Chapter 18 : Creator of Magic Creature

Alrac and Halva.

Because Derito can’t move for a while due to Halva’s curse, the only people in the [Throne Room] were the siblings who were the rulers and creators of the Underground Labyrinth.

They were watching the scene being projected from the crystal ball, as Alrac sneered and Halva smiled wickedly.

What was projected were the corpses of the bandits who had been mercilessly killed, together with the surviving women who had been raped by the bandits.

“Onii-sama! You did it!” Halva cheered.

“Looks like there wasn’t much damage to our side. It’s decent for the first battle outside of the labyrinth.”

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「兄様! やったね!」


They were pleased with their first victory outside of the labyrinth as they discussed it while sitting on their thrones.

The image in the crystal ball changed into the image of the inside of the labyrinth. The number of adventurers that came to the labyrinth had increased. Thus, the treasure that was taken had increased as well.

The reason why was simple – because the adventurers that survived had shared the information on how to break through the insect colonies.

But, Halva and Alrac didn’t know this. They even guessed that it was because the monsters’ numbers had decreased because of the increasing numbers of adventurers.

“We need to adopt measures to deal with the adventurers.” Halva commented.

“I don’t think that it’s necessary to place subordinates that are a little stronger.” The male remarked.

“Right. However, I think it will be a little wasteful if we use necro golem.” Halva shrugged.

“No, it’s a disposable pawn. It can’t replace a subordinate.” Alrac sated.

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The necro golem was certainly strong. It’s an existence that would execute orders given to it faithfully.

But for Alrac, it was just a disposable monster that needs a lot of materials to create.

In contrast with Purukku, the goblins, Lorna, and Jen who moved on their own will; although you can’t expect blind loyalty from them, they will bring unexpected gains outside of what Alrac expected for the Underground Labyrinth if you can provide them benefits without showing your weakness to them.

A pawn and a subordinate.

Naturally, the difference lies in how you handle them.

“That reminds me… When will Telchis return?” Halva asked.

“Ah, he will return in a few days, or within a week at the latest.” Alrac replied.

“Then, onii-sama, we should add that fellow to the defence team as well. Isn’t it necessary to reduce the adventurers that come here a little bit?” Halva suggested casually, like she was discussing what’s on the menu for tomorrow’s dinner.

“That’s a good idea. However, it will not be enough if it’s only him. We need to increase the number of our pawns until the Doppelganger we sent to Bendole shows some results.” Alrac nodded after thinking for a moment.

“Un, I understand, onii-sama!” Halva answered enthusiastically.

Doppelganger… It’s a monster that resembles a human without any bodily hair, a monster with a strange appearance – a mouth like the crescent moon, no eyes or nose, and a deep red face.

However, there were not many people who can see its true form.

The main characteristic of this monster is that it can transform itself.

It is able to completely disguise itself as a human being that it has seen before. Furthermore, by eating the brains of a dead human, he can completely copy the memories and personality of that person. Fortunately or unfortunately, the proficiency of the skills copied is low because the basis of its physical and spiritual strength is dependent on who the doppelganger copied. If it’s a powerful person, it will become a fearful existence.


“By the way, Halva. I see that you’ve handed various items to the doppelganger. What were they?” Alrac questioned.

“Nnn? Well, various things that are helpful so that it won’t fail the mission it was given!” The girl replied vaguely.

The adjutant who was the commander of the Bendole expedition to the labyrinth… Because some time had passed since he died, the memories were incomplete when Alrac give an order to the doppelganger to pose as him.

That is why Halva handed several artifacts to him.

“Still, it would be nice if someone with a high-ranking position would come! Right, onii-sama? Then, we will not need to do this in such a roundabout and troublesome way like we had originally planned.” Halva sighed.

“Yes, I expected for the knights to come here, but I thought that they would be led by people of much higher rank. No, judging from the scale of the labyrinth, that might have been a reasonable rank…”

“It might also be because they’re short of talented people, onii-sama!” Halva suggested.

“Perhaps so… But, we can’t be careless now. We need to increase the number of our pawns now.

While appreciating their unexpected luck, the siblings activated their transfer magic.

The place they were transferring to was the [Monster Production Room], the room where they made Doppelganger and Necro Golem. It was built recently.

