you look carefully, she has a feminine build.


“My name is Halva. What is your name?”

“I was called Guzaha.”

“Why you decide to come here? do tell me, Guzaha.”


With pleasant voice, Halva ask her gently.

When Derito saw how Halva try to imitate the way Alrac talk, he didn’t say anything and watch them silently.


“When our village was attacked by human, Telchis-sama come and help us. At that time he told us about this Underground Labyrinth. I hate it when we get suppressed by human!! I hate it when they kill our people! Please! PLEASE! help us!”

“I see, you want us to help you? However, what can you offered to us?”

“We will become your hand and feet to fight against your enemy!”


Halva seems to have fun in this situation, Derito with complicated face lower his gaze


“Sure. We will take you and your people as ours subordinate. If you and your people die while fighting for us, we will help you kill your enemy”

“Lorna. Please lead the goblins to their place. Guzaha, please ask the goblin for your accommodation and some other misc thing.”

“No, Guzaha should remain here. Because I want to ask various thing to her, Lorna, you can guide them.”


Lorna silently give a nod, and lead the goblins out of [Throne room]. Leaving Guzaha behind.

When the goblins left. Halva look at the human behind her.

There is 10 people.

All of their member look evil. With a scar on their body and weapons that seems have been used for a long time, when looking at their muscle, it can be seen they used to fighting for live. Seemingly as though overwhelmed by the throne room, they have been looking around restlessly at the gold and silver treasures that decorate the throne room for a while now

After they observe them for some time, Halva finally begin to speak.


“Well, who are you guys?”

“We are the member of [Rotten Wolf] bandit group”


The member that looks like the representative step forward and answered.

He has a black brown hair that seems like haven’t been washed for many days, and half of his face was covered with tattoo. He seems to be more buffed than people around him. He was equipped with a sword and hatchet on their waist

While remember what Derito story from before Halva think (So, this is the group of bandit that Derito said was based on MT Dahl)


“Why are you together with Guzuha?”

“We meet outside of the forest. So we negotiate if we can come together with her”

“Did they threatened you?”


While smiling, Halva look on Guzuha.

She has awkward expression on her face, and slowly nod.


“Don’t slander us. For us human to hear the story of the goblins properly, and when we look at the pain in their eyes, it was hard for us to reject them, didn’t we protect them as we promised?”

“It doesn’t change the fact that it was a threat.”


The man said it while laughing, then Halva said without any malice.



“Nnn? did I said something that angered you?”


Halva looks at the man that rise his voice in angry with wondering face.

From the flow of the story, she doesn’t mean to say something unpleasant toward opposite side from the deep of her heart. On other hand, Derito can understand the anger of this man to some extent.

This is because of the difference of value, According to human perspective on this world, it is normal to kill Goblins without hearing their story who was regarded as inferior creature. But for Alrac and Halva, they didn’t think so and think of them as equal when they negotiate.

In other words, from what he get from him. instead of wasting their time negotiate with the goblins, they threatened them.

Having his mistake in word pointed out.

furthermore, they was people who always talk aggressively, and Halva beautiful appearance isn’t suitable to scare her opponent.


“Well, When I use the skill [Sinful Past] you sure do a lot of evil thing huh? Rape, and slaughter… No, the judgment of what is right or wrong is different from each person perspective.”

“Did you have fucking problem with that!?”

“…. Oh well, Can you tell me the reason you come here?” [TL: suddenly Halva speak with kansai-ben for the first part.]

“N? aah, it is the same as the goblin from before. We come to collaborate.”


But, that wasn’t the right attitude to ask for collaboration though.

While Halva was thinking, the mysterious creature in front of her start to ask a question.



“Ah, We have been watching near the entrance of the labyrinth. We saw other than adventurers, there is a goblins that went inside it. when we check it, this Underground Labyrinth was recruiting a staff right? then, would you considering taking us in?”


Saying so, they pat the sword and hatchet that was hanging on their waist.



“We are more useful than the goblins there.”

“So you killed the goblins that was coming here and obtain the information. and then you think you are much stronger then them, huh.”


Hearing Halva words, The man roll his eyes in bewilderment.

However, when he think about it, it isn’t that strange. If it was only the goblins that was invited to this labyrinth. Then, other then the goblins, only that knight Telchis know about this information. The man didn’t think they can defeat Telchis, and they aren’t invited like a goblins too.


“…. then, how about it?”


“Did you want to join hand with us or not!”


The bandit shout with threatening tone. As for the men’s on the back the began to stir and said [What would you do?] [Give us a quick answer].

Looking at this scene, Halva answer while sighing.


“I will let you go for now. So disappear quickly. You trash.”


“I can’t permit to add a trash like you people to my Onii-sama army. So return back to where you belong and don’t let me see any of you again.”


