Chapter 41 Demonic Fox Sisters


Demonic Fox sisters and her group were making transactions with the formal King in Cryload castle town’s wholesale market.


Both had their merchant group to launch a business.


Gold fox and Silver fox sisters opened G & S firm

Formal Kings opened, Successful Gold Tree firm


Both used a dummy representative name and registered to the Cryload Castle town’s merchant guild.


They make transaction out in the open in the wholesale market.


Formal King utilized that to deliver the treasure they acquired using the wholesale market to send it to Gold fox and Silver fox family.


It’s fine to directly send the goods but more than half of the goods they deal with are stolen goods.


When a magic item is registered as a stolen goods in merchant guild, it will be searched using the search magic throughout the whole country by magicians in the castle.


And if the item were to be detected even once, it will be automatically pursued throughout the country, so it is very bothersome.


But the items which are dealt in the Wholesale market are all judged to be inspected and so it is exempt from having it searched with a search magic.


The inspection depends on the money……


Like this, they made several transactions of stolen goods but this day, an unexpected situation occurred.


That day, the usual subordinate of Ex-King who usually dealt with transactions with the gold fox and silver fox family was absent so a new guy went to the hidden location and waited for the fox family to get in touch with him.

The Gold and silver fox family weren’t notified of the change in the person in charge so they weren’t able to get in touch with them.

The Barrel Ex-King’s subordinated had was very similar to the barrel which was filled with le~mon that Uliminus’s subordinate usually bought, the subordinate misunderstood the Le~mon dealer with the Ex-King’s subordinate and got in touch with them.

“this is that good (Le~mon) right?”

“Aa, it’s that good (stolen good from castle)”

in here the good was traded

Later the Gold and Silver fox family’s subordinate who is in charge of dealing with ex-king’s group received the news of the change of the person in charge.

The guy in charge of dealing with ex-king found the person who was supposed to be supplying the sundry goods store with Le~mon


“hmm, something’s wrong, where are they”

seeing the scene he mistook the guy for the subordinate of ex-king and got in touch with him

“this is that good (Stolen good from the castle) right?”

“Aa, it’s that good (Le~mon). oh, you aren’t the same usual guy “


“That is same for both of us”


….Houtarou town – Sundry goods store UUGO


“this is definitely not a normal item nya”

Uliminus looked deeply at the item she found inside the barrel.


The fan which is made of 7 different coloured bird feature and the feather part has a size twice the normal person’s face.


and in between the feather,  a huge magic stone were placed on, which made it clear that it was a magic item.


“I am unable to tell what it is since when I casted a goods appraisal magic it was blocked by some sort of concealment magic”

Uliminus placed the item down and showed a dejected look as she indicated her failure.


“How about using a Gozaru-dono’s magic?”

“Regarding item appraisal, Uliminus has a higher skill level than me. so if she can’t then I can’t”

Gozaru laughed loudly as he listened to Varissa’s word.

“True nya. we can’t do anything in this situation nya. for now, I will search for the true owner of this barrel nya, but I’m not sure if we should return it just like this nya”


“Ara? You say such a mean words kon ne”


“We just want you guys to return it back without any resistance kon”


A voice sounded from the entrance of the shop.

When Uliminus looked at the sound’s direction, she saw a 2 woman who wore a china dress.


…demonic fox sisters nya

Uliminus who used to work as a leader of the espionage of Demon lord army instantly knew of the 2’s identity.


however, the gold and fox sisters failed to identify the true form of Uliminus and Gozaru who had hidden their aura and has a human form.


“That is not usable by your human race kokon. Give it back without a hitch kokon”


Silver fox extended her hand toward Uliminus while unleashing a demonic aura in her back.


“…If I give back without resistance, will you go back home nya?”

“Of course Kon, we will protect a promise kon”




Varissa blocked the two as she stood in front of Uliminus.

“When you demon race threaten people while showing your demonic power, nothing good will come out of it. Say it what are you planning to do?”