They arrived in front of the [Monster Production Room] in an instant.

The huge door was several meters tall, and had been carved with dozens of snake intertwined with each other. Halva chanted the password, [Praise the wicked creation], and the door slowly opened after the snakes on the door writhed.

Only this door can be used to enter and exit from the room at the moment.

The inside wasn’t inferior when compared to the size of the door. There were countless pillars inside, with each pillar decorated by beasts as its ornament. However, wide arrays of medicines were placed inside the folds of the pillar – Ointment of Erben Donna, Rook Lane’s Elixir, Colander Poison, Eigarudo Medicine, Secret Medicine Randoriumu… All of them were precious medicines.

Long white desks and chairs made from luxury wood called Rondos were placed in the room. The desks numbered seven, and the chairs six times more than that. A minor nobility would need to exhaust all the wealth in their vaults in order to buy these. However, items that can’t be bought even if you were swimming with money were placed on the desks.

They were the scrolls and books whose numbers seemed endless.

What was written inside was the procedure and necessary materials needed to create magical creatures. All of this knowledge had already been engraved inside Halva and Alrac’s minds. But, in the future, they will entrust this job to their subordinates, so all of these documents were necessary. All of the knowledge was from the collapsed Magic Empire. The Saint Kingdom had already burnt almost all of these books, and it was very difficult to find these books now.

In the middle of the room was a tube the size of a human filled with culture liquid. There was nothing inside it now, but the doppelganger was created there.

Finally, at the depths of the room where the golem was made, there were large vaults attached onto the walls, with countless of minerals deposited inside. Gold, silver, copper, lead, iron, crystal and jewels were all there. The materials’ vaults were placed so high up that even if you used a ladder, you would not be able to reach then. Only the magic, [Flight], would allow you to reach them.

“Actually, I want to create a room exclusively for making golems…” Halva proposed.

“Well, when I think about the consumption of magic power, it can’t be done now…” Alrac rejected it.

“Mu ~ I want to create something luxurious faster ~ ” Halva sighed.

Ignoring his younger sister’s eyes, Alrac cast [Flight] and opened the vault near the ceiling. There were endless amounts of crystals inside.

One of them was a devil stone which was a shade of blazing red called Rugetimu. This devil stone serves as the core of the magical creature. The precious material has a property that can save magic power.

After taking several crystals of reasonable sizes, Alrac opened the other vaults to take the necessary materials. Before long, he returned back to the ground with his hands full of materials.

Alrac increased the power of the [Group Creation] skill before casting it.

“___ Creation, Devil Guardian.”

The Rugetimu stones started to shine.

The materials that Alrac had prepared were pulled into the light. When all the materials were sealed inside the fiery red light, the summoned creature started to form.

From the devil stones, wings of a bat started to appear, followed by a slender long tail with a sharp end, and nails as sharp as beasts’. Its sharp teeth jutted out from the corners of its mouth, and made it look frightening. It was a gargoyle.

Even though it’s a horrible creature, you can’t feel any evil from it.

In fact, the devil was so beautiful that it looked like an artwork carved by a master sculptor.

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The devils numbered in the hundreds.

“I order you to protect the Underground Labyrinth. As soon as you find any intruders, kill them.” Alrac gave his command.

Even though their strength wasn’t much, and they can’t talk, they are very smart. Not to mention, they can change into a stone statue to perform a surprise attack. They can also cooperate with each other to attack a weaker opponent first. From the adventurers’ stand point, they are much harder to deal with than bugs which can only attack mindlessly.

In response to their creator’s command, the gargoyles moved their bodies and left [Monster Production Room] slowly.

“Now then… I hope that they can stop the adventurers a little bit…” Alrac muttered.

“Even though I think it would be much better to restrict their movement, I think it might raise some fundamental problems later on, onii-sama.” Halva whispered.

After all the gargoyles left, Halva and Alrac closed the door and teleported back to the [Throne Room].

The fundamental problem that Halva mentioned…

They would need to wait for some time before they would notice it. The gargoyles executed their orders from their master faithfully, and thus, the adventurers who were able to escape from the insects were killed.

Several days later…

A situation different from what the siblings expected would happen occurred.


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