Chapter 31 Aftermath of the New Demon king


Toward the new Demon king Yuiguard,


“Who the fuck would want to become your subordinate nya!”


Uliminus threw the ring which was the symbol of the demon king’s subordinate toward Yuiguard.


“Yo, You rude bastard!”

Toward Yuguard who became furious, Uliminus activated a smoke screen and disappeared from the place.


Soon after, everyone who was the subordinate of Uliminus, the members of the espionage silent ear started visiting the demon lord castle to return the ring and left.


Yuguard who became irritated over this,


“Funn, espionage are the thing cowards do. Hiding in the shadow because of their inability, they are a group of cowards who can’t do shit”

He without caring for it, order the invasion of the Crylord castle.


However, For the first time in the history, Demon’s army lost a crushing defeat against the humans.


Marching demon lord’s army fell to the many traps of Cryload army such as the pitfalls and falling rocks, plus the several ambushes lead to the result of the Demon lord Army to lose ⅓ of the soldiers, and more than ⅓ of the rest of the army were injured. So they were not even able to reach the castle walls and was forced to retreat.


“Why…why did this happen….”

Yuguard who was sitting on the throne was trembling with anger and punched the chair many times.


“Oi Fufun! Why did this happen! What is the reason!?”


“Fr…from my guess…they set up more traps and scouts because….they were afraid of your overwhelming power…”


“More than before? But when that bastard Goul invaded they didn’t even get a single scout or the traps? How the fuck are you gonna explain that?”


“Ha……From my guess….it must’ve been because Goul was somehow lucky enough not to encounter them….”


Demon King Goul used to unleash many scouts before marching the army into the enemy’s territory and let them locate the traps and ambushes. That is why in the Goul’s ruling period, the army never fell into the enemy’s trap or get ambushed even once.


And it can be said that Uliminus and her espionage silent ear was an elite group, which perfectly executed the missions on disabling and finding the ambushes and traps.


“….Tch. if it’s a bad luck than nothing can be done. Next time I shall destroy them with a greater number”


“Ha! I believe that is the best method”


As of the demon lord’s army now, no one can understand the reason of the failure.




Plus, there was another factor in which lead to the complete utter destruction of the demon lord army.


“You are the Magic Kingdom Cryload the present most important person, the first imperial princess right?”


First, the imperial princess raised her defense as she saw the sudden appearance of a woman inside her own room.


“I am Glenial. I am a demon ninja who is a disciple of Furio-sama at the same time a subordinate of Uliminus-sama ”

The name Glenial was already known to the first imperial princess since she heard it from the Houtarou town’s guard that Glenial was somehow another has a relationship with Furio, so she felt relief and listened to her words.



  • We the silent ear feel antipathy toward the present Demoning and so are willing to assist fighting against the demon lord.
  • We won’t become a comrade but, we will provide information, destruction, abuse and diversion to the enemy.
  • And requires the reward befitting the job
  • This contract will be a secret between the silent ear and First imperial princess, as it is not allowed to be spread to other people

Gave these terms.


Feeling a little hesitant, first imperial princess accepted all of it.

And with this, the Demon King’s historic grand loss became further devastating, but those who know of this are first imperial princess and silent ear only.


…thanks to Furio-sama’s disciple we were able to gain victory.


First imperial princess judged it this way.


The order for the King who was still in recuperation, was for him to abdicate the throne and his direct subordinates, who were magicians were dismissed. All this happened next day.

The Crime was “Disrespect for the Hero”


Most of the content of it was hidden but it was obvious that it was a deed done to Furio.


And this is how a new  Princess Queen was born in Magic Kingdom Cryload.

There had been no opposition to this enthronement since it was right after her successful expedition to expel the demon lord army…….




A trouble was happening in the demon lord castle while the Yuguard’s army was swallowing their defeat against the Cryload castle.


Someone has intruded the castle’s treasury and escaped with some of the treasures with him.

You could say this was allowed to happen because, during the grand invasion, they also took the treasury’s guards for the sortie, leaving the castle empty with no one.


…In the Deeper area of a certain forest.


“Hah, look at that bitches”

The Blonde haired hero…no blonde haired ex-hero laughed hysterically as he carried Allure while running in the forest.


A few days ago, the two escaped to the forest to cut off the pursuers sent by the kingdom and was captured by the demon lord army as a sacrifice.


They were somehow able to escape death since the Battle ritual didn’t actually happen, and they were under confinement inside the castle but, using the time when there was virtually no one to jailbreak, and as to have some revenge against them they sneaked into the treasury and stole the treasure then got away from the castle.


