First day of class

Book 2- Chapter 3- First day of class


After orientation was finally finished, those who passed were asked to follow our respective guides. For Shae and myself, the chancellor gave us a personal tour of our new location. We continued our walk until we reached a remote area that was connected to a part of the Academy.

Eventually we reached a two story house in the middle of a cultivated forest. A beautiful stream was crafted to flow around the building with many flowers populating the area.

Inside the building was nothing short of spectacular. I was astonish at how well maintained the building was. Down stairs was the recreational room along with the kitchen and living room. Upstairs were our living quarters. Each individual’s room was very luxurious with ample space that not only had a king sized bed, but also came equipped with a bathroom and a personal library.

Before parting he explained to us what to do next. We were both gold rank students but we were in different divisions. Shae was placed into the warrior division and I into the arcane division. The chancellor explained how the academic system of the academy worked. As gold rank however, we were free from the limitations on what to choose.

When it came time to choosing classes we already had a plan laid out. My job was to investigate the founding of the Empire and what happened to the Holy Knight Guild. Along with learning the nature of magic in this new world.

Shae’s job was more on the front lines. The reason that we were here at the Holy Empire was that it was highly likely that they were the ones who had sent the assassins. If they were indeed our enemies, we’ll need to know their strengths and weaknesses.

Finally Sirva’s job would be to investigate the Black Order. The only people I could think up of who would be able to organize them would be those in the higher echelon of the Empire.

With that all in mind we meticulously choose classes that would further our cause. The whole process took much longer than expected. Then there was also the matter of transferring Bamun and Bemen over with our luggage.

By the time everything was set and done night had come. In my room I jumped onto the bed and simply lied there for several minutes. Tired, I almost drifted away to sleep until I received a notification.

*Drakus requests an echo message*

I was a bit surprised by the sudden message. Before going our separate ways we all agreed to give scheduled updates should an event call for it. Our scheduled chat wasn’t planned for at least several more days.

Pushing away the minor headache I opened the communication link.“Hey, Nu. How is it going for you guys?” Hearing his familiar voice helped me relax.

“So far so good. Right now we’re already in the academy that the princess mentioned. How is it on your end? You should be near the near the Regios kingdom right?”

“Yes. However we ran into some trouble.” The moment I heard that, I instantly stood up. I already knew what he meant by trouble.

“The Black Order? What happened?”

“It happened today. We were resting when they attacked, around ten of them attacked us. A couple of them got some sneak attacks in but they didn’t do much damage to me. But that isn’t what I’m worried about. They now know I’m with the princess.”

Remaining silent I tried to calculate just how much damage we could sustain from this. We knew that they would attack again, but we hadn’t expected the attack to come so soon.

“It’s alright, if anything we made the right call when we struck the deal with the princess. Precede with extreme caution, they’ll be more wary of you now.”

“Got it. Tell Shae I said hello.”

Ending the call I fell back onto the bed. A small sigh escaped my mouth as I tried to get a grip on everything. Lost in thoughts, I didn’t notice that someone was knocking on my door. At the door was Bamen.

“Bamen? What is it?”

“Ah….Forgive me…..Ms. Shae is at the dinner, and you…”

“I got it, thank you. Let’s go.”

I politely cut her off and we headed towards the kitchen. The dorm room didn’t had room to house slaves so we renovated the basement for them.

Making our way down to the kitchen, what greeted me was a wide spread of food. All of it foreign to me. It looked to be some soup, roasted meat, diced fruits and vegetables among other things. Shae was rocking back in her chair, no doubt impatient to eat.

‘Actually could an android even eat?’ Pushing the thought aside I took my seat. Upon seeing me, Shae immediately started to fill her plate with food. All the while I waited.

“Umm master, why aren’t you eating?” speaking up, Bamun looked to the spread of food, perhaps wondering if there was something wrong.

“I can say the same for you, why aren’t you sitting down?”

“…we can’t. We can only eat after you all finish.”

“Well I’m not like that. If we’re together and it’s dinner time then we all eat together.” Directing my comment to them, I also gave a glance at Shae. Whom was helping herself.

