Chp 16 : Bandit Group [Rotten Wolf] – 3

Alrac discussed with Purukku about how to dispose the corpses of the expedition force from Bendole. As the commander’s corpse was needed for their plan, he ordered them not to eat it. Other than that, the other corpses can be used as their food as usual.

Since their weapons and armours were erased by magic, there were only corpses scattered in the distance. As he needed to escort Alrac back to the labyrinth, Purukku ordered his subordinates to collect the corpses and assigned a few of them to guard Alrac with him. The guards weren’t really necessary, especially since they were near the area of the [Throne Room], but he decided to return to underground labyrinth on foot with them anyway.

He met Lorna on his way back. While hearing about the story of the strange group consisting of human and goblins that had just arrived, Lorna and Alrac, together with Purukku and some of the goblins, arrived at the [Throne Room]. The figure of Halva shouting in joy while tormenting the bandits could be seen.

As for the bandits, they were so exhausted from crying and screaming from the torture that their words had already become something completely incomprehensible. Even Lorna, who usually doesn’t express her emotions blatantly, had become pale from fear when she saw the gruesome scene. Purukku and the goblins were paralyzed with fear when they looked at this scene as well.

Only Alrac remained expressionless as he indifferently asked.

“What happened?”

Not to Halva, but to Derito who was motionless as he knelt down absentmindedly.

When Halva noticed Alrac’s group, she gave an order to the subordinates who had been paralyzed by fear.

“Lorna, take Derito to his room so that he can rest. Purukku, carry him.”

“Y-Yes….” Lorna trembled.

“Ye-Yes ma’am!” Purukku replied, shaken.

After receiving their orders, they carried it out immediately.

Thus, only Halva and Alrac remained in the [Throne Room] together with the bandits who were still twisting around in pain, unable to die even as they were being eaten by rats.

“So, what happened, Halva?” Alrac asked.

Ignoring the bandits who were still suffering from the pain caused by the rats’ bites, he sat down on the white throne.

Halva followed behind him and sat on the black throne, looking at Alrac as she answered.

“Those guys attacked me with weapons, so I punished them. Because Derito tried to stop me, I let him know a little about what crime they’ve committed in the past.”

“I see.” Alrac nodded.

“I am sorry, to have onii-sama look at these vulgar fellows.” She apologised.

“No, I don’t mind. Even I would do the same as what you’ve done in that situation.” Alrac shook his head.

“Bu-But… I think they will be useful to onii-sama. That’s why I didn’t kill them and just left them in this state.” His younger sister said with an awkward smile.

However, Alrac asked her one question with an unusual sneer instead of the usual gentle smile on his face.

“Then why did you use a forbidden spell on Derito?”

“Ni, Nii-sama….?” Her smile disappeared, and Halva started to tremble.

[TL: I hope there is no Doujin development happen after here…]

Even though her body was unable to feel the temperature changing, but, when she was fearful, she remembered the time back when she was still a human.

“Please tell me, my dear younger sister Halva.” He asked coldly.

“I-I’m so sorry!” She apologised shakily.

“You don’t need to apologize. I just want to know why you used it. He already was our subordinate. I just want to know why you had to use a forbidden spell on him.” Alrac continued to stare at her.

“We-Well, Derito… He tried to stop me! He asked me to kill those guys quickly! I hate them! I really hate them! I want to torment them! I must show them hell! I must show these trash the pain of the people they attacked, the rage of those they tormented!” She yelled angrily.

Alrac left his throne to approach his younger sister who was venting her anger and hugged her gently. Even though his body does not possess any warmth, the cold, ice-like body still calmed Halva.

The [Sinful Past] skill that Halva used was a skill that lets the user experience any embarrassment and evil deeds committed in the past that the target wants to hide. Halva had experienced the massacres, plundering and rape that the bandit group had carried out ten times.

“Is that it?” Her older brother asked while stroking her long black hair.

“…. Un.” She nodded.

Alrac spoke to her gently.

