Hello Work Chapter 25

CHAPTER 25 {Let’s Make Mayonnaise}


I got out from the bath, and calmed myself down by activating ‘Sage Time’. Sati did as I told and slowly took a bath, leaving after some time passed.

When our eyes met, Sati’s face became red. As one might expect, it was embarrassing.

[U, un, I will do my best, so please take care of me…]

she said while bowing her head.

[Aa… yes, me too.]

We stood silently for a while. How did it turn out like this? Just the day after I bought her, I can’t face Crook and Silver. In my plan, I would take my time and nurture love with my slave. When I was in deep thought, suddenly Sati called me.

[A, ano!]

[Y, yes!]

[What should we do now?]

Hmm, what again? That’s right! Tirika-chan would come. We have to prepare everything, and then, as I thought, we should buy a futon. I should also make the mayonnaise first because it might take some time. I’ll think about that later, right now I should concentrate in the things before my eyes.



[For now, I will prepare for lunch.]

I prepared eggs, vinegar and oil. Since there were too many kinds of eggs, I didn’t know which one to choose, but there are hen eggs, so I split them and separated the yolk and white. I also don’t know which one of the vinegars to use, but I properly checked the taste, and the same with the oil, but oil is oil right. I first experiment with only one egg.

I explained it to Sati while mixing it. First is vinegar and egg yolk. After that I put the oil little by little. I exchanged with Sati for the mixing.

I take it with my finger and taste it. Un. It’s mayonnaise. I let Sati try it, she said it was tasty with delight. But somehow it was different. It’s lacking something. Aa, it’s flavoring! Salt and sugar, and then spice. Lemonade? There are no lemons, so it’s fine. I put the flavoring little by little, and Sati mixed it. I taste it. Yes, it’s mayonnaise. There’s no mistake.

I picked the vegetables that have been cut and tried eating them with the mayonnaise. Yup, it’s delicious. I tried one bit, and gave the rest to Sati.

[It’s delicious-desu! I have never eaten something like this.]

[This is a seasoning called mayonnaise.]


Sati completely finished the mayonnaise with the vegetables.

Yosh, then let’s mass produce it. I want pen and paper to take memo for the quantity. Let’s buy it along with the futon. I noticed something and asked it.

[Sati, can you write and read?]

Sati shook her head. I need to teach her sometime. I need to report in the log about today, I wrote the recipe of mayonnaise. There are so many types of measure, like spoon and teaspoon. Is there no one that sells a scale. I confirmed the recipe. Something like this I guess. And then I can just adjust while doing it.

I split the eggs and separated the yolk from the white. I will put the white of the egg into the soup later. Sati split the eggs too. She failed about 20 times and began tearing up, I have to collect it and made it into tamagoyaki. Ah, there’s no trash bin. For the time being, it’s fine to bury the eggshell.

[Sati, what did you do with the container of yesterday’s lunch box?]

[I burned it in the stove.]

I see.

[How do we dispose of garbage?]

[Umm… It is buried or burned, I think.]

There was not much garbage so I guess it’s fine. Well, the mayonnaise first.

I ordered Sati to add the ingredients. Then it’s the last stirring. I added the oil and mixed it. If there were hand mixers it would be easy, though. It was quite a heavy labor doing it with human strength.

[Sati, though you can taste it, do it just a little bit, because we will eat it in the afternoon. Then please do your best. I will go shopping.]

[Yes. Have a safe trip.]



First I went to furniture store and bought a futon. I prepared three sets for two rooms. I bought it with a moderate price. Then, at the shop that sells paper, I bought two sets which containing notes with pen and ink. It’s for Sati and myself. Coincidentally the shop next to this is a bookstore so I peeked in a little.

Inside there was a wrinkled old lady seated, when I took a book [Don’t read while standing!] I got scolded.

[Is there a book to teach letters to children?]

[Hmm… How about this. I will sell it cheap.]

It’s quite a worn out picture book, but when I look inside there are no problems so I bought it. What written inside is like handwriting. Were all the pictures and letters handwritten? Is there no printing technology here?

[And is there a story about the hero?]

[In that case, here.]

The Tales of the Hero, all ten volumes. This is super epic. This was second-handed too, so it was quite worn out, and the repaired part was so visible. But because the old lady guaranteed that everything is readable I bought it. Altogether, it cost 600 gold. Even though it’s used, how expensive. If everything in this world is handwritten, is that how much it costs normally? I want to look more but Sati is waiting so let’s do it next time.

I tour at the market and while at it, I discovered horse milk. There are few costumers for that. When I asked about cheese, they told me there might be some at the horse farm. I have to buy it for sure. I bought some tomato and with this I can make pizza.

I found a weight scale at the general store, but I gave up on it because it’s expensive and unusable for cooking too. Next is a trash bin, I bought a few and returned home. Sati had finished the mayonnaise and was tiredly laying down on the table.

[Thanks for your work, you are tired, right. Let me check.]

I check the taste, it turned out quite good. We can sell it if it’s like this.

