Chapter 3 : Hanayashiki Ema ②

At night.

frankly, I am still half-in doubt. After all, the thing that we did in the afternoon feels like a dream.


“Did Ema-san turn that way because of this remote controller..?”


The word that was displayed in the LCD [Hanayashiki Ema Love… 100]. In the end, I didn’t talk about this remote controller to the doctor. This remote controller that I thought was a product of my delusion, wasn’t an illusion, but a real thing.


Ema-san also come when it was time for evening patrols, Her attitude towards me feel like that of the lover. Usually, when she has finished measuring my temperature she would then move to her next job immediately, but today she was beside me asking if I was in pain or trying to get close to me.


Even I understand that Ema-san was madly in love with me..


If that is so, With this remote controller, I can change Ema-san affection degree towards me, is that why she can give me a fellatio and swallowed my semen calmly?

I was playing with the numerical value button, I could increase or decrease the value from -100 to 100. When I remember that on the first time the numerical was 10, does that mean if it was 0 that means she was indifferent with me? If it was 10 does that mean we are acquaintance?

And when it reach 100 does it mean she was madly in love with me?

Then what if it gone to minus? if it was -100 will be that she hate me to the point of wanting to kill me?


“If I push the nurse call when it is on -100, I wonder what will happen…?”


Will she see me as I am her parent arch-enemy? no, I think she would stab me instead. While thinking like this, I become afraid of this remote controller…


The remote controller that was able to change other people feeling. Did I just got such a wonderful ability?

However to change people’s feelings carelessly…


“What a convenience thing!!”


Dangerous, this thing is really dangerous. If you have this wonderful tools what will you do? If I was a man, isn’t this the kind of situation i always dream off? I would be able to choose any  kind of beautiful women or cute girl. UWO!!


In the middle of the night when my tension is raising on their own, the door to this was opened slowly. slowly, a beautiful women with a fascinating golden hair come from the corridor entered this room without making any noise.

It was Ema-san.


“Kotaro-kun… did you already asleep?

“Ema-san…? No, I haven’t sleep yet. I wasn’t able to sleep at all!”


How can I sleep when I know Ema-san will come here tonight!

I mean, She really come! Ema-san is coming here!

She close the door slowly, and she approach my bed restlessly.

And like she can’t bear it any longer she embrace me on my bed.


“Kotaro-kun, I want to see you…!”

“Ema-san… Fuo! to hug me so suddenly, it was a foul play!”


When I try to get up to receive Ema-san, she give me a passionate hug and push me down to the bed. She smell good, and I can feel something soft pushed against me…

Ema-san still wearing her nurse uniform. She said her shift should have ended sometime ago. but because she didn’t want to waste any precious time to meet me, she didn’t change her uniform.


While we were embracing each other, Ema-san couldn’t stand it anymore and gave me a rain of kisses.

I give a counter-attack and before long this peaceful room was filled with the sound of kiss. Before long, Ema-san with flushed cheek look up and stare at me.


“Kotaro-kun, I am sorry for suddenly do this kind of thing…. But even I didn’t understand why I am so deeply in love with you, this is the first time…”

“Ema-san… Um, How long have you been in love with me?”


I will try to listen to the explanation first.

If it was one week before, when Ema-san was in charge of me as my nurse, but when I think about it she doesn’t show any kind of behavior like this before I get my hand on this remote controller today.

When I hear her answer, as expected it started from today daytime. In other word, all of this start when I increase Ema-san Love to 100.


“It is so mysterious… Because when I think about Kotaro-kun it become unbearable painful… I, don’t think I can live without Kotaro-kun anymore…


Incredible. This remote controller is incredible.

Did I hear it correctly? she said ‘I can’t live without Kotaro-kun anymore’. Moreover Ema-san cry a little bit.

Ema-san who was pushing me down to the bed, her eyes was wet, and she was clinging to me.

“Nee. Kotaro-kun, do you… Love me?”


I who has been yearning for Ema-san decided to tease her a little bit.


“There is not even a week since we meet, and I think Ema-san like my mother.”

“Did you like a younger woman!? Did you dislike older women? did you think such a women was troublesome!?”

“No, I didn’t said it like that… please calm down for a moment, okay?”

“Okeyyy… Ne, It doesn’t matter even though I am number one… Because I can’t live anymore if I was hated by Kotaro-kun”

“Ema-san, please calm down. Because I will never hate you.”

“Please don’t hate me….”


This beautiful onee-san is clinging on me, Even though I only teased her for fun, but Ema-san become like this and in the end she burst out crying. …..What? Did she really that madly in love with me?

Is this the power of 100 point love…

Ema-san was clinging on me and crying immediately because she didn’t want to be hated by me.


“Even though I already 24 years old virgin, did you think it is troublesome…? Then… It was fine even if I am just a convenient women for Kotaro-kun… As long as… I can stay beside Kotaro-kun… *Hiks”

“24 years old!? I though you are only 20….”


She is still a virgin!?


“Are you really still a virgin? Even though you are so skillful with your mouth.”

“Urgh… It was because… I practice it on my home.”

“At your house!?”

“Yes… Because I hear men would love it…. When it vibrate….”


“Fuee…. Well… I was interest about it too… but man was scary…”


I didn’t understand what it is, but the shocking truth keep coming out one after the other.

She was scared of man? When I asked, she said that she doesn’t know it that well but if it’s a  boy then it’s alright. My first impression of this wonderful Onee-san start to crumble one by one.


“So it was like that…. Even though I am a Onee-san I didn’t have any experience.”


Saying so, Ema-san get up from the bed, her shoulder was trembling a little bit.


“If Kotaro-kun prefer someone like that then… Even though it was unpleasant, it is not to the point I hate it like I will die. I will throw away my virginity to other person first….”

“Wait, Wait, Wait! A virgin is Ok! I love a virgin!”

“…. Really? Even though I am a 24 years old virgin is it still okay?”

“I love 24 years old virgin Onee-san! Therefore, please calm down…”


Yoshi Yoshi, when I held Ema-san shoulder, I made her leaned on me and said


“Hora, I am also a virgin. didn’t you think it is also good?”


I didn’t know if saying something like this was okay.

But, when Ema-san hear it, She said […. what, his First time] and her shoulder start to tremble a little bit.


“Ema-san? Woah! ….Um, why did you push me down again?”

“Kotaro-kun first time… No way, I can’t stand it anymore…”

“… Ema-san? why did you have such a scary eye?”

“Alright, please entrust it to this Onee-san…”

“Even though you are also a virgin?”

“! …Y-, You shouldn’t say thatt…”


When I intentionally tease Ema-san eyes start to go teary again. I thought she was a beautiful Onee-san type, but now I think she is more suited to be cute Onee-san type. Because we are glued to each other for a long time, my son start to wake up.

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