At first Bamun and Bamen were reluctant before finally sitting down, Sirva included. We all ate the dinner that Bamen had cooked. Most of the food tasted delicious and similar to food back on earth. Some of the texture of the food were a bit off, but tasty nevertheless.

After dinner I shared with Shae the news about Drakus.

“So what do you think?”

“I don’t know. We have no idea how strong this organization is. It would be foolish to dismiss Drakus’s encounter but right now we can’t do anything. We just need to be extremely careful should they somehow relate Drakus back to us.”

I nodded my head in agreement as I was practically thinking the same thing as well. With that in mind we started formulating some countermeasures when Bamun suddenly interrupted us.

“Please forgive me for interrupting but these were sent to you.”

He held out his hand, holding two large folder. I grabbed the one that had my name on it while Shae grabbed the other. We opened them at the same time and inside each one was a colored armband. These however were much more stylish and lavish. The symbol of the empire that was embodied on the entire armband added to its golden appearance.

“Fancy. These must be the identification bands that the chancellor mentioned?”

“That would seem to be the case. Hey, since this is an academy, doesn’t that mean we have to wear uniforms?” commented Shae who took hers out and inspected it.

“No. So long as you dress appropriately then you’ll be fine.”

“I see. Hmm, you mind if I modify my armor, wearing these loose fancy tunics isn’t all that great.”

“No problem, now that we’re in the academy we can wear what we want. So long as we don’t go overboard.”

Tomorrow would be our first day of class so we needed to get some sleep. Leaving Shae while dismissing Sirva and the other; I walked to my room. Not bothering to change into a different set of clothes, I jumped onto bed and fell asleep immediately.


“Please wake up master Nu-Ru.”

Hearing a faint voice my conscious returned. Waking up I rose to see Bamen at the door. Rubbing the sleep from my eyes I dismissed her and quickly went for a shower. After the shower I decided on what to wear. I opened up my inventory and looked for something suitable. Eventually I settled on some of my old favorite gear.

I settled on a light long sleeve tunic with a white jacket over it. Two crisscross belts held together a long brown baggy pants with several small pockets that were filled with items. My hands were equipped with a light leather gauntlets. The boots was a combination of iron and arctic style.

This gear was my old look, before getting my now legendary gear. The reason I still kept these pieces was because I had them for the longest time, and I still think I look pretty badass. I quickly shook off my chuunibyou and headed out.

Making my way down, I found that Shae was missing. “Where’s Shae?” I asked.

“Ms. Shae has already left.” Responded Bamen.

Simply nodding at the news I grabbed some breakfast from the kitchen. While eating, Bamen presented me with a sheet that seemed to function as a schedule. On it were the classes that I chose while discussing with the Lord yesterday. I was honestly surprised at the speed at which this taken care off.

Storing it in my pockets, within a couple of minutes I was out of the complex and on my way to the main campus.

With the early morning sun shining down I was able to get a better look at the homestead. Tons of flower beds and trimmed trees littered the front yard of the building complex. Walking at my own pace I took in the natural beauty and serenity of everything around me.

As I continued on my path, I noticed the other dorms littered about. The sun was already shining so a couple of students were out and about.

Following the path from yesterday I took a different path to reach the main campus. The road there was littered with flowers. It was like a giant garden with all sorts of flowers growing around the path and archways.

After several minutes I spotted the students. A mixture of knights and mages were walking about. The knights had on light chainmail and a sword at their hilt. Some wore light or heavy armor over top while others wore over the chainmail. Some even wore simple tabard or gambeson.

The mages had on the stereotypical looks. They all wore colorful robes with different aesthetics decorating their attire. Some wore fuzzy hats while other went for triangular pointed hats. They carried with them either a cute little wand or a long catalyst. .

I cast my eyes from one to another, simply looking out of curiosity. Most of them had on either blue armbands or ones of a lower tier. Reaching the gate I played back the information that I had Sirva investigate for me.

The academy was large, spanning and encompassing part of the Capital. The academy structure was styled after a large cathedral. It was basically a giant main building with several sub-buildings connected to it.