“Your power is much stronger than mine. I know it’s hard for you to control it, but you mustn’t make a mistake with how you use it. You can use that power on your opponents mercilessly. However, you need to think carefully when you use that power on the people who you are supposed to protect.”

“…Un.” She nodded again.

“You will need to talk to Derito later.” He stated.

“…Un. I’m sorry, onii-sama.” Halva apologised meekly.

When he separated from Halva, he cast a spell on the bandits who were groaning in pain.

“____Corpse Art, Death’s Approach.”

Letters of blood appeared on the bandits’ bodies as the spell was cast.

The letters formed slowly.

The magic Alrac just used would kill the target when the letters of blood were completed on the target’s body. Depending on the place, the magic was also called a black art, similar to curse.

By the way, the letters were written as ‘to end the pain of life’.

* * *

Afterwards, Alrac only called Jen, Lorna, and the head of goblins, Purukku, as Derito still couldn’t move.

Halva was also absent as she started to create a magic room with all the stored magic power when she had calmed down.

“Purukku, how many soldiers do we have that are able to fight?” Alrac asked the goblin.

“If we add in the soldiers from other tribes, it will surpass one hundred people. I think there might still be more.” Purukku reported.

“Good. Try to find someone competent to fill the position of commander of the large goblins’ army in future while you act as the leader.” Alrac ordered.

“Yes!” The goblin answered.

“Lorna, what is Derito’s condition now?” The master of the labyrinth asked.

“He’s already getting much better. After resting for a while, he’s already able to eat when he woke up.” The thief replied.

“I see. Please tell him to rest up.” Alrac nodded before turning to the last person he called.

“Jen, how are the goblins’ training progressing?” Alrac questioned.

“Well, the first batch already learnt how to use weapons. Currently, I’m training the newly born goblins. New-borns have good memory after all.” The warrior stated.

“Is that so? I will leave it to you then.” Alrac said.

The meeting ended after they gave their reports. Alrac then started to speak.

“I have an important announcement. …Soon, I will start a war.”

“OO!?” Purukku exclaimed excitedly.

“…At last.” Lorna nodded.

“I am itching to fight.” Jen smirked.

“One week from now, we will crush the Bandit group named ‘Rotten Wolf’ based at Mt Dahl. Therefore, this task will be different from the others you have done up till now. I already have all the information about the enemy. In addition, monsters that are to attack their base will also be prepared. With all of this war potential, I think it will be enough to crush that bandit group.”

“What about Bendole?” Lorna asked.

Everyone seemed to be thinking about the same question.

“For now, it will be hard to overcome their influence, and to put it simply, the prospects of winning are low. If we attack them, we will be attacked from every direction and lose.”

After hearing his explanation, everyone present immediately understood where he was coming from.

Even though Bendole was just a city in the middle of nowhere, if you paid attention to the world’s affairs, there are many cities with armies much stronger than Bendole. If Bendole falls, the other cities will send enough troops to conquer this place and wipe everyone out.

“Therefore, we will need to move step by step to gain ground.”

(As expected of Alrac-sama.)

(…When will the war start?)

Purukku and Lorna thought silently.

The body of the lieutenant was connected to this plan, but because Purukku wasn’t that smart, he didn’t realize it. Also, because Lorna was not present when they annihilated the Bendole expedition, there was no way she would know about it.

The master of the labyrinth spoke solemnly.

“However, you must get combat experience soon. Fortunately, a good target has just arrived. I will convey the strategy to beat them, and I will grant you magic tools as well.”

While saying so, Alrac had a cold smile on his face as usual.

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  1. I am surprised the goblins eat human meat since the author already stated they owned farms in the past and grew wheat. It just doesn’t seem like it would be less nutritious than what they used to eat at their original hometowns. And how does a couple of dead humans manage to feed an every growing goblin army?

    • did they own a farm? well i didn’t know about nutritious side but, they eat whatever they can eat i guess. because human meat is just meat for them.

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