16 comments on “Earth’s Core

  1. hmm as long as you dont quit writing this ill read it cause I dont know how many times ive started reading a original work then they just stop writing it causing me to be upset. well any way it looks interesting

  2. Kind of vague synopsis huh? Good luck for your original story. You have to end this project that is duty of writer, i think. Hahaha! owo)b

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  4. Oh… an awkward confession, everyone… I forgot that readers can comment in the story’s index page since at the beginning I barely got any comments. Seeing now so many queries that I could have answered, but instead left hanging, makes me feel like I disappointed some of you….

    Also, a factor that contributed to me not noticing this comment section is that I only get emails for comments that I get in my posts… (Crap! Just dawned on me that the same issue might have occurred in the chapters’ pages!).

    From now on I will try to check this comment section whenever I post a new chapter, and if you can, guys, please comment in the posts’ comment section. It would make it easier for me to notice.

    As for the questions that you asked of me, those that are couple of months old I won’t reply because they their answers.

    I think I already explained or redirected anyone who wondered the same thing to where the answer is (short answer for those who don’t know: health reasons). Doesn’t matter anymore, cause we got back to our usual routine anyway. Be prepared for tomorrow new chapter!

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