Hello Work Chapter 23 v2

CHAPTER 23 [ Sati Becomes an Adventurer Apprentice]

[Let’s go shopping, come with me.]

I left the house together with Sati. I thought that she would be fine since her eyes are better now, but it was not like that. Even though she does not trip, she now keeps looking around restlessly, fidgeting around here and there. It looked so dangerous. It can’t be helped, so I held her hand again. Are slaves so hard to handle?

[Is it interesting?]

[Yes, it is-desu. And it somehow feels so strange. Even though the smell and sounds are the same, it feels like I came to a different place-desu.]

We arrived at shopping district. First of all, let’s get some baskets for Sati to use. Is there a general store here? We spotted the shop that sells baskets immediately. While at it, bucket and pot, there’s even a water jug. There are both buckets for kitchen and for bath use in the shop. I buy one water jug for daily use and one more for drinking, let’s buy some pots and a frying pan. Oh, there’s soap too! There are various type. When I ask the employee, he told me there were kinds for daily use and for bath use in variety, that’s why both of them are displayed. Are these chopsticks? This is? Maybe this is a rolling pin. Chopping board, and that I don’t know how to make sponge-like? (TN: I don’t understand it either) Pot stand. Tableware and metal and wood based pottery are also in the store. Spoon, fork, knife, cup, broom and brush were also bought. I passed those of noticeable amount of commodity to Sati, and bring them to the shopkeeper. Though there was a pile of stuff, I told the storekeeper to wrap it all up. I looked at the inside of the shop again to check if I forgot something. Most of the things have already been bought. Different worlds can’t be underestimated. I thought it would be a lot more inconvenient, but except one part I think life here is not too different. Well, there is magic to compensate for it, I guess.

When I was done paying, I gave just the basket to Sati, after that the items were dumped there. Hmmm…. Next is kitchen knife, towel, and some dust cloths. Can’t forget about firewood either. On the shop that sells kitchen knives, they also sold gardening tools, so I’ll just buy the tools I need here. Where do they sell seeds, I wonder? There are no shops like flower shops and looks like something like greengrocers don’t exist either. Something like an agriculture shop, where I can find it? Firewood has been bought, I also bought a big tree before it got split. I went to the previous shop and bought an axe. I want to try some wood-chopping.

When I asked Sati if she wanted to buy something, she shook her head. Well, since she hasn’t done any housework, she doesn’t know. Next is to buy food ingredients.

Since I still had a lot of wild rabbit’s meat, I decided to buy vegetables. There are some vegetables that I have never seen in Japan aligned. There was also white flour, bread, pasta, oil, and this is lard, I think. Oil is so expensive. That’s why there’s so few deep-fried foods. Though the price is a little high, I buy a lot because I want to eat karaage. Seasoning and sauce, vinegar and sugar. Tough sugar is also expensive, I buy around 1 kg. Too bad there’s no miso and soy sauce, and rice too. There are beans, so can nattou be produced, I wonder?

The eggs are expensive too. There are so many kind of eggs. There were small sized eggs all the way to eggs as big as an ostrich’s, and I bought some of every kind of egg. Let’s also buy sake a little. I drank everything after I defeated the dragon, after all. I let Sati carry everything that she could carry. The rest is being put in the item box. Though almost all the items were put in the item box, we still carried various things. As expected, Sati didn’t look around restlessly while shopping, she came along seriously.

There were refrigerators being sold in the place that sells ice. An easy specification, just set the ice in the upper part of the refrigerator. I’ll just put a large block of ice, I heard it will last for three, maybe four days. Bought it. With this, I can put meat in there.

[Aren’t you tired? Should I carry those?]

I’ll put them in item box, though.

She shook her head to say it’s fine. Obviously, the baggage is heavy. Let’s rest a little. And Dragon’s Breath Pavilion is close by too.

The dining hall in the afternoon is so crowded. I ordered juice for two people from an acquaintance clerk. After a short while, the landlady come while bringing the juices.

[How is the new home, Masaru-chan?]

[Yes, it’s so-so.] I vaguely answered. I just moved yesterday, so I still can’t answer.

[And then? That child is?]

In such a busy time, the landlady herself was specially bringing the juices, so this is the reason, huh?

