Chapter 26 Slave


“Wha…what just happened?”


Dark Grand Magi showed a dull look as she looked around inside the Cryload castle’s throne room.


Because of the sudden disappearance of the first imperial princess, she used a search magic and detected her location, so she opened a teleportation gate and teleported toward the princess.


That was it but,


Because of the suddenly forced closure of the door, she was forced back.


… there actually was such powerful magician still alive…..interesting


Marissa showed an evil smile and stood up


“Such guts, to dare humiliate me the Marissa-sama. The price for this is life”


Saying so she reopened the teleportation magic.


..Houtarou Town


“This is!? Aren’t you a first imperial princess sama! What are your highness doing in such a backwater place?”


First, imperial princess showed a surprised expression and turned to look at the voice’s direction.


“Bo…Bolaris! You were in this town!”


Magic Kingdom Cryload first imperial princess’s imperial Guard unit 2nd regiment captain and a female knight who crossdresses as a male Bolaris, she is one of the people who were given a secret order for a journey to find the true hero.


As for now, Bolaris has a hot crush on one of the Furio’s friends, Belano the magician (♀) even right now she attends the magic academy so that she can be together with Belano… of course the first imperial princess wouldn’t know of such matter.


“Bolaris captain, do you know anything about that young couple which entered the town before us? We really need to talk to him asap”


hypothetically speaking one of the two in the couple returned Marissa back, and so she asked about the whereabout of them to Bolaris


“Oh, they are a Mr. and Ms. Furio. I just greeted them right before this, I think they are making a trade with merchants.

You see over there, the mistress is waiting”

The direction Bolaris pointed had the same young couple and seeing them First imperial princess breathed out of relief.


“Bolaris captain knows of this couple? “

“Yes, I am having a very close and friendly relationship with them”

saying so Bolaris smiled.


First Imperial Princess’s thoughts…..

that couple…especially the husband-same, he most likely has enough mana capacity to push Marissa back…. Then there is a high chance that he is the true Hero-sama. Bolaris must’ve judged the same so she is trying to create a relationship!?


Polaris’s thought…..

To grab Delano-Lady’s heart…First I must give a favorable impression on the Furio-dono. While approaching lady Belano!


“Bolaris! Please get in touch with that person immediately! the situation is too dire!”


“I won’t give you any more time you know?”

suddenly a pitch black sound inside their head interfered with the talk


Right behind the first imperial princess was a Dark Grand Magician Marissa and the Beast-mode Blonde haired hero.


This time, Marissa didn’t open the teleportation gate rather teleported directly.


Even though it might be a bit dangerous since sometimes it can go off a little bit, she had to use it since her teleportation gate was forcibly blocked last time and this is used as a little measure against such.


To the sudden appearance of Marissa, First imperial princess despaired.

“Let’s end the fun, shall we? now hand over your life…”

while in the middle of the talk, Bolaris interrupted the talk by attacking Marissa with a great sword.


Marissa dodged it using a short distance teleportation but part of her clothe tore apart.


“Fuun? you’ve got quite a skill there?”


“I don’t understand the situation at all but to those who dare be rude toward the first imperial princess, I Bolaris will not forgive!”

Standing in front of the First imperial princes, Bolaris pointed the great sword toward Marissa.


From other people’s point of view, it may seem cool but in her mind


…Iyar…The first imperial princess is really beautiful with her dignified look…I can’t stop myself after having not seen her for, no, no right now I already have a lady called Belano ….no but, the dainty first imperial princess is also not bad….


“Maa..Your sword skill is good but…”


Marisa raised her hand and Bolaris prepared for the attack.


“If you don’t have any mana then you aren’t my opponent”


next moment Bolaris was thrown far into the air after receiving an attack from her.


“now, it is your turn”

Marisa looked at the first imperial princess.


….in the location where the Bolaris was blasted to




“Kyaa!? I got surprised!? A person fell from the sky….wait, Bolaris?”


“Mistress-sama did you get hurt?”


“I’m fine but Bolaris…you are definitely not alright”


“Mistress-sama I would like to eliminate the thug who dared to try to harm you, can I get an approval to do so?”


“I understand. Finish it before Husband-sama come back”




the woman who suddenly appeared right next to Lys after checking the well being of her, she started walking toward Marissa.


“Ann? Who the fuck are you? You dare fcking interfere with the matter of Marissa-sama”

“I’m no sure if this is interfering or not, I shall bestow upon you a heavenly punishment for your audacity to dare try to harm mistress-sama”


“Haa!? A fcking Heavenly punishment? You fcking dare try to punish me the great dark grand magician, Marissa? and alone too? Motherfucker you repent on your sin with your fcking death!”


…..Highest ranked lightning


Marissa activated a magic without a chant and a powerful lightning befell upon the woman.




next moment, the magic disappeared and the woman acted as if nothing happened.


“y…you…wha,what did you do, ou…that was a highest ranked magic..negated it….”


“negate? why would I do something as boring as that, no magic has an effect on me….except for the supreme one Furio-sama”


“You really are acting too big motherfucker if a magic doesn’t have any effect than how about this bitch!?”


with Marissa’s signal, the magic beast blonde haired hero came tackling while roaring.


