Chapter 47 The Result

At certain town in certain building’s certain room

“Are the preparations done?”

The former king asked while sitting in his extravagant chair.

“The only thing left is that chair, your highness”

The one who were cleaning up answered the king, feeling satisfied the Ex-king nodded and slowly stood up.

Confirming the former king’s action, the one who answered before with 3 other comrades transported the extravagant chair out.

“That little brat somehow arrived in time”

Former king clicked his tongue as he watched the situation in Houtarou town with the crystal.

“Running away is better than 100 plans”

[Japanese saying]

Saying so former king left the room.

…at roadside in front of the Sundry goods store UUGO

Gold and silver fox sisters escaped in great desperation from Gozaru in demon lord form.

The two metamorphose into a fox and dashed toward right and left.

But toward the little drama, Gozaru stood still and seeing them off,  than crackled his fist, and started approaching them leisurely. 

…with that speed of his, he won’t be able to catch up to us kon

Gold fox felt relief in her mind as she detected Gozaru’s presence moving slowly, and so she accelerated her speed.

But, in the next moment

In front of the speeding fox, someone stood blocking the way.

“I’m sorry but I won’t let you escape”

The man grabbed her head which was leaned toward the front since she was accelerating and slammed it to the ground.

A normal human will find it hard to even see the speeding gold and silver fox sisters movement.

But that man grabbed gold fox’s head in pin point and smashed it on ground.


Gold fox couldn’t comprehend what just happened to her body and she tried to crawl up while looking at the ground confused.

To the Gold fox

“ You see Varissa is one of my important family members”

Furio who slammed her down on to the floor forcefully made the gold fox stand up while still grabbing onto her head.

“I can’t forgive you who harmed and tortured her,…I can’t forgive you, however”

He released his hand from the gold fox .

Gold fox saw this as an opening for her escape so she re-accelerated and posed to escape.

But faster than her something caved in, in her face.

“This time, I will let the person who is more mad then me deal you”

In Furio’s sight was the gold fox who was thrown into the air after receiving Gozaru’s furious punch.

It is without said that her conscious was already slashed through from her root.


“Come, Let me count your sins”

Gozaru’s fury seemed to not have subsided.

On the other side,

Silver fox escaped through the opposite direction abruptly stopped her feet as she looked at her surrounding.

The scenery surrounding her changed, from the city road to a world with nothing but whiteness.

And a slim lady who gave the flame shield to the gold fox before appeared in front of her and she started approaching the fox.

“…where is this place kokon?”

“This place is inside my spiritual world….I have captured and bounded your body and confined it here “

“Ha? what are you saying Kokon? I don’t understand what you are sayi, wha!?”

Saying till that,  someone sneaked to her behind and hugged her as she restricted the fox’s movement.

That person started massaging silver fox’s breasts while smearing the ear with the person’s saliva

“ma, master-sama…this girl here would be our new training partner?”

As the naked woman asked toward the slim woman as she started pushing the silver fox down.

“that is right Marissa. Come, let us start our training”

“wa…wait a moment kokon!? what the heck is this training thing? tte, you who are you kokon!?”

“I am Hiya, a devil who rules over light and darkness and a slave to the supreme one Furio-sama….Also, a Researcher of a Cultivation”

Hiya who had a huge thing below her approached the fox and Marissa who keeps on licking her ear to neck

The silver fox who were bound by the two screamed in a voiceless manner.

…Sundry Goods Store UUGO

“I am sorry for the trouble we have caused!”

Princess queen who arrived here by a teleportation magic deeply bowed toward Furio and Uliminus’s direction.

“Wa, wait a minute nya, this place has too many people nya”

Because just recently a huge number of Knights and guards surrounded here, many nearby pedestrians came to look at the place full of curiosity.

Princess queen bowed deeply toward Uliminus’ group without any care for the surrounding.

Not only Uliminus but other people like guards and magician who came together with the princess queen by a teleportation magic were confused and rather panicked at her sudden action.

“No, this incident today was completely at my fault. I won’t be able to call myself a queen if I can’t even apologize in such a situation just because I cared about the people’s look…Mguu!?”

Gozaru blocked the princess queen’s mouth when she tried to finish her sentence.

“I shall praise of your attitude to this. But as a Queen herself, It is not right to bow your head so lightly in front of your subjects

it will only lower your standing among the subjects”

Hearing Gozaru’s word Queen princess realized and quickly raised her head.

Gozaru once used to be a demon lord, who were the king of his country.

And the words from him had a strong weight enough for the princess queen to realize her mistake.

“Also, please don’t scold the captain guard-san too much alright? he was just tricked by those things”

Furio pointed at the bound gold fox who was behind the princess queen while smiling.

The Gold fox is bound by the magic sealed magical chains by several layers.

But before that, she was beaten to a pulp, by Gozaru and was unconscious, so there really was no way she could’ve escaped.

later that day,

The princess queen changed her location and apologized again and left for the castle.

Furio told her he can teleport them using his magic but,

“I can’t trouble the true hero-sama again!”

“No, I thought I already told you to stop with that ’true hero’”

Furio couldn’t help but smile bitterly at her word.

Thanks to Furio’s request captain guard was not heavily punished for the incident.

And feeling gratified he left for Sundry good store Uugo after taking few days of break, as he thanked and apologized to Uliminus several times.

“I apologize on behalf of my brother, I’m sorry for my brother causing you trouble”

This guard captain was a brother of the female cross-dressed Bolaris.

And so she came to the Houtarou town accompanying her brother.

These days, Bolaris was working in the CryRoad castle after the former king’s incident and so she wasn’t able to visit the Houtarou town.

Without having said, she followed around magician Belano for a couple of days annoying Belano to the core.

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  2. Ah… So that dark sorceress has been completely trained and enjoying her life with her master…
    Thx for the chapter!

  3. ”training” is going well i see, it’s not often you see a side character with more girls than the protagonist, wonder if she’s going to ask furio to complete her set of twins :3

  4. that gold fox sure is pick the worst enemy to be …. he torture furio’s family (as furio may be the strongest person in the world) and the former maou ( he is the strongest demon though ) lover candidate :v

    picking a fight with the 2 strongest person in the world without even knowing the limit of your opponent … she sure is stupid :v

    • ikr… the mc is already with an infinity stats. even if he were to meet satou from death march, he should’ve win over satou, technically. but because the mc came from other fantasy world too he might not have much experience over his game like status

      • I think furoo would wkn against satou no matter what you say. Even i like death march but have to admit Furio could use every damn spell without breaking a sweat and has infinite mana and bealth and he could probably stop time

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