41 comments on “Destination of Crybird

  1. umm dude the link for the 3rd chp seems to be mistake it keeps on bringing to a different chp 3 “what is this feeling”

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  4. @Libert8 If you want to EDIT the Pages under Destination of Crybird, please use the WP Admin, or e-mail me to change it. If you use the normal editor, ALL the links of DOC chapters will be broken and I have to repair it one by one. It’s not like it’s difficult to repair it, but, when I don’t have the time to repair it, the reader wouldn’t be able to find the chapter that they want to read.

  5. Darn this novel’s title doesn’t translate well at all. Literally it’s “The Destination of the Crying Bird”
    But that’s way to long.
    “Destination Crybird” makes it sound like Crybird is a place. (omit the ‘of’, that’s not proper grammar.)
    Meh, up to you translator I guess. Just an FYI.

  6. Crybird is the surname of the mc so I translated it like that. I guess there is a pun on the novel name so I decided to translate it like that.

  7. wth….forming pty with Kite?…..meh hope he will die soon…..whole village destroyed and parents will die too……

  8. I would like to write a review for this series but it is stuck right before the end of the first arc and there have been no releases for 5 months. For all intents and purposes this is a dropped series.

  9. Well, I didn’t want to drop this serie but I lack motivation and time to translate. I translated half of the chapter 30 which was 2 chapters long but couldn’t manage to finish it. So if anyone wants to pick this serie, feel free to do so.

    • in effect, yes it was it would seem that our gods have lost motivation for this particular project

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