A cold answer echoed in the [Throne Room]

In that moment, Derito feels a chill run down his back. But this chill can’t be compared her cold voice with a hint of anger in it.

The man was feeling overwhelmed too, but he recover quickly and hold his weapon. Guzuha that was near the man quickly escape, Derito takes a fighting stance and cast a spell to protect himself.

Then, Halva stand up from her throne slowly, and look down on this people coldly with the same blue eyes like her older brother.

[TL: actually what Derito cast was a miracle not a spell, in the previous chp the author already explain the difference between spell and miracle, but because It doesn’t sound right to me, I change it back to spell.]


“Is that your answer?”



The man shout with anger and charge to Halva.

He quickly runs up the stairs, and try to strike Halva. Naturally, he wasn’t able to accomplish that.


“____ Forbidden spell, Infinite pain”


Immediately, a black tentacle coiled all over the bandits body.

There was some people that try to avoid it, when the black tentacle coiled around 10 bandits so they wasn’t able to escape, and then the black tentacle change it forms.

And, the screams echo out.

[TL: I want to say rape time but it is a man, so meh]


“Mo, mouse!!!!”

“Hurt, IT HURRTTT!!!!”

“NO, NOOOOO!!!!!”


The black tentacle change into the figure of countless of mice.

The mouse was around 10 centimeters big and sticking on the man skin, they start to bite and tearing their body. not to mention there several hundred of them.

But, strangely, the mouse didn’t climb to their neck


“___ Interference, Binding”


After she use this spell all the people that try to shake off the mouse, escape, or those that tried to attack Halva recklessly, stop their movement and start to prostrate themselves. However, the sound of the mouse that was eating their bone and meat doesn’t stopped. Because of that the pain doesn’t stop and they keep screaming out.


“Huhu, this magic will give you everlasting pain. and you will not be able to kill yourself anymore.”


Saying so, Derito try to advise the girl that has wicked smile on her face.

But, Halva call out to Guzuha that was in front of her.


“Hi, HI!”

“Be relieved. Because I will not let you experience what they did.”


While saying so, Halva looks down upon Guzuha


“You didn’t need to feel sense of guilt because you invite them to the underground labyrinth. The choice to enter or not was theirs. They should understand it, so, there is no helping it. In addition, because they haven’t yet become the residence of Underground Labyrinth. You didn’t need to mind it even if they rise trouble here. But, you are the resident of Underground Labyrinth. so from now on you shouldn’t cause problem did you understand?”

“Y, Yes!”

“If you understand then it is good. If you cause problem, you will suffer more than what they feel right know, so be careful. and this is not a threat.”


After saying so, she wink lightly.

It might because she try to made her relax by being playful, but, looking at the tragedy in front of her, how can she relax at all.


“Then, Derito you seem like you want to said something?”

“Yes, you should kill them immediately, didn’t you want to save your magic power?”


As for what his true intention is, he want to end their suffering.

At least, Derito didn’t have a hobby to watch the same human being get tormented like this even though they are a criminal.”

but, hearing this advice Halva shake her head instead.


“Too kind, however, your kindness feel unpleasant now.”



Looking at Derito with wicked smile, Halva chant a magic.


“____ Forbidden spell, Dark reminiscence.”


When this spell was cast, Derito head was filled with innumerable picture of grieving women.

The laughter of vulgar men, The cry of women and children, all of this scene that feel real appear and disappear inside derito mind.

He unconsciously thrown up from this impact.

In an instant, an excessive gruesome scene was pasted in his mind.

To watch a barbaric and violent man dark past, no, To experience it. Derito had tear in his eyes unconsciously.


“How about it? even after watching this, you still want me to let them off easily?”


The Priest shake his head weakly towards the girl who was smiling innocently.


“That is right! They didn’t have a sense of justice that a humankind should have. they should just disappear! Because, I know what kind of person they are. They are an existences that without a purpose and corrupted. Certainly they are what people called [Vulgar] right?”


“For such guy to appear in front of my eyes, already made me in a bad mood. But, for them to oppose us, I wouldn’t let them off anymore!”


With the knife that was used as a pillar decoration, she slash the man face.


“Now then, why don’t you teach me various thing?”


While saying so, she cast a magic for questioning.

Derito look at this scene absentmindedly while shedding tears.


It hurt his heart greatly.

The darkness, will catch up to him soon.


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  1. i greatly hope that they don’t(unlikely) gain a human conscience , because that would totally destroy these characters

  2. I thought those who had a sense of justice should be repulsed by them due to their affinities?

    Also yea… having them have a conscience is indeed character breaking, if they haven’t already broken character. If we had some idea whether this was just a convenient excuse to torture bugs who went against her, then ok, but frankly we can’t tell…

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