[Umm… It’s for housework and other stuff…]

[Ara, it’s a slave. Did you buy her? Isn’t she cute?] she said while grinning.

The landlady said to take care of her and returned to work. Somehow it’s embarrassing. But I didn’t do anything wrong, isn’t it normal to buy a slave? She’s grinning so I guess it’s like that, huh. But, will it soon become a problem when just seeing the crest in the arm people will find out they are slaves? Let’s make Sati wear long-sleeved cloths.

Suddenly I looked at Sati. She didn’t drink the juice, and was staring at me. Was she waiting?

[Un. You can drink it.]

And then she drank it, and I drank it too. It’s a fruit juice that’s close to peach and mango. The flesh of the fruits was largely put there, and ice was in it too, it’s cold and delicious. Sati too, while saying it’s delicious, she was savoring it.

[I have been taken care of by this place before. The second floor is the inn. The food here is tasty, so let’s have a meal here next time.]

[Yes] answered Sati. She has drunken all. The ice is being rolled inside her mouth.

[Did you like the juice? Want to drink more?] I offered her the half remaining juice, her mouth formed a big smile as she became happy. Yes, eat a lot and I need you to grow too.

We returned home, and with Sati’s help we put the things we bought in place. Water was put in the jar by magic. It is troublesome to do the round trip. We arrange the refrigerators and everything we bought in place. And I declare it to Sati.

[From today Sati will manage this house. I leave it to you.]

[Yes, please leave it to me. I will work hard]

Though I am worried she looks so motivated, well it somehow she will manage it. she will right?

It’s just barely past afternoon so it’s too early to prepare dinner, we don’t have anything to do. I don’t want to work, and in Japan, in this kind of situation, I would start my PC. I miss the internet. Sati was checking the stuff that we bought one by one with a serious face. A, she picked the kitchen knife, moved her hand carefully, and touched the blade with her fingers. Scary. Even though I wanted to stop her, I endured it. I’m sure that she will cut herself when she uses the knife, but if that happens I just have to cast Heal on her to recover it instantly. Looks like it’s safe, she’s done checking the knife and moved to the next thing.

Let’s test out the magic outside of the city. Since I learned fire magic level 4, and since I misfired once, I haven’t used it at all. I have to properly practice it.

[Sati, I will go outside the city to practice some magic. Will you stay at home or come along?]

[I’ll go.]

[It might be a little dangerous, you know.]

Since I’ll just go a little outside, the strongest threat would be at most a wild rabbit, though.

[It’s fine, I will go.]

And house-sitting alone is making me worried a little too, I think it will be fine and made preparations. I wore the armor and placed the sword at my back. Sati also changed her clothes. As expected, since it will be outside the city, she won’t wear a skirt but long-sleeved clothes and long pants. I tell her properly to change in a different room, you know.

When we get to the gate, I noticed that Sati didn’t have an identification card.

[Oh, if it isn’t “Dragon Slayer”. Will you hunt wild rabbits today too?]

Promoted from “Wild Rabbit” to “Dragon Slayer”. Though the raising in status is fine, as expected it’s still embarrassing. Won’t you call me by my name already.

[No no, I just helped a little, what “Dragon Slayer”. And today I want to practice my magic outside the city. This child is my party member that’s scheduled to be an apprentice adventurer.]

There’s no way that I can say that I bought a slave because of lewd feelings, so I leave it at that. The person in question is also a delighted with being called an adventurer. That must certainly be in the list of what she wants to do.

[Ho, beastman, isn’t it. if she grows, I’m sure it will be a great fighting force.]

I discovered that there’s no need for an identification card to leave the city, but we will have to pay to get in again, so I’ll take her to the adventurer guild first.

When I told the receptionist old man that I want Sati to join adventurer, just like before we were guided to where the branch guild leader and Tirika-chan were.

[Oh, isn’t it Masaru? What’s wrong today. What? You want to that child to join the guild? Hoho… A slave, huh. You got the reward just yesterday, aren’t you too fast!?]

While laughing ‘gahahaha’ he hit my shoulder with the sound ‘bang bang’. The examination was finished quickly, and a formal question was asked, what do you want to do.