The academy was massive, encompassing its own location with the empire. Making my way through the gate, a wide open campus spread before me. Students were scattered about, talking with one another. Heading towards the closest building; a loud commotion attracted my attention. Hearing the commotion, I turned to see students flocking to the source.

The masses were clustered together, watching something. Curious, I pushed through them to see what was happening. Four people were at the center of the crowd with one person laying on the ground. Aimless chatter filled the air, but I managed to catch glimpses of the conversations.

“You bumped into me, so this is payback for dirtying my clothes.”

“I did not! You moved in front of me at the last second.”

The kid on the ground voiced his complaint back but was meet with a kick to the stomach by what seemed like the bullies lackey.

“Don’t get high and mighty commoner. Just because you’re a blue rank knight doesn’t mean you are equal to us.”

The ringleader held up his hand as mana condensed at the palm of his hand.

“Learn your lesson!”

Before he could activate his spell I stepped in and stopped his hand. There was a bit of confusion before he realized that I had stopped him. Breaking free from my grasp he confronted me.

“Who the hell are you?” The bully furiously asked.

“My name is not important, a better question is why are you bullying him?”

“Don’t act so tough! I’ve never seen you before, which means you’re not from the nobility side, are you?”

“And if I‘m not?”

“Not only are you a commoner but you’re ignorant as well! How dare you treat your senior like that?!”

“Senior? You’re no older than me. How can you be a senior?”

“Are you stupid, I expect nothing else from a lowly commoner? The rank you have determines your standing. Check it.”

He held out his left side to show a purple armband. Compared to the plethora of blue and lower tier colored armband. That would certainly explain his cocky attitude.

“Learn your place. Also, where’s your armband? You’re supposed to have it on every day. What’s wrong, embarrassed of your rank?”

He spoke in a tone that was condescending, he was likely trying to embarrass or get a response out of me. His lackey, along with the other students started to join in on the laugh.

I was not amused by their games so I decided to shut them up.

“I see. I didn’t know that. Well I believe introductions are in order. My name is Nu-Ru — Stopping mid-sentence I grabbed my own armband and fashioned it to my right side. –and I’m a gold rank.”

As if someone pushed the mute button, everyone immediately went silent. They all stared at me and the golden armband. I could see in their eyes, utter displeasure at the sight in front of them. It was impossible! How could someone be a gold rank? But the armband was authentic, that fact was irrefutable.

Hitting the stop button once more everyone started to speak up at the same time. Gossip and conversation started up all around us.

“Gold rank?! When was there one?”

“I actually heard a rumor about a gold rank. Apparently he fought Lord Dewa.”

“Yeah, I heard about him to, I heard from some of the other lords that Lord Dewa even used his full power to fight him. He won without attacking.”

“Are you kidding me?! Are you saying he might be as strong as ‘them’?!”

As I listened to their gossip, I overheard an interesting piece of information. Them? Just who exactly were they referring to? That one statement caught my attention in that there were others who were at least gold ranks, just like Shae and I. However, it wasn’t just one or two but ‘them’ as in multiple people.

But I was getting distracted. I shook my head and brought my attention back to the matter at hand.

“Is that how you treat your senior?”

My sudden statement brought everyone’s attention back on me. The bully looked at me, his previous attitude nowhere to be seen. Replaced with a frightened expression. It would be all too easy to bully him back, but I knew better.

“If you’re done then leave. Today’s the first day of class we can’t have you be tardy. Especially if you were to be involved in an ‘accident’.”

Speaking the lines in a low and threatening tone, my words carried more weight. They all scurried away like scared children. The others started to walk away in fear as well. When most were gone, I turned my attention back to the kid.

I extended my hand to help him up. He was reluctant at first but eventually grabbed it and he was on his feet.

“…Thank you…”

“No problem. Don’t let them get to you; you’re strong, much stronger than those guys who were born with that power. You got here through hard work. Never let anyone tell you otherwise.”

The boy was put in a small daze at my speech, before thanking me again and walking away. With that issue taken care of, I headed back to the main building. Following the provided map I eventually reached my class.