[Yes, it’s delicious. Sati is remarkable.]

I properly praised her and pet her head. Sati become happym while chuckling ‘ehehehe’

I put it in the refrigerator at once, and realized that there was no wrapping. It’s inconvenient if there’s no wrapping or aluminum foil. I put it as it is for the time being.

First is boiled eggs. I cut the boiled eggs and onion and put mayonnaise on them, and arranging the flavoring, tartar sauce is completed. When I let Sati taste it, she looked like she really liked it. Though she wants more, I put it in the refrigerator.

I let Sati prepare the soup. It’s a soup of dragon meat and vegetables. For the seasoning, we used salt and a little spice. While at it, I prepared the karaage. The meat was cut into small bits. I cut the bread in half and minced it to make breadcrumbs. I cut pork meat too and seasoned it with spice. With this I just need to coat it and then it would be finished.

Salad, bread, soup, and karaage with tartar sauce dressing. Dragon cutlet. Un, it is quite splendid. The cuisine here is not bad because there’s sauce and spice. But there are no variations for Japan’s cuisine. I want ramen and curry to appear eventually.

I prepared the dessert. Since I acquired horse milk, I can make pudding. I mixed horse milk and eggs with sugar and put it all in a cup, then boiled it with water for around ten minutes. I won’t make caramel today because it’s troublesome. After finishing, I cooled it in refrigerator. I can make ice cream too. I have never made one, but let’s try it next time.

Because there’s time until lunch I let Sati try to make tamagoyaki. I add salt, spice, sugar and horse milk to the eggs that Sati failed to split before. I pour oil on the frying pan and used them to make some scrambled eggs.

We tasted the food after finishing.

[It’s tasty-desu] said Sati while eating. It tasted good with sugar. I want ketchup to use on the tamagoyaki, lets make it next time.

After all of the stuff I did today, somehow the things that are lacking seemed to increase.

[Masaru-sama is amazing! You can make so many dishes!]

When I was a NEET, I had so much free time that I tried to make many different things, that’s why I am quite good at cooking. My mother’s specialty was Japanese cuisine, when I wanted to eat something like karaage, I had no choice but to make it myself. Eating out? I didn’t want to spend money.

[Sati too can gradually become good in cooking you know. You already can make soup and tamagoyaki.]

[It’s because Masaru-sama taught me…]

Sati stopped her words suddenly, and turn her face toward the door.

[There are people coming to the door. Two people desu.]

Immediately there are knock on the door. It’s hearing detection Lv 3. What an amazingly sharp ear.

[Oi, Masaru! Are you there!]

This was the voice of the branch guild leader.

I got restrained by Sati when I want to get out. [Yes, I will come now.] and opened the door.

Tirika-chan was stading behind the branch guild leader.

[Ou! Thanks for inviting Tirika today.] he said while laughing.

[You are fast. There’s still a little time before lunch.]

[Tirika was quite looking forward to it. She kept pestering me to come quickly.]

[A, please come inside]

[There, Tirika.]

[Excuse me.] Tirika muttered and came inside.

[Ah, what about branch guild leader? I have prepared a large amount of food.]

I am a little reluctant to invite the rough baldie, but I still invited him politely.

[No, no. I feel bad to disturb you. Besides, I still have work, I can’t leave for a long time.]

This person, even though he looks like someone who likes to laze around and doesn’t do any work, he did his work diligently.

[More importantly, please take care of Tirika.]

He brought his face close to me and whispered.

[She has a few friends, you know. Even about today, she was so happy. And then, when returning you must take her to guild properly. If you like, she can stay over tonight.]

Said him while grinning. What exactly is this old man thinking.

[And this is a present.]

He passed me a sake bottle. Look like it’s a 20 years first-class sake.

[Thank you for the sake. Putting aside the stay over, I will properly take her home.]

[Ok ok. See you, Tirika. Have fun!]

While saying that, the branch guild leader left.

Tirika-chan sat in the chair in the dinning room, and drank the tea that Sati prepared.

[Please wait a minute. I will begin to make it soon.]

[Thank you, for today.]

[Un, though I don’t know if it will suit your taste, look forward to it.]

[Un, I will.]

I poured the oil on the pot and lifted the fire. I made another soup and added the firewood. I have Sati put the wheat flour on the karaage and coat some cutlets. I sprinkled wheat flour, add it into toki tamago (TN: don’t know what it is) (EN: It’s beaten eggs), and lastly I added the breadcrumbs. With this, I have prepared karaage and cutlets in a large amount. If there are leftovers, I will just put them in the item box.

While I was working with sticky hands, Sati said someone came again. Is it Elizabeth? It is not strange for her to come now, and I told Angela to come play whenever she wants, too.

Because my hand was sticky with wheat flour, I washed it and Sati told me there were two people talking in front of the door. It must be Elizabeth and Narnia-san, since I haven’t told Crook and Silver yet.

I washed my hand and headed towards the door. When I opened it, I saw Angela and Elizabeth standing there.


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