Chapter 44: Trap and a charge

A little while ago: Cryload castle in one room.

“Is that true!?”

The guard captain who heard of the Mage’s report who came rushing to the room while out of breath.

“There is no mistake! The treasure which was stolen from the castle that day has been picked up by the search magic!”

Inside the crystal that the magician was holding, had a map of the surroundings of the castle and in it was a luminous point which was moving.

“Where is the location?”

“It is moving to the east from the castle. Seeing it’s speed it must be moving by a carriage or something”

Looking at the map inside the crystal, guard captain grasped the sketched the location out

“If they keep on going….it’s in the Houtarou town direction. Yoshi, We will pursue them this instant! Ask the Order of knight for reinforcement! Make sure to get back the treasure and destroy that bandit!”

The guard captain was in charge of the area around Treasury during that incident night. And so he allowed the bandit to intrude and made the biggest failure to let them steal whatever treasure they took.

“Everyone, this time, there can be no mistake like last night and we are to take revenge on what they have done to us!”

…At present: houtarou town sundry goods store UUGO

“Everyone inside the shop stop moving!”

Guard captain who entered the shop through the entrance looked around and raised his voice.

“Yes yes, I won’t move nya. So what is your business here nya?”

Uliminus who was sitting on the counter showed a very high-quality fake smile and asked the guard captain in a very fakely friendly manner.

“You are the owner here? Every other worker here line up. We will have to investigate the customers too so line up on that side, till your suspicion is cleared”

Following the Guard captain’s word and,

Varissa who was inside the shop working as a clerk lined next to Uliminus and the other four who were a customer, who looked hesitant and confused lined up at the wall side.

“Now, Owner. Confess without any resistance. Where is the treasure you stole from the castle?”

The guard captain asked Uliminus in a very overwhelming way.

Three lines of guards are surrounding Uliminus and took a stance so to attack anytime.

“Guard captain, isn’t this a bit too rude? Without even verifying it yourself and started calling us as a criminal?”

Varissa who was standing next to Uliminus retorted while having her arm crossed.

“In castle magician’s search, a stolen treasure’s whereabout were detected.

And it’s pointing at this shop!? There is no evidence stronger than this!”

Guard captain raised his voice as he bashed the table making a loud noise.

Toward that varissa showed a furious expression as if she was about to jump toward him.

“Calm down, you both stop being so passionate”

Suddenly Furio appeared while emitting a very nonchalant atmosphere.

“Na!? You from where!?”

Around Uliminus – Varissa and Guard captains place a knight is surrounding it in 3 line making it impossible for even a cat to pass through.

And toward Furio who appeared without a hitch inside this tightly guarded place, Guard captain, and the knights showed a confused look.

“Ma, that doesn’t matter and let’s talk about what’s more important”

Saying so he coughed loudly once and

“According to this country’s law, the right to capture the criminal while on search by a Magician, in other words, to judge the opponent to be a criminal, has to first find the stolen item, isn’t that right? That is to say, before you find what you are finding for, it is actually against the law to suddenly judge or treat the opponent as a criminal? ”

Suddenly being bombarded with a logical explanation the guard captain couldn’t even retort back and his mouth wasn’t able to move.

“Guard captain, for now, let’s follow what this fellow said and find the stolen good”

Seeing the Guard captain’s condition, the magician raised his voice.

“Tha, that is true, yes. I understand, I shall apologize for treating you as a criminal or of the sudden. But to help magician search is a duty of the citizens in this country and there is no choice to deny. You know this right?”

Toward Guard captain who came back to his senses, Furio said.

“Ee, of course. We will help you guys with the best of our ability”

Furio answered with a smile.

…at the same time in a slightly far away building from Sundry good store UUGO

The gold and silver fox sisters laughed loudly as they watched the sundry goods store get surrounded with knights and guards.

The two were denied from receiving the magic item from Uliminus the other day and Gozaru who were working there destroyed the magic item demonic suction gourd plus they were beaten to pulp so there anger never resided.

Even so, they are not idiot enough to confront them face to face since they just got beaten to a pulp. And so the two thought up a plan.

The two knew former king kept one of the stolen goods from the castle’s treasury.

First hey buy it from him

Next place it secretly inside the sundry goods store UUGO’s supplies.

Of course, til mixing it to the supplies they never took it out from the treasure box which was casted with concealment magic.

And that item is a stolen item from the castle so obviously, it is registered as a stolen item in which the magicians in the castle are for sure to be desperately searching.

If they mix it like that with other supplies without a doubt the castle guards will be sure to go investigate Sundry goods store uugo.

With that happening everyone working in sundry goods store uugo will be arrested and forced to be brought back to the castle for them to be executed without retort.

But because there are an abnormal thing like Gozaru there so they won’t be easily captured and most likely escape, even if the result ended like that they will be forced to live their life running away.

“Those guys are finished kon”

“Its a punishment for humiliating us kokon”

Saying so the two laughed kusu kusu

“It should be soon that they will find the Flame shield which is the stolen magic item kon”

“To be arrested or to fight back…both results are the end for them kokon”

…sundry goods store uugo

“Guard captain! There! The reaction is coming from the wall!”

“I see! It’s there!”

Guard captain looked toward the direction in which the magician pointed at

And in the wall, a flame sword was hanging as a decoration.

“….ha? Sword?”

The stolen item was definitely the shield…….

The Guard captain looked at the sword and then at the magician in panic. certain road…

“…Um, I’ve never asked before but Blonde haired hero-sama…”

“What is it? I shall answer this as an exception”

“Anou, What is your, Blonde haired hero-sama’s name? It’s kind of that you know to keep calling you “blonde haired hero” …and…”

“…everyone in the castle was calling me with that…so there shouldn’t be any problem”

“But, it would be nice for me to call you by your real name and….”

“…I don’t feel like talking right now, the conversation ends here”

Saying so Blonde haired hero looked back looking really irritated.

After that Blonde haired hero didn’t say any word and continued walking while carrying Allure on his back…

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