Hello Work Chapter 26

CHAPTER 26 { Water and Wind, and People That Have No Concern of Me}


[A, err.. Welcome?]

I dumbfoundedly saw Angela and Elizabeth lined up. What’s with this pairing?

[Wait, Masaru. Who’s this girl?], said Angela.

[Who is this girl?], Elizabeth also asked.

What is up with this threatening mood coming from these two?

[Umm… now, now. Calm down, you two. This is someone that I’m indebted to from the investigation of the forest, Elizabeth from the B rank party The Dawn Axe. And this is a church priestess that I’m indebted for many things, Angela.]

[B rank.][Priestess.]

Said the two of them while glaring at each other.

[U, umm.. how about you come in for now?]

The two of them came in.

[Mu, who are those kids?]

[I haven’t seen the two of them, why are they in the house?]

They saw Tirika and Sati, and asked me again.

[Umm,, she is an employee of the guild, Tirika-chan. And then this is Sati, she does the housework…]

[I am Masaru-sama’s slave, Sati-desu.]

And bowed her head. Sati declared with a smile on her face that did not show any shame.

[Slave!? Did you buy her?] said Angela.

[Hmm..] and this is Elizabeth.

Angela looked like she wanted to say something, Elizabeth seemed to not mind it.

[And what’s the matter with you two today?]

I asked them while they sat on the chair.

[I came to see how Masaru was doing.]

[It’s about time our practice to begin, Masaru.]

[Ah, yeah. For now we will have lunch, what about you two?]

[I will eat.][I will accept your offer.]

I introduced them to Sati and Tirika too. Especially Tirika-chan, she just silently listened. I had Sati prepared tea for them.


Ah, the oil is bad. When I took my eyes away, the temperature got too high. I will take it off from the fire a bit. The soup looked fine and warm. The adjustment of heat level for the oil was not difficult. Let’s reduce the firewood and see it. I gave an order to Sati to prepare the bread and salad. I put a bit of bread crumbs into the oil and checked the temperature. Is it good? Then I put the karaage. While frying it, I coated the remaining cutlet. I prepared the plate and lined it up. Shit, is it not enough? There was no plan to have this many guests, I should make an addition for next time, let’s use this bowl to substitute it… Salad and bread were both ready to serve. The soup had been boiled too and brought it into the table. The karaage also gradually got fried. The pot of oil, I should have bought the bigger one, huh… If the number of people increased, it would be troublesome. I served the karaage and took out tartar sauce from the refrigerator.

[Then, it’s fine to eat now. Sati too, let’s eat together.]

[Umm, what about Masaru-sama?]

[It’s not good to not keep an eye on the frying pan]

The deep-fried food was supreme because it’s fried! The taste would drop if does not get eaten soon.

[Ok, ok. Take a sit. Today menu is bread, salad and soup. For salad, I use that mayonnaise. For the karaage is tartar sauce. I used dragon meat for both of them so it should be good. Now, eat while they are still hot.]

[Oh, it’s delicious!][What is it, delicious!][Masaru-sama, it’s delicious!][………]

I took the cutlet in order and cut it, and brought it to table.

[This is a cutlet using dragon meat. Put on the sauce and eat it.]

[This is good too.][It’s crispy and tasty!][It’s delicious desu!][………]

It seemed popular. Though Tirika-chan was silent, she was greedily eating, it so it was fine I guess.

Finally, I also ate one myself because I finished frying the cutlet. Karaage and dragon cutlet were both delicious. The quality of the ingredients sure make a difference, huh…. At home, I just used a cheap import meat.

The karaage in the large plate was decreasing very fast. Though I planned to make a large portion, it’s not enough, huh. Ah, Angela and Elizabeth were glaring at each other for the last piece.

[I won’t give it to you.][No way, I saw it first.]



From the side, Tirika-chan snatched it. Elizabeth had teary eyes. Did you want to eat it that much?

[Look, there are still dragon cutlet and soup.]

I’m glad that I made a large portion. Though I made a lot of soup to last for dinner, the bottom of the bowl had appeared. Sati seemed reserved. I couldn’t see the usual big eater there.

[Sati, eat more. Because this soup was made by you.]

I put the remaining soup into her plate.

[Thank you so much, Masaru-sama.]

I watched a group of three girls and saw the cutlet being eaten.

[Ummm, if it’s not enough, should I make more?]

[No, it’s enough. You have a good skill, Masaru.]

[Un, I’m full. Masaru is good at cooking. I’m surprised.]

[It was delicious.]

Though I planned to have afternoon tea, let’s take out the pudding too. I took out the pudding from refrigerator.

[Dessert after a meal. It’s called pudding. It’s delicious.]

I gave one for each person. There were six puddings. There were five people here. So there was one pudding left over the table. Though it would be fine to put it back into refrigerator, I wanted to check how it tasted, so I started eating it quickly..

Yes, it’s pudding. Though it was a little quirky because I used horse milk and mystery eggs, it became a proper pudding. Let’s use caramel next time. Even though I’m in another world, if we tried, we could make it. Though sugar and oil are expensive, vegetables and seasonings taste the same as on Earth, so they are eatable After this, if I can just obtain rice, I won’t complain anymore.

At that time, the battle of the girls started.

