Chapter 23 the Devil who rules over Light and Darkness


“Hou, this must be the Country’s secret treasure”

The Blonde Haired Hero was in the underground of the Magic Kingdom Cryload’s castle and was standing in front of a sword which seemed to be pierced to a pedestal.

“So, what am I supposed to do with this?”

“Its very simple, all you have to is just pull it out”

One of the women who takes care of the blonde haired hero, Allure, as always looked at the blonde haired hero with a seductive look and leaned on his shoulder seductively.

As one of the harem member of the Blonde Haired Hero at the same time ex-commoner, to show her strong loyalty to him, and with sexual things in the top of the list she provided everything she can with her ability to assist the Blonde Haired Hero.

Toward the Blonde Haired Hero, she did have some thoughts like, how this is for her safety and had made many secret motives but Allure now had some true feeling for him.

“yes, let’s do this”

the Blonde Haired Hero placed his hands on the sword and pulled it with his strongest force.

The sword, however, was easily pulled out from the pedestal.

Suddenly suspicious smoke like substance gushed forth from the pedestal.

“Bonde haired hero-sama, please stay behind me”

In front of the two, the smoke started gathering around in the centre and in the end, it turned into a single woman.

She seemed to be wearing a thin cloth onto her breasts and waist, she is very close to being nude but her appearance seemed to not be giving a seductive look rather a cold and scary look which gives goosebumps just by looking at her.

“I am Hiya

I am a Devil who rules over Light and Darkness…

Was it you who liberated me from the seal?”

Hiya talked directly to his brain without moving her lips.

“Umu, that is true”

to her words, Blonde Haired hero nodded strongly

“Than I swear upon my name that I shall grant you 3 wishes, ask anything”


“Yes. I am a Devil who rules over Light and Darkness”

“Than I order you to kill Aapshow who is a deadly sinner that didn’t listen to my orders and humiliated me”

Hearing Blonde Haired hero’s words Hiya showed a pondering look

“That name is an alias…..So I should kill the one who called himself Aapshow that didn’t listen to your will , and right now he calls himself this it?”

“What!? it was an alias. Hm, it doesn’t matter, I order you to execute the wish. An order from me Blonde Haired Hero!”

toward his words Hiya showed an icy smile and

“I understand

The price of the completion of this mission is all the human’s life in this castle “

saying so she disappeared into the air.

And at the same time to Blonde Haired Hero and Allure’s neck a black ring appeared.

“wha….what is this!?”

The Blonde Haired Hero while in a panic tried to take off the black ring but the ring didn’t bulge.

Devil who ruled over Light and Darkness- Hiya

she will grants any 3 wishes the user asks.

however, there will be an equal price for whatever wish they asks for, and once upon a time there was a king who wished for a subjection of Demon lord, and the Hiya who accepted the wish took half of the living being on this continent as a price.

so toward this gigantic power, and the same gigantic price that is asked for.

The formal King who became afraid of such power He ordered the Grand Magicians to seal it and the cost of it was their life, the result was as you’ve seen she was sealed inside the pedestal and it was decided that the only time they use this is the time they are facing a huge calamity.

The Blonde Haired Hero only know of the part ’grants three wishes’.

His wishes were like this

  • Assassinate Aapshow who humiliated him
  • Kill Demon lord and his subordinate
  • Become the King of this country

He being like this was forced to wear the Death sentence Ring which will kill him after the wish is fulfilled.

The ring appeared to all the people’s neck in the castle, and the First Imperial princess was not an exception to it.

“…it was too late…”

The first Imperial Princess fell onto her knees as her eyes showed a despair while looking into the newly appeared Death Sentence Ring.


That day Furio as always went to the town’s dealer and sold his newly created weaponry made of dragon’s scale.

“It is amazing as always. As expected from Furio-san. You always bring us the best of the products!”

old man the dealer happily brought the shield and the armour to inside of his shop and,

“Today I’ve painted it with more color than usual. And ask us again alright!”

saying so he laughed wholeheartedly.

Furio who handled all this while smiling left the store with a bag full of gold.

“Husband-sama, thank you for your hard work”

In front of the shop was Lys who came together with Furio to the town, waiting.

After confirming that Furio came out of the shop Lys while smiling brightly went and hugged him.

Usual scenery of the two

A woman who was never here before came walking toward them.

“Are you the ex- Aapshow, Furio right?”

that female talked directly at the two’s brain.

“ is but what is your business with me?”

Furio while without any sort of defence answered back to her with a smile.

“then, it is fine”

saying so the female’s hand slashed real hard.

“Husband-sama dangerous!”

Lys jumped in front of Furio and tried to block the arm so made a crossed her arms together.

but the arm which fell onto her cut right through her arm than her body was cut diagonally.

to be continued

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    • Banaza has access to every known spell in the entire world, so yeah, he can heal Lys. Can even revive her if she dies. Or just reset the world, i think?

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    1 hiya doesnt really feel power or 2 our MC really its not op as the demon lord from hiya time? quite confused here

    • Currently, Hiya is only enacting wish 1 “Kill the person who was Aapshow.” Blondie gonna die before he formally requests wish 2 and 3. I believe that since “Furio” is just so OP, he is even above her and she is unable to sense just how powerful he is due to the difference in power (like when Ulliminus couldn’t see his stats when she tried peeping at them). Anyway, she just doesn’t know what she’s gotten herself into. And the compensation for the wishes are separately collected immediately upon completion, not at the end when all of them are fulfilled. In that case, compensation would be much greater than just the people in the royal castle (would probably be the world for “Furio” if she was able to accurately gauge his powers).

    • They didn’t said the cost for being a king and a demon lord can easily kill half a continent worth of people, just the cost for killing one person is high this time (because it’s a cheat).

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