“I told you that I am not a man who will end in there! Get rekt mate!”


As he laughed again the two disappeared into the depths of the forest.


He has not yet noticed the strange light the treasure  he stole from the castle emitting.



Demon King Yuigurd who lost all his prestige after so many failures,


“Fuck…this is the situation for that! That Human!”

Yuguard who stood up from the throne held onto the sword and slashed the air with it thrice.


“I should increase the morale of the demon lord army by having a bloodbath with the blood of the human whom Goul tried to create a friendly relationship with!”


“Ha…That is perhaps the best plan…as expected from Yuiguard-sama”

Next to Yuiguard, Fufun bowed while having one of her legs on the floor.


“Now Fufun! Where is that human located at! Let’s greet him with this sword of mine!”


“Ha…umm….Yuiguard-sama…does not know of his location?”

“No idea”

Toward such honest answer from Yuiguard, Fufun’s body started getting drenched with sweat.


“..Fufun…Are you saying you don’t know too?”


“Ha…u, um…I apologize for my uselessness”


During Demon king Goul’s time

The only person who knew of the conducts of Goul was Uliminus and her only.


Demon King Yuiguard ordered Fufun for a search on the location of Furio, however even if they wanted to search for him, all the espionage silent ear retired from the Demon lord army so


“…wha….what should I do…”

He was forced to have a headache over this matter.




…At the same time in Houtarou town


There were Furio and Lys who held each other’s hands walking in the city as usual.


“Oh? He is”


In front of them a familiar face Furio greet him with one of his hand in air

“Ya Gozaru-san. Hi”


The Ex-Demon king Goul, alias Gozaru, also held his right hand to greet back
To be continued…

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32 comments on “Chapter 31 Aftermath of the New Demon king

  1. You know, for all that he’s kinda pathetic, it’s fun reading about the many misadventures of the blonde hero. He’s like that side character, that recurring failure of a villain, that keeps popping up everywhere in kid’s shows.:p

  2. The Ex-hero Goul, alias Gozaru, also held his right hand to greet back
    I think you meant ex-demon lord.

  3. Moral of the story: Arrogant dumb b*tches who think they are the best in the world always lose. the new demon lord is retarded.

    Thanks for the chappy!! 🙂

  4. Yuigard is the type of person to shout “I, your father” but can’t recognize Mt. Tai.
    Also blonde hero is still alive? smh

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    Oh, he seriously thinks being a Demon King is that easy…

    Let me laugh some more


    Well, now that I’ve got my dose of laughter for the day on to serious stuff.

    New idiot Demon Lord forgot to brush up on his lessons, huh?

    Espionage is used to prevent ambushes and traps, my dear king. It’s so that your army can march safely into enemy territory.

    And that right hand man of his isn’t too bright either. You can’t survive in that business on just hunches and guesses.

    And your dear ‘King’ is about to make his biggest mistake of all.


    That blonde haired ex-hero sure is resilient. Like a cockroach. Luck stat must be pretty high.

  6. 1. I expected Yiuguard to be a pathetic demon king, but this is just ridiculous…
    2. Another cursed treasure falls into the hands of the blonde haired ex-hero, what’s he gonna do this time?!
    3. Unless Goul was something like Leon Cromwell, I don’t think you should be calling him an ex-hero…

  7.    彡  Thanks!!
     彡 Nepu!!  彡 彡
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    彡   0⊂  丶o
      彡   丶UUゝ

    Blonde hero is now similar to the entire human’s enemy, the cockroach. Weak but hard to kill.

  8. Thanks for the chapter!

    “Next to Yuiguard, Fufun bowed while having one of his legs on the floor.”

    Since Fufun is a (presumably female) succubus, shouldn’t this be

    “Next to Yuiguard, Fufun bowed while having one of her legs on the floor.”


  9. alright folks grab your pots and pans and get ready for today’s cooking lesson.
    today we’re using this exceptional recipe for disaster.
    first you grab a incompetent ruler, make sure this ruler is so incompetent that he/she could not count to 1 without using fingers to count.
    now this in itself is pretty bland, we need to spice this up.
    and the perfect spice for this dish is, a brown noser. o but not any brown noser, this one has to be able to look at a trainwreck and still manage to praise the incompetent ruler for how it will now manage to get to the station somehow.
    pre heat the oven and set it 250 degrees, let them rule for a while aaaaand VOILA.
    kingdom ruined 😀

  10. Thanks for the chapter!
    In a sense, Yuiguard should be thankful that he don’t know where Furio is..Or he will really have a bloodbath..of his own blood…..

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