[This is suitable for a noble mage like me.]

[What do you mean noble. If it’s about noble, then a priestess is noble.]

When Tirika-chan went for it, she drew her hand back because she was glared at by the two of them. The situation was bad, the three of them looked at me, you mean you want me to decided it!?

I grabbed the pudding and ate it quickly. Yup, it’s delicious. I pretended to not see the three of them and ordered Sati.

[Sati, you saw how this was made right? I will teach you, so make the same things.]

[Ah, yes. I understand.]

It’s good with this. The three people understood that they can eat it again and felt relieved. But, why are these people such big eaters… For now, rather than cleaning up, let’s make pudding first.

I split Ostrich (temp) eggs. The size was big enough that both hands can’t wrap it. It was certainly more than 2kg. Because the shell was hard, I carefully split it with kitchen knife reversed. I finally got the yolk and the white out. Do I still have enough horse milk? I have to replenish it. I put sugar into the pot that contained eggs and horse milk. Sati mixed it. The amount was quite large so I put half of it into bucket pudding-like pot, and the remainder can be put into the container that was just used for pudding.

The fire was already starting to disappear in the kitchen, I used magic to boil the water to save time and the pudding was boiled. In just ten minutes, the ostrich (temp) pudding was finished. This time, I ordered Sati to put caramel on it.

The girls were excitedly watching the work in the back.

[After ten minutes the water was boiled, it needs two hours to cool down. After that, it will be finished desu.]

[Two hours!?]

Ah, you thought that you can eat it immediately huh. Too bad.

At that time, because it seemed to take time for the bucket pudding, I had Angela cooperate a bit by suing her ice magic to cool it.

I left the rest to Sati and sat at the table. When I tried to clean up, she claimed that it was her job and made me sit.


[At any rate when did you buy a slave? If you want help with the house, we can lend the children.]

[Oh, to have one or two slave is normal]

[I just bought her yesterday. Elizabeth’s place has slaves too?]

[That’s right, we have a few slaves, you know.]

[Hee, because our place has no slave, it was rare to see so I just…]


I was told by Tirika-chan and got surprised. I’m sorry, that was a lie… Fortunately the two of them didn’t understand what we talked about.

[Just what?]

[But, I was told if she didn’t get bought she would end up in a brothel or mine.]

[How stupid. Isn’t it obvious that was a sale phrase? Masaru, you were successfully deceived. Her look is fine and she works well, she would get bought quickly.]

[Sati had a little circumstance.]

I lowered my voice.

[Her eyes were bad;]

[She doesn’t look like that.]

[Because it was cured.]

[Eh, can you cure eyes? Even though it was impossible if it was not a high ranking magic user…]

[That, it’s not like it was completely cured. I was thinking of consulting with Angela.]

[Yes, it would be impossible for us. We have to rely on people of high ranking in the capital.]

For now it won’t be a problem, let’s put this matter on hold.

[Angela, is the orphanage fine with you not being there today?]

[Yes, it will still function even though I’m not there. I sometimes take a break in the afternoon.]

That’s why she can take it easy today, said Angela.

[Elizabeth, are you not together with Narnia-san today?]

[It’s not like we are always together, today we are doing our stuff separately.]

It’s unexpected. I thought that Narnia-san would stick with Elizabeth and pamper her.

[More importantly! Let’s practice wind magic!]

[Masaru will practice water magic, you know. Because I taught him first.]

Eh? Why did they glare at each other like that?


■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

Let’s return to the beginning. I heard the true story from the sharped ear Sati later.

When the two of them met at the front door, Elizabeth the first to speak. It seems that they immediately fought. It must be that she felt jealous of Angela’s breasts. Because Elizabeth is small. Even if she always concealed it in the robe, If you got along together for a long time, you would understand her small size.

[Hold on, do you know Masaru?]

[That’s right… What about you?]

[I am Masaru’s magic teacher!]

Said Elizabeth arrogantly. It’s not like I saw it, but it must have been like that.

[I also teach Masaru healing magic and water magic you know?]

Even two!? I lose? Not just my breast, magic too!? No, it’s not decided that I have lost. Whether she really thought that, I don’t know, this is just my conjecture.

[You may go back, you know. Because I will teach Masaru wind magic.]

With this Angela became irritated. And then I opened the door and made an appearance.

These two are not big eater characters. Normally, they would behave more like a lady. However, today was the result of the heart rampaging with the birth of rival. And there were the feelings that they really liked the meal.

■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

[I will teach him!][I will!]

[[Which one do you want to teach you?!]]

The glaring two turned toward me. To be honest, I didn’t have a promise with Angela to teach me magic today, but I can’t make her lose face.

[Umm… both?]

I was glared at by them…. Even though I planned to remember both.

[Let’s have a match to decide which will be teaching him magic.][I will accept it.]

[Let’s go!]

Said Elizabeth as she grabbed my hand.

[Ah, wait. Wait a minute. Tirika-chan, if you want to return, I will take you home.]

Yosh, say that you want to return Tirika-chan! And then let’s run. Somehow it’s scary.

[I’ll wait.]

Right, she has to wait until the pudding is finished… After my last hope scattered, I got dragged away.

[Ah, Sati. Keep Tirika-chan company.] [Yes, Masaru-sama.]

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