Hello Work Chapter 27

CHAPTER 27 {Once Again on Boot Camp}


Sergeant, right now I am in the garden of the house, together with two demon instructors that drew me by the hand. Please save me.


They first fought to decide who would teach me first. It was settled with rock-paper-scissor.

And then I shot my magic as I was told. Naturally, I can’t become good immediately.Afterwards, abusing words were thrown at me. Why can’t I do it! Do it properly as I was told!!

When one magic was shot, they alternate the instructors. Shoot the magic. Get scolded. Get abused. It came in turns. Under that pressure, it didn’t go well, the demon instructors who were not that strict at the beginning, started getting too heated up.

Ah, sergeant. When I think back, sergeant’s training was so gentle. These two demon instructors were…

In the beginner course, we can take a rest a little. However, they said it was good that my magic power was huge, and they attacked me mercilessly. Please stop it. You’re making kids cry already!

After two hours, Sati came to tell us that the pudding was finished, I finally got released. I then tiredly sat on the ground.

[Umm, are you alright, Masaru-sama?]

Aah, Sati. You’re the only one who worries about me like that.

Sati helped me up and we returned home. I ordered Sati to take the pudding out and put on the caramel.

[Hm? It’s different from earlier. What is this black thing, I wonder.][Is it that caramel that you mentioned?][It’s delicious.][………] (EN: I find it funny how the only thing Tirika said in these last two chapters is ‘Guilty’. XD)

It will be over after they finish eating this pudding. Should I use my skill points? But, after I use my points.

[Thanks to the instructors, I have learned the magic.] and the moment I said that, I would receive Tiriki-chan’s ‘Guilty’ claim.

Besides, if the fact that skills exist becomes known, it would be troublesome for various reasons.

[That was delicious.][Thank you.]

After they said their thanks to me, they stood to go to the garden. Not yet. I still haven’t used all of my cards! I took out the bucket pudding. I put the huge bucket pudding on the large plate and put caramel on it. Oooo… they cheered. Now eat it! It would took time to eat it. you might as well fall down after eating too much.

However reality was cruel. My execution time just get delayed.

[Umm… Tirika-chan. Are you fine with not returning to guild?]

[It’s fine. I will play with Sati.]

It seemed that those two girls became close. How come those other two cannot do this? Is this personal dispute?

What if they were a mother whose hand gets taken by their child. Even if the child cried and pulled their hand, they would extract their hand. Would a victor emerge in this battle? At least it wasn’t me…

After a few hours, Sati called us because we needed to prepare for dinner and I finally get released. They seemed to notice the situation after I tiredly fell down.

[U,um, we might have overdone it.][Tha, that’s right. We might have been too strict.]

Aah, I hope you noticed it sooner.


I leave the dinner to Sati because I’m too tired. I instructed her from behind though. And, for some reason, Tirika-chan was helping even though not too skillfully. They kept chattering while cooking. Mainly Sati. Though Tirika-chan was putting a serious face and didn’t look like she was having much fun, she did it on her own, so it must be fun.

The menu for dinner was bread, salad, tomato flavored soup, steak and the requested karaage. Of course, we used plenty of dragon meat. The soup was the same from lunch with tomatoes being added, the line-up was the same as at lunch, the popularity with everyone was amazing. It’s hard to think about new recipes when I’m dead tired!

The amount of food was larger than lunch, I thought there would be some leftovers, but it did not became like that. Come to think of it, Sati didn’t eat much at lunch. The mountain-like piled up karaage was all eaten. You will get fat you know…


During the preparation of dinner, I tried to sarcasm them. How can you be unable to get along like those two. It’s good if you learn from them. As expected, they thought it was bad, and repeatedly apologized.

[Sorry, I unconsciously became heated up. You’re not mad? Really? I’m really sorry.]

[I think I overdid it a little, but I was so strict for Masaru’s sake…… Umm… I’m sorry I think.]

It seemed that they reflected on it, so I forgave them. A beautiful woman and girl were meekly apologizing with upturned eyes. No, it was fine already. You wouldn’t do something like that again right? In confusion, I patted their shoulders and said that. Both of them became relieved and smiled. Yup, it was nice like this. I had enough with demon instructors.


After dinner, I asked Tirika-chan if she wanted to returned to guild, and she said she will stay over.

[Drewin said that I can stay over. I want to sleep together with Sati today.]

[Ok, you can stay over. Sati, you have to properly take care of her.]

[Yes, Masaru-sama!]