The room was structured similar to how a university classroom was. Several long curved desks pointing towards the front of the classroom. Several students were standing about talking, while others were sitting. The moment I stepped in, everyone went quiet, they were eyeing me.

I ignored them and looked around for a seat. Most of the seats that were taken were those near the back. Fortunately I spotted an empty seat at the front. A closer look revealed someone was there as well, the free elf. Als.

“Als was it, do you mind if I sit next to you?”

Als, like the others eyed me the moment I walked over to her. She stayed quiet for a bit before answering yes. Thanking her, I sat down next to her.

With her at my side, I had a better look at her. Als was quite beautiful, a light complexion, seaweed green eyes, and long braided white hair. Her clothes now consisted of a light green and brown silk tunic and shorts. The clothes were a bit revealing with the midriff and arms visible. I couldn’t help but reminded of Sirva.

Realizing that I was staring, I quickly looked away. If people catch me staring, it might lead to some troubled rumors.

Within a couple of minutes, the professor walked in and class started. The beginning of the class was a small introduction. Then later went onto the subject of the course. It was about magic and the basics of magic, how the world works, the way magic was applied, the history, the different ranks, and so forth.

Most of my previous theories proved to be true regarding the new world. The same explanation back in Eternia applied to this world as well. Of course I learned some new interesting facts as well, namely just how strong the world is compared to us.

The previous heroes of the Empire and the leaders of Holy Knights Guild were to the citizens of this world, the pinnacle of power. The magic rank still applied to this world, with rank 12 being the highest. However after listening in, the highest threshold of magic according to the teacher was ranks nine and ten. That was no doubt due to Ayato of the Holy Knight guild who was a swordsman that combined his fighting style with magic.

There were also other individuals that achieved the ability to use high rank of magic. Most of it was chopped up into legends. The rest of the class wasn’t that interesting so I focused most of my attention onto the new knowledge.

Class eventually ended while I was in my own little world. As the students were packing up and shuffling out, Als shot straight out of the classroom. Taking my time, I packed up and went up to the professor. Asking him a variety of questions, once I was satisfied I left.

Traversing the school ground proved to be a bit trickier. All of the hallways and architecture looked similar to one another, no matter how many corners I turned. Rounding out another corner, I came upon an interesting sight.

Peeking out secretly, a scene just like this morning played out. A group of girls surrounded someone, who was lying on the ground. Focusing on her, I came to realize that it was Als. Her bags and content were spilled while Als herself was covered in bruises.

The group of girls were relentless, kicking Als without mercy. Not once did she tried to fight back, she just lied there and took it. Watching from the side, guilt started to build in my heart. I wanted to help her, but involving myself would only cause unneeded trouble.

Looking back one more time, I decided on leaving until Als and I made eye contact. I froze, her cold gaze watching me. She held in her eyes a look of despair and absent. It doesn’t seem that she even cares that she’s getting picked on. As I watched from afar, my thoughts froze.

‘Where are you?!……Where are you?!’ As I watched her, my body was frozen as well. Those words rang through my head without end. “Damn it. I’m probably going to regret this.” Cursing under my breath, I straightened up and walked towards them.

“What do you think you are doing?” I spoke loudly and clearly, catching their attention. Turning around, their eyes moved to my armband. They were visibly shaken by my presence.

“Senior!” The yelped in unison.

“What are you doing?” repeating the question, the girls looked to one another. Desperation could be seen in their eyes as they panicked.

“We…well…she antagonized us and….we…are put—teaching her a lesson!” It was clear that she was lying. Staring them down, they backed up in fear. Keeping one eye on them, I quickly glanced down to Als. Whom simply watched the conversation with a stoic expression.

“Hurry up and leave.” Uttering a simple order, they did as they were told. Even I was impressed by how much authority a simple armband could give. Pushing the thought away, I extended my hand to Als. “Are you ok?”

Slapping my hand away, she helped herself up. Ignoring me, she proceeded to pick up her belongings. “You know, it wouldn’t hurt to say thank you.” Throwing a glare at me, I remained unfazed and decided to help her.

“Why did you help me? Are you after my body?” Finally speaking up, she asked her question defensively.

