17 comments on “Chapter 241 – Changing clothes in the darkness

  1. Welcome home, Yurie-san. Wonder how that will turn out since she went missing for a few days?? Perhaps the next chapter will let us know. Thanks for the chapter.

  2. thanks for the chapter~
    Angel? Devil? one just wanted to look and the other one provided an excuse, aren’t they in sync? 😀

  3. Finally caught up… Since I stalled this a few months ago, I was over 100 chapters behind.

    Lol, it’s not on the level of a “Hero” anymore. Although it’s Elena who’s being worshipped, at this point Seiji has become something like a patron deity to the other world kingdom (and the demon town), lol. With his teleportation, he’s practically omnipresent; with his strength and the strength of his party, I doubt there are many beings in this world able to give him a serious fight; with his tracking beacons and automatic danger caution skill, trouble rarely escapes his notice for long; with his wealth of resources and diversity of skills, and those of his party, there’s hardly any task he can’t accomplish.

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