Chapter 24 : Master of Underground Labyrinth and the Princess of Small Country

Because Telchis was leading Francesca and Corias through the labyrinth, the demon insects didn’t show any interest in them, and the traps set by Halva also didn’t trigger.


When they advanced further into the Underground Labyrinth, Purukku and his subordinates, who had already received an order from Alrac, went over to act as guards.


After walking for a long time, they decided to take a break in the midst of their journey before they arrived at the [Throne Room]. At their resting place, they met Lorna, Jen, and Derito, who had already recovered from his wounded heart.


Lorna and Jen were surprised when they saw Corias visiting the labyrinth again, while Derito was surprised that the nation’s princess had come from far away to visit.


At the resting place, a meal and some drinks have already been prepared for Francesca. The drinks were undoubtedly the best wine, and some high class fruit wine. Even for Francesca who was from the royal family, she had never tasted something like this before. It was to the extent that she unconsciously sighed after drinking it. It was good wine even for those from the royal family.


On the other hand, she had a different opinion towards the meal. All the tableware was made from silver, so there was no complaint to be made there. But, the soft and fluffy bread with strawberry jam, and the beef soup that was stirred gently… It was luxurious food, but only to commoners. For Francesca who had never eaten such things, she was glad because it seemed fresh to her. But, it was a question of whether it was a meal suitable for nobility.


There was a reason for this menu. First of all, about the wine and fruit wine, it was from Alrac and Halva, a legacy from the Magic Empire. The two of them didn’t have any interest towards alcohol, but they still kept it as a keepsake. On other hand, the meal was made by Lorna. Because Alrac and Halva weren’t trained in cooking, they can’t make proper food. The goblins who eat anything were out of question as well. As for Derito and Jen who were former adventurers, the only dish they know is to sprinkle salt and pepper on grilled meat. The women who were being jailed haven’t recovered from their fatigue yet, so it was not possible to ask them. Because of that, only Lorna was left by the process of elimination.


As a result of using luxurious materials, she was able to successfully make a dish with a luxurious feel to it.

Well, Francesca didn’t come here to eat anyways. But, they still needed to show some degree of hospitality to the royal family, or so the two hosts thought.

『Well then, let’s go. Milord is waiting.』The Azure Knight said after considering the fatigue level of the princess.


Francesca give a slight nod and let him guide her to the [Throne Room]. The female Knight, Corias, the former adventurers and the goblins followed as well.


* * *


The huge door that was connected to the [Throne Room], that was adorned with a beautiful picture of an angel fighting a devil, opened slowly as if greeting its visitors. A huge hall where several hundreds of people might fit in, and flooring that was made from crystals with a carpet that extended all the way to the thrones greeted them, followed by innumerable pillars that were adorned with gold and silver sculptures supporting the ceiling, making people feel overwhelmed.


Francesca was affected by it too, but she pulled herself together immediately and followed behind Derito.


『Milord, I have brought the princess of the Ferian Kingdom.』The Azure Knight lowered his head deeply.


From his throne, Alrac thanked his subordinate for his hard work.


“All is well as long as you are safe, and are able to come back safely.”


『I am thankful for your words, but…』Telchis sighed.

“Ah, about you letting the enemy escape, and taking the princess, huh?” Alrac mused.


When Alrac was having a telepathic conversation with Telchis, he had already briefly heard of the circumstances.


It simply can’t be helped in that situation. If it was a surprise attack of thirty cavalry soldiers, then Telchis, who didn’t have any ranged attacks, would not be able to get every single one of them, or so Alrac judged.


“Don’t worry about it, because it was too hard for you. As long as you’ve finished the original mission, I will not blame you. I hope for more of your excellent work in future.” Alrac didn’t blame his subordinate; instead he was giving him a plus point.


『By your will.』Telchis bowed gratefully.


“Excuse me for my impoliteness, princess of the Ferian Kingdom.” Alrac turned to his guest.


“No, I don’t mind at all. Rather, I must apologize first. Originally, I should have sent a message first. Please forgive my impoliteness.” The princess lowered her head deeply after saying so.


“I don’t mind. After all, the other party was my friend when I was young.” Alrac nodded.


“You remember… I am honored.” Francesca smiled.


“Now then, I think there are many things which we want to catch up on, but first, I want to know this… How much does the princess know about us?” Alrac asked coldly.


“I heard about it briefly from Corias. I made some guesswork on some parts, so should I only say what I am aware of?”  Francesca answered after watching the opposite party.


“Please say it. I will listen.” Alrac ordered.


“…Your Majesty, Alrac, and your younger sister, Halva, used the power of magic to create this Underground Labyrinth for revenge against those countries that destroyed your Empire, or you’re aiming to revive the Magic Empire using the labyrinth. Because this labyrinth was made around one month ago, the demons inside this labyrinth are still few. Thus, you recruited help from outside, be it to make them as your subordinates, or to use them as experiments.” The princess stated.


“Splendid. There are some parts that need to be corrected, but it’s correct for the most part.” Alrac nodded.


Alrac looked at his younger sister to supplement further information.