Faced with her question I was the one whom remained silent. In the end, I couldn’t find the correct words to answer back. Growing tired of my silence, she left. “I don’t need your help or anyone’s. Don’t get involve with me.”

Leaving with one final statement, all I could do was accept it and move on. For the rest of the day I just sat through the class, taking in new knowledge about the world. I chose classes that would provide a wide range of knowledge.

Certainly the information about the world and magic was new. However they were negligible in the overall scheme of things. Nevertheless, I jotted down everything that was of value. The day went by in a blur when it was finally time for my last class. A class recommended by the chancellor; a class for powerful and special individuals.

I hadn’t given much thought about it when he first brought it up. Within some free time I indulge the thought. It wasn’t uncommon for the academy to have ‘special’ students. There were always outliers. Another reason for taking the class was to provide Shae and myself a class for us to discuss freely. The class was set in the back part of the main-building. Walking towards the location I found Shae waiting for me.

“Hey. How was school?”

“Pretty boring. Half of it was sitting in a classroom while the other half was exercising and PE courses. I’ve already passed high school and now I’m going to school in another world.”

This time I could hear Shae’s frustration in her voice while her face remained monotone. Shae never once failed to get a chuckle out of me. Casually walking to the destination together, we chatted about how the academy was for both of us. More so Shae who went on a small tangent.

Time passed in an instant and already we were walking down the hallway that led to the class. Walking further along, an individual could be spotted. Hearing our footsteps, it was then revealed to be Als. Casting her gaze between the two of us, she quickly turned around.

Continuing our pace, we managed to catch Als and reach the door at the same time. “Say, do you know anything about this class?

Reaching the door, Shae asked another question. To which I answered back.

“I know that this ‘special’ class is for training those who have high capability, but who else?”

“What do you mean?” By her question I guessed that Shae hasn’t heard anything else about the class.

“Earlier today, I learned about others who are just as powerful as ‘us’. If so then that means they might have this special class as well.”

“Hmm, I see your point.”

“Do you not know who they are?”

Both Shae and I turned to face Als who had finally spoken up, we were also surprised at her knowing who we were talking about. Our sudden shift in attention spooked her and caught her off guard.

“Who are they?”

I asked as we we reached the door and made our way. The moment the door opened –“If I am not mistaken, I believe they are the six gra….”–we were ambushed on both sides. Two individuals rushed at us from the left and right. Als didn’t finish her sentence as they caught her off guard but not us.

“|Counter Barrier.|”

“|Iron Defense|”

Shae and I activated our skills, defending ourselves against our attackers. A hexagonal, yellow barrier appeared and blocked my attackers attack. But that wasn’t it, the moment he made contact with it, it let out a small electric shock that knocked him back. Shae brought up her arms to defend against her attacker, before knocking him back.

We didn’t have time to relax as two more jumped towards them straight afterwards.

“|Spiraling Wind Barrier|”

The air around us accelerated and formed a small tornado barrier to protect us. However, it also obscured our vision, then suddenly one of them jumped through towards us.

‘He jumped through my barrier?’ Shocked by the surprised action, I didn’t even have time to defend, but luckily Shae had my back. Intercepting his attack, Shae knocked him back.

Cancelling the barrier, we needed a better look at our attackers. The attackers gathered around and stood around on what looked like an elevated bleacher. There were a total of six individuals looking down on us.

“Identify yourselves now! It’s against the rules for any and all students to engage in combat in a noncombat zone.”

As I was voicing my anger my eyes came across their armor. A pristine and unsullied set of armor that was delicately crafted. Although impressive, that wasn’t what I was focused on.

Each one bare a different insignia. When I first came across them I felt a sense of familiarity upon gazing at them. It was only then did it dawn on me. They were the insignia of the six leaders of the Holy Knight Guild.

“Nu-Ru…do you see those insignia’s”

“Yea…It’s them….”

Our quiet conversation was interrupted by the person who bared the insignia of Roland.

“So you realize who you are speaking to peasant. We are the heirs to the original six Grand Houses of the Holy Empire.”