They completely became close friend. Sati too looked happy. Alright, didn’t it mean that I avoided today’s crisis? As expected because people stayed over, she wouldn’t say that she wanted to do it. While we were at it, would Angela and Elizabeth stay over too? And I tried to ask it. I really just asked them while at it. I think that both of them didn’t say that they would stay over.

Though I asked in polite ways, in this world, it’s not like hotels and inns were anywhere. If you went to a rural place, it was normal to stay over at someone’s house. Much less that both of them were my magic teachers. It’s just like craftsman master and the disciple. I immediately learned healing magic, however normally it needed half or a whole year of guidance. A teacher’s authority was tremendous. Because of that too, their guidance was mercilessly strict.

Besides, the number of people who could teach chantless magic is small. Just like the time that I was taught by Angela, you needed to pay, or became an apprentice was common. By the way, the 3500 gold that I paid to Angela was quite cheap. Normally, if you wanted to pay with money, the amount that you would need is equivalent to how much you needed to pay for university enrollment.

[Well. The meal here was more delicious than at the inns. You will make breakfast too, right? I will stay over.]

Besides, we were always together when we were at the quest, she especially added it. of course we were in different tents, we didn’t actually sleep together. And then she looked at Angela, and seemed wanted to say that Angela should go home. I thought that they have reconciled because at dinner they were so peaceful (not fighting), but apparently it was just my imagination.

[Me, me too. I will stay over too.]

It has become like that, what’s with this situation?

Angela would return once and get prepared to stay over. Elizabeth already brought a change of clothes. And Tirika-chan could use Sati’s.

I prepared the bath for everyone. Tirika-chan and Sati went first. Next was Elizabeth. When Elizabeth entered, Angela returned, that’s why she was next. Last was me. Of course, Sati took care of Tirika-chan. Today I felt to enter alone. But the hot water that the four of them used… it can’t be helped if I get a little excited right!


Narnia-san came when I was in the bath.

The door was knocked.

[Good evening. It’s Narnia. Did Eri come here?]

[Someone coming? Guest?]

Sati went to the entranceway and stopped.

[Yes, it was someone called Narnia. She asked if Eli came here.]

[Oh, then it’s me.]

Said Elizabeth and went to entranceway.


[Eh? You will stay over today? Just Eri?]

Alone with a guy? Isn’t it dangerous.

[Look, it’s with those girls.]

She looked inside. She greeted a bit. There were three girls. It was like a pajama party. There was a big girl, if it was like this, then it would be fine.

[Will Narnia stay too?]

[No, it will be bad if I disturb you.]

And Narnia-san left.


And then when I got out from the bath, Drawin came too.

[Somehow, she gets along with Sati. She said she will sleep together with her.]

[I see, I see. Then please take care of her. Because from tomorrow morning she has work, you absolutely have to take her to the guild. It doesn’t have to be early in the morning, Tirika is weak in the morning.]

[Yes, I will properly send her] I promised and Drawin left.


Right now I took out the sake that Drawin brought. It was a 20 years old first-class sake. For Tirika and Sati was fruits. They are still too early for sake.

For some reason I got pressed between Angela and Elizabeth at the sofa. Moreover, they stick closely to me. Just out of the bath, both of them looked erotic with their gown. As expected Elizabeth took her robe off and wore normal clothes. This was my first time seeing it, she looked cute and fresh with some attire other than a robe. Angela too, her pointlessly overgrown chest being shown through her attire. No, it’s not really like it was shown. But with just being beside her, it made me curious.


The three people sat and drink sake together while talking without rest. We talked about today’s meal, about the investigation of the forest. Tirika-chan and Sati got along while eating fruits.

[When we see it, they look like sisters.][That’s right, their names are similar too.]

When they heard it, Tirika-chan said [I am the big sister.]

[Am I not more like big sister?]

Yup, Sati is a little bigger.

[Then I’m fine with little sister, onee-chan.][What is it Tirika-chan?][Onee-chan][Tirika-chan] [Onee-chan][Tirika-chan] [Onee-chan][Tirika-chan!] [Onee-chan.](EN: Hahaha, so adorable.)(TN: Unlike the other two)

How long will you do it?


It got a little troublesome when allocating the rooms, in the large room was me, in the small room was Angela and Elizabeth. I laid out the futon on the floor, and Tirika-chan and Sati slept there. Though I wanted to give the bed to them, Sati firmly refused, and Tirika-chan was fine anywhere as long as she was with Sati. Sati said she wanted to sleep with me, but I rejected her because Tirika-chan would follow her. I suggested that Angela and Elizabeth slept together, Tirika-chan and Sati would take the bed and they strongly objected. You all, get along already!!