[I wanted to become an adventurer. And then cooking, there are so many things that I want to do. And then I want to please Masaru-sama so he becomes happy-desu.]

[Wahahaha. Masaru, you are being loved. You should treasure her.]

After the explanation of the guild, we paid 100 gold to issue the card. It is not unusual that a small child becomes an adventurer, I hear that there are some children who become adventurers from about ten years old too. The master receives all of the slave’s rewards. In the card, the names of the slave and the owner are written. The rank is, of course, F. By the way, my rank is still E. The rank seems not to go up in just having helped the dragon subjugation. And last is to pledge to Tirika-chan.

[With this I am also an adventurer-desune.]

she said it while looking at her guild card that hanged at her neck from a string.

[That’s right. However, you need to train for a while and become stronger first. You are an apprentice adventurer at the present.]

[Yes, I’ll work hard.]

Since she had become an adventurer, let’s prepare some equipment for her. We went to the usual shop and asked the clerk there. Leather armor and a small shield, a short sword and leather boots, it looks the same as my first equipment. Un, it’s so cute. There’s a hole for the tail in the butt place, and there are gaps in the leather helmet for the ears. Though it’s not suited for a fighting adventurer, it suits her.

And at the gate once more.

[You got your equipment bought, huh, ojou-chan. You have become a fine adventurer.] said the guard while checking Sati’s guild card. A, is it written “slave” in the card? And he looked at my direction.

[As expected, when you become a “Dragon Slayer”, you gain profit. Should I become an adventurer too?]

[Stop it, stop it. For adventurers, no matter how many lives you have, it won’t be enough.]

[That’s true I guess]

As I thought, that’s how they see it huh. Before I get make fun anymore than this, I come out from the gate while taking Sati with me.

I crossed the gate and left the highway, advancing until the wall of the city disappeared. Here is good.

First is I tried [Fire Storm]. I began to chant. Even though the casting time becomes half with the high-speed chant, it is still long. It will be hard to use it for real battles. Then the chant finally finished, and the magic was activated.

‘Gou’, with that sound and several pillars of fire, the grassland shook violently. With that strength, I got dumbfounded. When the fire subsided, I found out that the grasslands in a radius of 25 meters had been burned. Fortunately, the fire didn’t spread around. This is too overwhelming! If I use it at forest, there will be forest fire.

[Amazing, you are amazing, Masaru-sama!]

Sati is innocently being happy. I too thought it was amazing. If I use it against a group of orcs, they will be completely carbonized.

To change my mood, this time I started the chant for [Large Explosion]. As I thought, it’s long. As soon as the chant finished, I activated it. I fired it to a place as far as I could.

A big sound ‘DON’, and with the shock wave, a lot of sand and pebbles were blown all the way here.

When I looked at Sati worryingly, she was rubbing her eyes with her ears flatly dropped down and her tail standing up. The sound is also amazing.

[Are you fine?]

[Yes, it’s just that some sand got in my eyes.]

When we went to see the center of explosion, there was a big crater. Sati was saying ‘amazing… amazing’ happily while we peeked at the crater. As I thought, the power is too overwhelming. There seems to be no other usage except in a fight against dragon. Level 4 is this amazing, how amazing is level 5, I wonder. Thankfully, the level won’t rise just by thinking about it.

Well, next. I took out the bow. Because there’s a large boulder, I select it as a target. I set the arrow to the string, put magic power into the arrow, and activated the fire magic.

It’s hot. I released the arrow. The arrow unsteadily flew to a direction different from the boulder. I burned my finger. The bow is also burned a little. The arrow burned a part of the tree and broke. Fire magic arrow should have worked. If the arrow is made of iron and the bow is reinforced so it won’t get burned, I thought it would work, though my fingers would still get burned. I can’t use the bow if I use an armguard, and it will obstruct the activation of magic. Un, this magic is a failure.


There’s one more thing that I want to try out. I try to store a large boulder in item box. It didn’t enter. It won’t work if I don’t pull it out from the ground once. I use levitation on the large boulder. It wasn’t easily lifted because it was so big. I put more magic power and finally the boulder got lifted. I tried to put it and it entered properly this time.


