Chapter 39 People who act behind the scene


…In one of the corner in Magic Kingdom Cryload castle’s town.

“’s located in that place”

The member of the ex-demon lord army’s silent ear, now a representative for stocking goods in the castle town, Glenial, whispered to one of the other ex-silent ear members who was also in charge.

This day,

The Silent Ear was able to get ahold of an information of the group’s base that circulates fake/bad goods in the castle town and planned to exterminate them once and for all.

….we shall attack

As soon as Glenial raised her hand in the air as a signal, the group dispersed into the darkness and flooded inside the building.

As planned they creep in using the ventilation duct


At that moment inside the ventilation duct, Glenial was using as a passage suddenly shutdown like a guillotine and blocked the entry.

Glenial was somehow able to dodge the guillotine by using full strength to crawl back, in a hair’s breadth of time, however, the problem was that she as a magic ninja was supposed to be familiar with these kinds of trap’s presence but this time she was not able to detect it before the activation.

Glenial judged that because the trap was activated they must’ve been detected so, to not allow the enemy for escaping she changed the plan to directly force their way in and whistled lightly as a signal.

Following the signal, the members who came out of the darkness gathered in front of the door and forced themselves inside.


The room have already been emptied and in the center of the room, the man who provided Glenial with the information for the enemy base was sitting in the chair, dead.

Glenial clicked her tongue as she was over outwitted by the enemy and as a counter against the upcoming traps, she ordered a retreat from the building.

….At the same time in certain building’s room…

“It was exactly what you told me. If we were even half day later we would’ve been caught”

In front of this man was a crystal which was displaying Glenial’s charge into their old base in realtime.

“I told you right…kekeke. As long as you guys don’t betray us we shall protect you guys….it’s that kind of contract we did…kekeke”

The man who was sitting in the chair showed a fearless smile toward the man who has the appearance of that of a demon.


Demon Lord castle. Inside throne room

“What is happening? A? Fufun tell me”

Demon lord Yuiguard raised an irritated voice as he looked toward his direct subordinate Fufun the Succubus.

After succeeding as a new Demon lord, he followed the custom of calling the region chiefs of the demon race as to celebrated the inauguration of the new demon lord and at the same time to swear loyalty to the new demon lord.

There were many people who openly showed a dissatisfaction but they swore loyalty and celebrated Yuiguard for his ascendence for the time being.

However, there has been no representative or chief of the demon races of the west side.

“I’m sorry, Yuiguard sama. I’ve already sent a messenger on the questioning of their absence so please give us some time”

Fufun prostrated on the floor and reported on the situation.

Toward the scene Yuiguard snorted, and showed a really displeased expression, he crossed his arms and looked at the ceiling.

….the guys in the west were rebellious even at the brothers time too but…

“Oi, was the west’s demon race a Fox?”

“Yes, it is ruled by a demon fox sisters, gold fox, and silver fox”

Remembering the two’s appearance Yuguard showed an annoyed look.

“I smell something suspicious”

“Ha? Ano? Do I smell? Umm, I shower everyday so…..”

“Stu!? I’m not talking about you!”

Yuiguard punched Fufun who panicked and started smelling her body.

A tsukkomi without any mercy.


…few day later – Houtarou town’s sundry goods store UUGO

“It’s best to think that they have some form of help from a person of demon race since magic ninja Glenial was outwitted”

Uliminus nodded toward Furio’s words.

“Even though we destroyed one of their base in castle town, the main body ran away nya, meaning they will resume their activity soon nya”

“Owner-dno and Teacher dono, we are still gathering more information so next time we will definitely not make the same mistake again”

Glenial who came to report deeply bowed her head.

“Anyway, it’s been a while Glenial. I’m happy to see that you are well”

“I am not eligible to hear such word…I can’t find any words to describe my gratitude”

Glenial literary cried toward Furio’s word.

“Report to me when something happens nya. Increase everyone’s caution since there might be a demon linked nya.”

“Ha, I shall keep that in mind”

“Furio-dono, I’ve already prepared the usual one nya”

Uliminus points at the barrel located in one of the corners of the shop, after the talk with the Glenial, finished.

“Thanks for this every time. It really helps”

“…even so, the mistress is still not pregnant right nya?”

“It’s still unknown. But she won’t stop with “we must keep a stockpile of this!” and doesn’t listen ”

Saying so Furio smiled bitterly

Inside the barrel was filled with le~mon.

Lys who read in one of the books that when one become pregnant she will start craving for sour stuff, and so she asked Uliminus to supply her with the barrel full of Le~mon every day, which Lys keeps them in stock.

“I guess soon I might be forced to build a storage just for Le~mon”

Furio couldn’t help but smile bitterly while he carried the barrel.

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  2. lemon storage only???
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  3. Thanks for the chapter!
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    • Dude, he has the ability to change his race if needed, if human doesn’t work, he can always try as a demon. On top of that, if you listen to CryWolf over there, you’ll find out that the answer to your question is written in the summary…

  4. “Demon lord Yuiguard raised an irritated voice as she looked toward his direct subordinate Fufun the Succubus.” The SHE should be HE here 😀

    You really should get an editor/TC. I would be able to fix some of the mistakes and i have tons of free time, but i have no idea how to edit this stuff :/

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