Drakus POV

It has been around two days since the decision was made to go out into the world and explore. During those days, we used them to plan out and prepare for what’s to come. Now we’re back in the Council room as I looked at the others before setting out.

But it wasn’t just us, but also the Sanctum Guardians as well. It was agreed upon to bring along some as backup. With everyone present, we could finally get the meeting started.

“We will now assign the different tasks to each individual groups. Should there be any conflicting opinions, then speak up. Is everyone ready?”

Surveying them, they all gave their approval.

“The first group will consist of Altina and I who will act as bodyguards for princess along with doing our own investigation within the Regios Kingdom.

A sister group will be working with us, group two. Which consist of Nu-Ru, Shae, Alpha, and Sirva. They’ll be helping us in our investigation regarding the organization and nation responsible for the princess’s kidnapping.”

The Central Continent was the largest out of the five continents, nearly twice as large as the other, with southern continent being the smallest. In such a large continent with many nations, it would be next to impossible to safeguard the princess while trying to locate the enemy. So, we agreed that one group would take the front while another worked behind the scenes.

“The third group will consist of Arsenal, Manom, and Orthodox. You guys will be heading towards the demon continent. Rumor has it that there’s something going on there. We need you guys to investigate, but also try and learn as much as you can . It’s a good idea to have an idea of what we might fight in the future.”

“What? The demon continent? I was hoping that I would stay here and find a princess to save of my own. Now I’m stuck with this bag of bones.” Immediately raising his voice was Arsenal.

“Likewise, you muscle head. We’re the perfect candidates to head to the continent because we’re demon ourselves. Besides, you would have scared everyone away with your ugly face.”

“Ohh you’re now making jokes bonehead? Whatever, who knows. Maybe there, I’ll live my long time dream of having my own personal monster girl harem! Hahahaha~!”


“Ewww, nyaa.”

“What an idiot.”

“Keep your sexual fantasies to yourself.”

All the female member along with Manom showed their disgust from Arsenal proclamation.

“Hey! Don’t make fun of every man’s dream!”

“Ahem! Can we please get back on schedule?!”

Bringing everyone’s attention back on point, we continued on from where we left off.

“The fourth group will consist of Kaetzchen, Leona, and Trion Jazz. You three will be heading towards the Northern continent.”

“The northern continent? I thought there was nothing there?” asked Trion Jazz

“Well that’s true, once again, rumor has it that there’s some civilization there. A free place for refugees from all over and so. The most striking rumor would have to be that it’s led by angels.”

“Angels? Are you serious?”

“There’s no concrete answer, but those are some of the rumors we heard as we investigated. If so, then you’re the perfect candidates, seeing as how you can go under the guise of being a refugee. Leona will be there if the rumor about the angels is true.”

“I see your point but–“

“Loosen up, nyaa!” Slapping Trion Jazz from behind, Kaetzchen showed an adventurous smile.

“If the rumors are true, then we got some work to do, nyaa. If not, then there won’t be a problem then, nyaa. So, let’s relax and take it easy, nyaa!”

Kaetzchen interjection alleviated Trion Jazz worry, making my job a whole lot easier.

“For the final group, it will consist of Reptilia, Lissina, and Meral. Your destination will be the Beast man continent.”

Raising her hand, I knew her next words even before she spoke them. While working out on where everyone would go, we ran into the problem of one of us being alone. Ultimately, Nu-Ru and I decided that Reptilia would be the best on her own.

“I understand your concern Reptilia, but after heavy consideration, we concluded that out of all of us, you’re the best for a solo mission, with the NPCs.”

Wide eyes, she was surprised that I knew exactly what she was about to say. Out of all the members, we believed Reptilia to be the best qualified due to her skills.

“……I do hope those aren’t just empty words.”

“I wouldn’t suggest it if I didn’t believe it.”

“…Alright fine, fine.”

Sighing in resignation, Reptilia slouch back in her chair. Before I could continued on, Kaetzchen asked a question that related to our next point of conference.

“Wait. What about the guild building? With us all spread apart, what happens if it gets discovered somehow?”

“We got that covered.”

After extensive research, we learned that the Sanctuary was located somewhere in the middle of the Central continent. Conveniently, It was located in a sector of the map that was wasn’t within the borders of any nation. If anything, the forest was a dead zone that the nations don’t bother colonizing due to the possibility of going to war.

However, simply leaving it in the open wasn’t the smartest of decisions either. Looking over the guild building once more, we activated its self-defense function. Traps could also be installed in and around the sanctum along with alarms and so forth. We also implement magic and magical items that further bolstered the defences. We even went so far as to provide an optical camouflage barrier that gave the illusion that nothing was there.

Basically, we decked the guild building out in the best home security we could find. So, we didn’t have to worry about it being discovered accidentally.

In our absence, the NPC who would be staying behind were Dragos, Polygon, and Nabuu. Dragos and Polygon were obvious choices due to what they were. Having a dragon and some geometric monster following you around would only spell disaster. As for Nabuu, he held the ability to shrink or enlarge at will. The issue was his body being a void with galaxies passing by, and with that everyone was informed of the plan. The end goal of the plan was to search far and wide for any clues, while at the same time trying to adapt to the new world. But, before we do there was one thing that I needed to take care of.

“Everyone. Before we begin there is one thing, I would like to say to all of you.”

Facing them, I prepared the speech I would present to them during this time. When their eyes were upon me, I had almost forgotten how to breath. Ironing my mind and will, I needed to push forward!

“Everyone, I’m sorry! I’m sorry for dragging you all into this mess. I’m sorry that my selfishness got the better of me and lapped my judgment. I’m sorry for being a failure of a leader to all of you. But most of all, I’m sorry for the thing I will have to put you all through.”

The other were trying to stop me as always, but Nu-Ru stopped them instead, allowing me to continue.

“I…I sadden when I learned that Eternia was shutting down. For about half a decade, we stood together and made our way to the top. For some of us, it was just a game, for others it was a way to kill time. But for me, it was a second life. To explore, fight, learn, discover, and so much more. But out of everything, Eternia had to offer. I was the happiest with all of you, my friend.

Those I could spend time with and loss the day away. Those that watched my back and I did yours. Those whom I cherished and didn’t want to let go. Because of my selfishness, I dragged my cherished friends down with me. And for that, I’m am sorry.

However, now isn’t the time to feel sorry for me nor it isn’t is the time to wallow in self-pity. I have a responsibility, not just a guild leader, but as your friend above all else. I swear on my last breath that we will find a way home. For that is my mission, no our mission as Crimson Strife!!”

Finishing my speech with a bang, applause came from all around. A smile beamed all over their faces and one grew on mine.

This was our mission, our goal, our quest.

“Alright then! We now commence Crimson Strife’s first quest in the new world, {On The Way Home}”

— End of Book 1: A Whole new World