“If I let him tackle me than there it may affect the mistress-sama….I shall eliminate it”


“Ha!? You think I will fcking let you!”


Marissa casted several fire spears so that the woman won’t be able to activate any magic and let the blonde haired hero tackle.


“I just told you before, that no magic has an effect on me?”


the woman lightly raised her hand and the fire spear all disappeared and the magic beast blonde haired hero has blasted to far away.


“My name is Hiya…I am a devil who rules over light and magic, also a slave of Furio-sama”


To be continued

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  2. I knew she would become their next tamed monster, and if the non-heroic beast is lucky it may even get a name, after being tamed too. Though that isn’t very likely, since i haven’t heard about him having any redeeming features, even now, the bear was at least cute…

      • Hmmm probably conditioning from all those other novels where the hero isn’t the MC. Usually stuck up, and think the world revolves around them, and later breaks turning rather evil after learning it doesn’t. Narcissist, rapist, murderer, and just generally a dick, what’s to like? This guy fits the bill perfectly.

        Besides, why collect him if he isn’t cute or female?

        • Along with a idiot in the first place who would still think that the world revolves around them

        • Even if the one that fit the bill is female , it is not worth it. In some cases perpertrator being female is just worst because at least males can be held accountable for their actions.

        • funniest thing is that the country Cryload fcked up 4 times. 1) sealing Hiya in an easily accessable place, 2) sealing marissa is the same place as Hiya, 3) sending away the MC for having bad stats, 4) causing the blonde “hero” dud to become the way he was. think about it, he was randomly summoned, told he was the same as a legendary hero due to having the same base stats as him which caused a huge hype. to bad his stats were stuck at the same numbers no matter how many times he lvled up. the country wanted him to kill the equivalent of an SSS rank when the “hero” can barely handle an A rank. no wonder he didn’t want to leave the castle

  3. Hmm if I had to guess, the Princess is either passed out with white pupils & foam coming out of her mouth, or she’s crumpled down with a puddle under her after seeing the first half of that.

  4. lol. And here I though she could at least be at hiya’s level. Guess I was expecting too much.😝

    • Nope. No contest. It was explained last chapter, she got greedy for power and lost to the demon’s temptation. I guess its been too long, or Hiya didnt manifest in front of her, but this Marissa chick wished for power or something from Hiya. And was then sealed in the same place as her by the castle magicians.

  5. Princess: Hello I’m the princess, Oh Hero-dono, could you please get rid of the demon lord?
    Furio: Sorry but he is courting one of my disciples you know? I don’t want to get in the way…
    Princess: … B.. But…
    Furio: He is also my wife’s ex boss… It wouldn’t look good on her if her husband gets into a fight with him you know?
    Princess: …

  6. Slave Hiya KITA! Thanks for the chapter. Well at least we know what happened after the fight with Furio. At this point Marissa and blonde should just dissappear.

  7. Let’s see…last time Hiya lasted 2 chapters, so this time Marissa will last 3-4 chapters before getting rekt by Furio?

  8. Mellissa. I almost had hope for the author’s god awful naming sense… And than boloris had to come around the corner

  9. oh.. shes a slave huh? too bad..
    hey furio ask your wifey to get permission for harem route with your slaves and servants. Soon they will have pent up lust for you if this story will go on.
    I hope its not a one sided lovey dovey, cos its too pitiful to the other womens if its like these

    • I don’t think ir is Furio’s idea of making her a slave. She probably awaken her M tendencies and volunteered to be one.

      • M side or not, the story route seems to go in circles now. And thats bad, if its a one sided love route, the story will only go that furio will move if lys is hurt and then lovey dovey story route and it already repeated twice or thrice already.

    • since the first seat for furio is already taken, its nice to see who takes 2nd to last place. One sided love is boring since the love routine is just a loop in the end, whenever theres a new female add into the route but no love interest is just plain boring.

    • Only people who we can say are in love with Furio are Lys, and maybe Barissa/Varissa (and even she is more after his OPness to elevate her household). The farmer swords woman, archer chick, and mage girl consider him more of a benefactor/boss/teacher/guy who lets them stay at his house without charging them rent. And finally, Hiya fears and respects Furio to such a high degree that she pretty much considers him God. She venerates/worships him as opposed to wanting to jump his bone/wanting the D. So really, there isn’t any female that is particularly pitiful from un-reciprocated feelings.

  10. Hmmm, i feel like watching a commedy show between 2chuni patient >.< It's good that furio aint there :v if he is there, it will finish in 15secon :v

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    …….r’-‘| O |…~……..Nepu!!……..
    …………| ,|……~…….(´・ω・`)……..
    ……..,,-/ ̄|、…………O旦と )……..

  12. After turning Hiya (devil ruler of light and darkness) into a slave, a new enemy appears! Marissa (strong dark magician), after besting this Marissa girl probably something like “I, the devil who rules the 7 sins, has come to destroy the world!” Or some kind of event again just for a new enemy that will lose again XD

    Thnx for the chappy~ Nanodesu~

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