Hero Pandemic chapter 2

Chapter 2: Distrust



Day 2

I went to visit the fourth floor of the shopping mall that is roof. Brooms were collected and “SOS” was written by a tentative struggle.

The roof is small but cozy for a scale, because there is a parking lot underground in this shopping mall. A little space and water tower……I remember that’s the space where the roof of a high school is.

“……it is bright”

A mutter also similar to a complaint leaks out to the cloudless clear sky unconsciously. If I leaned forward from the roof and looked down, there was hell definitely. I should refer to it as zombie. I who walks with the students was called Walker. As if it’s false, there are no changes in the phenomenon from which a dead person moves.

When there were beautiful zombies than there were also ugly zombies. The zombie whose chest is exposed is surely sexy, until their heart or intestine is coming out.

Its pardon to have withered and I return to the third floor which is the accommodation space. Anyway that girl is there.

The second floor has only a game arcade and clothes shop and a large quantity of beds are put in the third floor because of the furniture section. I, who is nearly 30 years old, isn´t accompanied by the determination to sleep on a firm floor anymore, but, there is no vigor which makes a bed move to the second floor. After I give up and got a mattress and a blanket, should I sleep on the fourth floor or the second floor……?

“What do you do……?”

The principle that she doesn’t smoke, the girl came over when she looked at the zombie while indulging in the feeling that seemed to have a short rest. I looked puzzled since I touched her we didn´t talk a single word. However, it is judged that there might be a change in such a state of mind because she is still young, she answered calmly.

“I intend to make an “SOS” mark just to make sure”

But my response seems to have hurt her feelings.

“I don’t need you! Makoto promise me, he will certainly come back! There is no need for it!!”

A rage, indeed she had an expression such as anger on her face and cried while scattering saliva and her long raven-black hair flies in the sky to be tempted by force.

If I am not mistaken, Makoto is the name of the leader and he is also this girl’s childhood friend.

He wasn´t her boyfriend, but it hardly changes. It is a similar thing. This child is a heroine and that boy is a hero. The story is now, she was in front of me.

And that was also the past when I throw it out and have run away. Therefore I think, I can’t let this child die. She has to live, so she can meet Makoto again.

“…..Ah, yes. I was careless, sorry”

When I lowered my head without arguing, she looked embarrassed whether she returned to sanity.

“When saying so, I don’t know your name. ――――I´m call Matoba Kazuya and your name is?”

“It is Honjo Yumi. Yumi from the kanji for “bow” like bow and arrow”

It is neither a sword nor a spear that remained, it is bow and arrow. I thought that it was an interesting story and it feels like fate.

“Till everybody comes back, my best regards”

She grasped the hand which she held out timidly.

For me and Honjo-san the first week ends.

We chat occasionally like we became friends. …… But the delicate sense of distance caused a certain case.

Usual she wouldn’t approach me in the night by all means. However, her caution weakened, as if she has some business by chance, she has approached me.

I’m a man, too. I don´t intend to make a move at a high school student, but it is accumulating inside me. ……In other words, Honjo-san has happened to meet my masturbation spot.

Then it happened quickly. When she screamed and went away from me, she has shut herself up in the staff office which only the third-floor has. I can’t enter because there is a key in the inside. Of course I have no intention to enter at all, although I thought that I threw off my reserve with much effort……I was shocked lightly.

I can do nothing but give up because I can´t make an excuse. She who is a childhood friend of Makoto is a virgin and that place is slightly clean. I who wasn´t able to endure it was at fault……but only, because I had no other choice. She surely won´t hear such a story.

Kazuya worries more about his favorable public image of the female senior high school student than the threat of a zombie…… The truth is I´m happy.

Since they left, one month was about to pass.

Probably it will be hard if whether the food runs out.

Honjo unusually approached me when I thought about what I should do while drinking water.

“……By all means, is there still food left?”

To the guess from her words, she wants to know if the food might already have been exhausted.

“Why, it’s being saved”

“But usually, does a man eat?”

“……What do you mean?”

She understands it even if I don´t say it. I might be suspected. Anyway, it is easy to cheat food because it is distributed by me. It isn´t impossible for her to think so in case of this precarious situation either.

“At that time Matoba-san, did you really distribute the same amount to me?”

“……Well umm, if you notice there is no help for it. In fact, a lot of my share was handed to Honjo-san in the last three weeks”

“As expected……!”

When she nodded as she was convinced, Honjo-san glared at me.

“Don’t stare so much. You said it too, but would a consumption calorie be different by a man and a woman?”


“Well well, don’t get angry. Hey, my entire share is given for the remaining three weeks”

I give all the remaining food without any hesitation to Honjo. Because it was my intention from a beginning, there are no regrets at all. But she who don´t understand my intention had the face as if a pigeon ate a peashooter at all.

“Don’t you need that?”

“I don´t need it! ……But what about Matoba-san?”

Therefore she would be the child who was kind whether she who could be anxious about me was quiet if it wasn´t such a world. Now that I’m a creature without food my energy becomes unstable.

“I am okay, because I go to get it underground”

Yumi who heard these words, was totally like a stray child.

Possibly I may be wrong, because the person who dies between the two of us may be a happy one more than the person who lives alone then. But still I want her to live, because I promised it to Makoto.

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  1. The lines are a bit confusing but I think this might become interesting soon XD

    Thnx for the chappy~ Nanodesu~

  2. So he gave her most of the food because he wants her to live due to his promise with Makoto hmm? I didn’t really get why they didn’t go with the rest though

    • Let me explain
      Cause she is a girl lol or synonym hinderance like that one dramatic cliche in zombie movies where she dies or the friend dies
      What’s odd is that he left her with another guy which is odd and not anyone will do expect some japaese that still think they got some nice ass(poilte attitude)

  3. well if i was him, with a girl like that… i will have same way of thinking maybe..but not bcz promise but hoping someday the girl can opening her heart and her thigh for me ahahahah

  4. It’s somewhat readable but sometimes confusing. The obvious errors everywhere, not just grammar but obvious translation error.. did you read it yourself or just copied paste from MTL without checking?

  5. It’s somewhat readable but sometimes confusing. All those obvious errors, not just grammar but obvious translation errors.. did you read it yourself or did you just copied and pasted from MTL without checking?

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