I thought about it after the fight with the dragon. Against that last breath that he sent, wouldn’t it be good if I took out a bear or a troll to use as a shield?


Take it out from the item box, store it and take it out again. Sati didn’t understand what I was doing. She looked at me with a puzzled face.


I opened the menu, selected the item from the item column, and took it out. It takes a little time. It seems to be unusable in an emergency. Against the dragon breath, there might have been not enough time. But it looks fine to shield us. If you put the large boulder in the enemy shooting line, the enemy’s attack will be prevented. I name it large boulder guard. (EN: What a great naming sense. XD) (TN: indeed lol)

Next is with levitation I lift it until around 5m high. From the menu I select the large boulder, and took it out. The large boulder fell because of gravity. Bam. What if the enemy was here? Since you can’t use magic while using levitation, isn’t this a great way to compensate? Uh huh. I name it as meteor (physically)

I obtained an amazing skill! Ops, while being happy and returned to the town, the gatekeeper soldiers scolded me.

[The explosion reached all the way here, you know. Do it further.]

I’m sorry.

[Then, let’s prepare for dinner. Have you boiled the water?]


Though Sati was preparing enthusiastically, I feel a little tired. I did do a lot of things today, so it is as expected.

The water has been boiled, next is to prepare the ingredients. After I show Sati how to use kitchen knife, I let her do it. Meat of wild rabbit, nicely cut vegetables. Peeling is still hard for her. There were no accidents.

We put the ingredients in the pot, seasoning it with salt. While we taste test the food, we put the salt little by little. With this, it will be completed when boiling. One more meal, I fry the meat of wild rabbit with the frying pan. I cut the vegetables to make salad, I take out some bread.

In the bread, I put some salad, soup and steak of wild rabbit’s meat. Though it’s easy, a splendid dinner menu is finished. Though I want some mayonnaise to use as dressing for the salad. Next I will try to produce mayonnaise.

Sati was unexpectedly skillful in cooking. She remembers the things that I said once, is she smart? Like this, I can leave cooking to her soon.

[Well done. It’s amazing, Sati.]

[Y, yes.]

I praised her and patted her head. Sati looked so filled with emotion. She made this delicious looking meal by herself. And we will eat it.

[Then, let’s eat. Before we eat, we put our hands together like this and then say itadakimasu (thanks for the meal)]

After finishing our meal, Sati was in a completely sleepy state. If I asked her to do something, she would certainly do it even though she was sleepy. Though I want to take a bath, today is fine I guess. When we got home, I put clean clothes on both of us.

I take Sati to the room in the second floor and realized it. I just have one set of futon. I just take Sati’s boots. When I put her on the futon, she immediately fell asleep. The bed is quite wide. Should we sleep together? While I thought about it for a while, I took a sleeping bag and slept on the floor.

Before I went to sleep, I confirmed there was a cook lv 1. For me. When will Sati get a cooking skill, I wonder…


Sati {Beastman, Slave}

Level 3

HP 18/18

MP 5/5

Strength         : 12

Stamina          : 6

Agility             : 11

Skill                  : 7

Magic Power   : 3

Loyalty             : 85

Skill Point 10P

Bad Eyesight; Hearing lvl 3; Smelling lvl 2; Physics; Hawk Eye

Stamina +1

Agility and skill up (return to the former value)

Loyalty value from 50-85


Yamano Masaru {Human, Magic Swordsman}


Dragon Slayer

Wild Rabbit Hunter

The Man Who Fought to The Death With Wild Rabbit

Guild Rank E

Level 9

HP 482/241+241

MP 736/368+368

Strength         43+43

Stamina          45+45

Agility             29

Skill                 35

Magic Power   69

Skill Point 29

Fencing Lv 4; Physical Enhancement Lv 2; Skill Reset; Razgard World Standard Language; Life Magic; Clock; Fire Magic Lv 4; Shield Lv 2; Evasion Lv1; Lance Lv1; Martial Art Lv1; Physical Strength Recovery; Reinforced Spirit; Archery Lv1; Stealth Lv2; Sign Perception Lv2; Magic Perception Lv1; Common Magic; Healing Magic Lv3; High Speed Chant Lv5; Cook Lv1


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