Chapter 22 : the person that return to the labyrinth – 1

Purukku returned to the labyrinth with the women who were caught by the bandits. He was ordered to take them to the sanatorium located in the corner of the labyrinth.


(They have increased in various ways.)


The chief of the goblins, Purukku, while taking his subordinates around, easily created a map of the Underground Labyrinth in his head and confirmed the placements of the monsters.


First, regarding the center of the labyrinth, the [Throne Room].


On the north side.


In the distant north of the throne room lies the entrance and the exit of the Underground Labyrinth. Around the entrance and exit, three kinds of insect type of monsters were placed. They are the first obstacle for the adventurers coming to this dungeon.


At the northwest side were the hidden traps set by the thief, Lorna, and also where gargoyles lay waiting. From this point on was the very dangerous route to the centre of the labyrinth, because the treasure was placed at the places where the adventurers mainly go.


On the northeast side, there was a big vein of underground water used for drinking and as a bathhouse facility. If it had to be said, there were a lot of traps set up by Halva at this place.

Currently, there are two paths from the entrance and exit of the Underground Labyrinth to the [Throne Room]. One is through a narrow road at the north side. You can advance quickly in this route, but it will be difficult for a large amount of people to move forward.


At the south side.


A little bit away from the [Throne Room] lies the goblins’ town. Their numbers were steadily increasing as the non-combatants repair the labyrinth, produce food, and engage in other miscellaneous chores. Incidentally, the thing which the goblins produce and call food was a mushroom and a type of moss that grew inside the labyrinth. Although the taste of the food was terrible, the goblins, who possess the skill [Poor Eater], eat them without minding it.


By the way, at the center of the town was a [Food Storehouse] which Halva built because of her indulgence as the goblins’ mistress. Inside the [Food Storehouse] was where the horrifying [Food of Goblins] was stored.


Meanwhile, the [Monster Production Room] was located at the south eastern side. It emits an ominous feel that was hated by the goblins, so they rarely go close to that place.

On the other hand, the other road leading to the [Throne Room] from the entrance and exit was through a southwestern path. A great number of people can move through this route unlike the northeast side route, but you need to take a big detour from the entrance and exit as the distance is immense.


Currently, the temporary sanatorium was built at the southeastern side.

(That’s right… Those fellows are at the southeastern side too.)


The former adventurers Derito, Lorna, and Jen were granted private rooms there even though the rooms were small. At a glance, they seemed to have been given favorable treatment, but the goblin didn’t like the existence called private room. They feel anxiety if they don’t flock together. Alas, it was their fate as a weak species.

Purukku was broken out of his thoughts when he heard the call of his master.


* * *


While Purukku was walking around the labyrinth with his subordinates, he passed by Derito’s room.


Lorna was visiting Derito in his room.


The priest had received a forbidden curse from Halva, and suffered a deep scar in his heart.


It was a dreadful magic that let the person experience the cruel violation the bandits did. As a good and innocent person, he suffered a deep scar.


Derito himself didn’t expect that he would gain such a deep emotional scar. But, he can’t shake off the crying face of the women inside his mind. They were begging for help, asking them to spare their daughters. They were trampled, raped and ridiculed. All of these were done by the members of the [Rotten Wolf] bandit group.

However, Lorna devoted herself to nurse him to recover from his emotional scars. Now, he’s already recovered considerably. At least, his wounds had recovered to the point where he could already talk.

“Derito.” The female thief called Derito who was lying on his bed with a low voice.


She was looking at Derito cold blue eyes.


Currently, Derito was stark naked and didn’t even wear underwear under his blanket. As a note, most of the people living in this world were stark naked when they go to sleep. There are economical reasons, like they don’t have enough money to buy sleepwear, and sentimental reasons like they feel a sense of freedom in this state.


That is why, there is no color of shame.


[TL: fck they sure are a wild one]


“We have killed all the bandits in question.” Lorna reported.


“…I see.” Derito replied weakly.


“The daughter was alive when we saved her.” Lorna continued.


“Thanks goodness.” Derito felt relieved after hearing the report.


Her mother would surely want to kill the bandits with her own hands just to save her daughter. Thinking about that, such trivial emotions were fine.


[TL: At here ‘She’ was the mother of the girl Lorna & co rescue. She was the girl that Derito see from Halva curse.]

“After the wounds of the daughter and the people are healed, I want to move them out of the labyrinth.” Lorna suggested.


“That would be a good idea.” Derito nodded.


Even though they saved them, their hostile feelings toward the goblins which had already penetrated their hearts will not change easily.


Before it turns into a fight, it would be much better to send them outside the labyrinth.


“However, to send them out empty handed…”


“Just in case, we should give them some money.”


“The treasure of the labyrinth?”


“No, we should hand over the money that the bandits saved, and the things we have taken from the adventurers.”


“I see… Then, where should they escape to…”


Alrac and Halva have already established that they will take revenge on those who wronged them. Even if they escape, they would be killed by Alrac’s army sooner or later. Then, everything would be meaningless.

“I think it will probably be alright.”




“I have heard of the places where those two people want revenge on. We will transfer them to a place which is outside of the place our army will ravage.”




He couldn’t think of that as a good judgment. Shouldn’t you warn Halva and Alrac if you want to let the women free? Even if you silence yourself with a curse, there is always a way to get around that.


Disregarding whether or not the masters of the labyrinth believe, there’s still enough of a chance that they would be wary of him.


Lorna didn’t know why Derito thought like this.


“… My apologies, but I need to say this.” Lorna mumbled.


“Eh? Wh-What is it?” Derito asked.


“Is this the compensation for Derito from Halva’s attack?” Lorna asked.


“……” The priest remained silent.

“They seem to be fulfilling Derito’s wishes as much as possible, to the point it  becomes disadvantageous for them.” The female thief pointed out.


Listening to these words, Derito felt his chest become hot.


The humans which he knew of were human beings that didn’t take responsibility for their remarks and actions for anyone else but themselves.


It can’t be helped if they make a mistake. There was bound to be a mistake. But, they don’t recognise their mistake, and don’t try to correct their mistake.


If they do such a thing, they will lose their honor. Their dominance will decrease. The lord that ruled the land, the leader of adventurers’ group, the bishop of the religious sect…


Every one of them had lived while trying to escape from their responsibility, from the mistake they made. Derito was included among those people.


Humans turn a blind eye towards the wickedness and irresponsibility. However, there was one, who nobly did not do that despite their high position, Halva.


“Good grief, what am I doing..?” Derito sat up slowly while muttering so. Looking at Lorna’s light brown eyes, he tried to convey what he felt. “Lorna. From the bottom of my heart, I seem to want to serve those two people. I don’t know if it was because I was seized by evil, or I went crazy, but I wish so.” The priest sighed.


“Un.” Lorna nodded.


“And, I want to walk this path together with you. I will only say this once. Please marry me.” The priest announced.


[TL: wut *slap my hand in the air]


“Un. Yes. But, I have a condition.” Lorna accepted calmly.

[TL: here it come boy…. Marriage will always come in condition]


“Condition?” Derito asked.


“Please embrace me right now.” The female thief stated boldly.



[ED: That escalated quickly.]


After listening to these words, Derito kissed her as an answer, and took her to bed as it is.


In an instant, the nightmare of the bandits left their minds. The moment Lorna embraced him, the nightmare which the bandits caused left his mind in instant, and disappeared like it was nothing but an illusion.

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