She took a fighting stance as she confronted the silver fox.


….fumu, a very dignified and beautiful look as always


Gozaru had such a thought as he was looking at Varissa from the corner of his sight.


…this guy..”fumu, a very dignified and beautiful look as always” is thinking stuff like that nya


Uliminus glared at Gozaru who was looking at Varissa while clicking her tongue in annoyance.


A tsundere with a very sharp intuition


“For a mere human race to dare point a sword at me…you are quite courageous kokon ne”

saying so the silver fox singled the gold fox behind her with her eyes.


the Gold fox who received that took out an item shaped like a gourd and opened it’s lid.

“As a way to show respect to your courageous deed, I shall ask you your name kokon”


“I am Varissa. A knight and this shop’s worker”

gold fox pointed the gourd toward Varissa as she heard her speak.


“Knight Varissa!”

“What is it?”

Varissa answered Gold fox’s call.


next moment

Varissa’s body were absorbed inside the gourd the gold fox were holding.


seeing such a scene, Uliminus couldn’t help but float out a dumbfounded look.


Demonic Suction gourd

when an Item user calls out a person by his/her name and when that person answers it, he/she will be absorbed inside and will be dissolved inside it as it changes them to a mana, one of the demonic fox tribe’s treasure.


…at the time in west side at the sealed shrine


“Oi, Allure, this is the armour you told me about? the strong’s armour? Fufu, it’s quite comfortable to wear”


“Yesuu, it should be”


“…wait a moment, in Status window it’s written “insane one’s armour” not strong one?”


“ee? tha, that is a cursed item to make one’s mind go insane! Blonde haired hero-same! take it off quickly!”




“Bl, blonde haired hero-sama?”



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    • Rather than that I quite like that Allure, she actually stayed with him even after going through so much. Respect that kind of character.

      Well I’m seeing in the future these fox sisters try and use that jar on the MC, who casually either blocks it breaks it, or reflects it back at them.

      • But if you think about it carefully, its allure that is leading the blonde hair hero into all these problems. From trying to steal the kingdom’s treasury to now this. Lets face it the blonde hair hero is too dumb to be able to do much without allure around and doing stuff is what’s getting him into trouble.

  2. those are the same items seen in naruto aren’t they?
    in the fight against those two brothers who have the power of the ninetails they used the gourd, the fan, a sword and a pot right? i wonder if we’ll see the other two

    thanks for the chapter

      • It was also used in high school dxd with the little pov of vali fighting to monkey brothers that uses the gourd that would suck you if they found out your name and the resg of the treasured items from the journey to the west.

    • It’s also used in Dragonball a few ep before Son Goku grows up. Though, the gourd is used by 2 hokuto no ken like punks called Ginkako and Kinkako. Though as usual stupid English version calls them “pair of dangerous criminals, Plague and Terror”

      P.S. Thanks for the chapter 🙂

  3. Can that guy go 5 minutes without finding something cursed that makes him threaten everyone?

    Seriously. It is like he got infinite negative luck at level 2.

  4. the blond haired bag of dicks, i mean… ”hero” …. is STILL trying to get his grubby hands on a become a hero quick scheme?

  5. OK, so now we have a pissed off ex-Demon lord and (again) a cursed into insanity blonde ex-hero…

  6. This blonde hero better die this time. If not, I’m gonna bang my head and try to create a story where the blonde hero’s girl gets NTRed.

  7. Thanks for the chapter!
    What’s with the Blond roach..i mean hero (lol) and cursed item? Can’t he live without activating any cursed item every single time?
    With how he is still alive despite all that, I don’t know whether his Luck stat is high or low 😂

  8. I don’t know of the blonde Hero is Lucky for non dying or unluky fo stepping in every magic landmine in the kingdom

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    Thanks Nepu!!!

    The cockroach is still alive!?
    Allure best loyal waifu material.
    And the Demonfox siblings just signed their deathwish.

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