After I wrote my journal, I read books on the bed and Sati came along with Tirika-chan.

[Umm, Masaru-sama, I need to talk.]

[Yes, what’s the matter?]

Three people sat on the bed.

[Is it true that my eyes aren’t cured yet?]

[Eh? Why?]

Are the hawk eyes insufficient?

[I heard Masaru-sama and the other talking at noon.]

Ah, she heard that huh. Though we talked with a quite small voice, her ears were really good.

[Moreover, when I lose focus, my vision becomes hazy. More than before.]

I see. Hawk eyes was not always activated. If it activated by her own will, the effect would disappear if she lost her focus.

[My eyes, will my eyes be unable to see again?]

[No, it’s fine, you know. Though your eyes haven’t been cured yet, I just used something like magic to make it possible for you to see. It is difficult to explain how it works, but the effect will not disappear, that’s why your eyes will always be able to see. Don’t worry.]

[Really? Thank you so much, Masaru-sama!]

She said while hugging me. I pat her head while hugging. Yup, Sati is really cute. I will absolutely do something about her eyes. It will probably be cured if I use healing magic level 4 or 5.

[Masaru.] said Tirika-chan.


[Masaru is a good person. Thank you for helping onee-chan.]

Hearing that, Sati separated from me, and hugged Tirika-chan tightly.


Yup, Tirika-chan is also a good kid.


These girls, while I was being bullied by the demon instructors, they talked to each other about their own unfortunate circumstances. And then, they become close in the blink of an eye. I didn’t ask about Tirika-chan’s misfortune, though.


[Um, as I thought, can we sleep together today?]

She asked me with teary-eyes. To come here just to be driven out, I can’t do something brute like that.

[We will just sleep together okay, just sleep.]


Just like I said, as long as Tirika-chan is with Sati, anywhere is fine. They really get along well.

Sati was in the center between me and Tirika-chan. She was closely sticking to us. It would be hard to sleep.


Did she finally asleep? When I thought about that, the next event was coming.

[Masaru? I’ll come in]

Though I haven’t replied yet, Elizabeth came in. She looked at here and hardened.

[Why did you sleep together?]

[Even if you ask me why…]

Sati and Tirika-chan slept like a log.

Furthermore, Angela came after that.

[I heard the sound of a door opening and come to see. Elizabeth, do you plan on stealing a march!?]

Elizabeth was flustered.

[Because tomorrow in the morning we won’t look after him, we will instead start from the afternoon. Isn’t that what we decided?!]

Thanks for the explanation. I mean, are you still planning to do that? And Elizabeth, stealing a march. Did she plan to teach me magic at midnight? Is it that ‘For victory, you won’t chose the way’?

It’s true that we promised that in the morning we would not do it. but it’s not like I promised to do it in the afternoon. Though I thought about that, as expected it was unpleasant.

[No, that… That is. It’s not like that.]

[What is not like that?]

[Um… right. I also come to sleep with Masaru.] (TN: it seems it was Elizabeth)(EN: Yeah, it is, Angela is questioning her.)

Said her while pointing at me. Looking at that, Angela finally realized that there were three people sleeping together. She looked at me and seemed wanted to say something. For now I decided to attack Elizabeth.

[It would be hard for four people on that bed.]

[We can do it, wait a bit.] she said and left the room. She brought the bed with levitation and she put the two beds together.

[With this it will be fine! Now, I will sleep with Masaru, Angela can get out now.]

Elizabeth ignored the fact that she stole a march with strength. My will was ignored and the situation advanced. Um, isn’t it fine for me to say something.

[Me, me too… um…]

Angela said while fidgeting.

[What?] Elizabeth, her arms folded in an imposing stance, was emitting an atmosphere that said ‘if you don’t have any business, get out’.

[I will also sleep together!]


How did it turn out like this?
Five people ended up sleeping together. Even with that racket, Sati and Tirika-chan were still sound asleep. Elizabeth was beside me. Angela was at other side. As expected Elizabeth didn’t stick to me, but our shoulders were touching each other’s. When I turned to the other side, Elizabeth’s face became close, did she also get curious? Sometimes our eyes met. When I looked at Angela ignoring Sati’s head, she faced the other way and slept. I closed my eyes, emptied my mind and fell asleep.

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