“The reason why we gather people to this labyrinth is to convert their souls into magic power. Using their desire for the treasure, unknown knowledge, or their desire to become a hero, or the ambition to be praised by other people… Our underground empire will become more powerful.” Halva narrowed her eyes and spoke while playing with her long, jet black hair. “And then, with the skills [Shadow Guidance], [Honeyed Rumours], and [Invitation of Depravity], we lure those greedy people to the labyrinth.”


It was not a coincidence that the goblins, adventurer parties, and the Knight Order came to this labyrinth.


Like a flower that lures insects with its fragrance, [Shadow Guidance] attracts people who need help, while [Honeyed Rumours] will lure people with rumours of the Underground Labyrinth. Finally, by using [Invitation of Depravity], those who have hidden ambitions will be attracted as well.


Using the skills above as a model, you would not be able to stop Alrac and Halva.

“Goblins were attracted using [Shadow Guidance].”


“The adventurer parties were attracted by [Honeyed Rumours]!”


“Well then…”


“In that case…”


“”What kind of thoughts do you hold when you come to visit the Underground Labyrinth?””


Alrac and Halva asked the princess. They asked with chill and passion respectively.


After a brief silence, a pure smile appeared on Francesca’s face as she looked at Halva’s devilish smile.


Even though her life and death would be decided by her answer, she can’t help but enjoy the thrill.

“I want to reign over the Imperial Capital, Nazuru.” The princess answered.


“Speaking of the Imperial Capital, Nazuru, it’s the capital of Ferian Kingdom. Aren’t you reigning over this place already?” Alrac asked.


“No, my father is the ruler. And possibly, in the not distant future, it will be ruled by His Majesty, Alrac-sama.” Francesca said with a tint of insanity in her eyes.


Alrac’s expression didn’t change, while Halva looked happy.


“What do you desire?” Alrac questioned.


“As of now, to destroy my country. Even if His Majesty Alrac-sama doesn’t destroy it, it will either be robbed by the Betia Empire, or become a puppet for the Ronan Kingdom. In any case, my stupid father will die, and most of the people residing in the kingdom will die too. I want to avoid that. After all, I love both my father and my people.” The princess explained.


Alrac listened to her words while looking into her eyes before turning to Halva. His younger sister was saying [Do as you like, onii-sama] with her eyes. The master of the labyrinth closed his blue eyes, and thought for a moment.


He opened his eyes again and asked.


“The price?”


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His words were like a blade of ice that pierced Francesca’s heart. Having heard these words, as long as her answer is wrong, the negotiation would be finished.

“I will offer my body and heart forever. I can also help to tempt the greedy people to the Underground Labyrinth for His Majesty’s purpose.” The princess kneeled down and lowered her head, waiting for the answer.


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Her heart was beating violently as her body’s temperature rose in anticipation. If the negotiations broke down, she would be killed immediately…

“Alright.” Alrac replied simply.


“……..” Silence reigned in the room.


“Are you fine with it, Halva?” Alrac asked his sister.


“Of course. This country isn’t our target for revenge anyway.” The girl shrugged.


This place was necessary to create the Underground Labyrinth. For these people, this place was a holy ground. If necessary, they will destroy all intruders, but if there are benefits, they will take them in.


“In addition, this person looks like a red rose. I think I will let her near onii-sama.” Halva smiled.


“You are right, she is sharp, like a thorn.” Alrac agreed.






The siblings looked at each other. Somehow there seemed to be a misunderstanding.


Well, Halva was already used to it, and asked Alrac.


“Um, onii-sama… To be able to make someone like a succubus submit… Is it possible that you aren’t satisfied with only one young human girl?”


“What are you talking about, Halva? What I meant about the thorn was…” Alrac tried to explain.


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The beautiful red-haired princess smiled like a fairy as she interrupted the conversation between the siblings.

“Your Majesty, those greedy people who I will offer to you will come here in one week.”


“Huh?” Halva raised her voice in surprise.


Francesca had a bewitching expression, which doesn’t seem like one a fourteen year old girl should have, and told of the existence of those who were going to attack the labyrinth.

“There will be people who will come to search the labyrinth to look for me. The captain of the Inspection Corps and the captain of the Expedition Corps will bring a minimum of three hundred soldiers, and a maximum of one thousand soldiers. I don’t think any adventurers will participate in this mission, but for the time being, let’s think of them as an uncertain probability.”


“Ah, such a thing…” Halva understood.


While Francesca was asking for an alliance with Alrac, she was also using herself as bait at the same time to call those soldiers to search the Underground Labyrinth.


“If you can’t even repel a force of this size, then we have nothing to discuss, Your Majesty.” The princess smiled.


If Alrac could destroy Bendole’s troops, then there was no problem. On the other hand, if the forces of the Underground Labyrinth were defeated, then Francesca would probably die, and they would get their hands on the treasure of the Underground Labyrinth. Using that money, they could commission the faraway Saint Kingdom to arbitrate, and they could also hire some skilled mercenaries.


Even if both of the plans don’t work, there will be no loss for the Ferian Kingdom.


All of this has probably already been predicted by the princess of the Ferian Kingdom.


“Ahh… What’s important is that they don’t change their attack tactics.” The master of the labyrinth sneered.
When the people of the Underground Labyrinth present at the [Throne Room] watched their exchange, it made their hearts and blood boil for the war.

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