trts ch 05

Chapter 5 Icy Cuffs And Fireballs

Stella me and the woman who was leading us to the exit were walking through a long corridor but it was different from the others it had a reception kind of feel to it with a lot of chairs as we moved on since the encounter with the earless person karot didn’t talk much or check on us just leading us to the way I had my gun in one hand pointing at her.

-brother …I I have to…

I looked down at my sister oh boy.

-can you hold it a little we will get out of here just a little more okey ?


And so we continued to move I didn’t want to look for a place to let her pee here because I wanted to escaped this place as fast as we could.

-we are here

I looked at her for a second she gave me her look back without blinking I kept that for about 5 seconds and averted my gaze and looked at the so called “exit” it had a green sign above it that said exit on it the door was made out of metal without any small window or anything I didn’t trust this.

Since we started following her I knew that she wouldn’t lead us to the exit but somewhere else this didn’t look like an exit I almost cursed…why cant people be a little more easier than that and I thought karma was bullshit.

-can you open the door please ?

-what ?

I starred at her I knew I didn’t need to repeat myself there were still stairs to go up but searching in this place was really not a good idea and the reason I didn’t use those strange time powers was because I don’t know anything about them as to how long they last for me or how many times I can use them.

-okey sure

She brushed past me and was about to open the door until.

-(bang !)

A loud sound erupted from the door but it got instantly quite after that I was confused shouldn’t there be some kind of echo throughout the corridor it was mostly made out of stone and metal but why is it that quite I wondered.

I looked at the door karot was still holding the handle to it she was like a statue thou…did time just stop?

I was about to approach her but stopped seeing something in front of me something small I looked closer at the object it was in mid air and looked like a small ball…a bullet.

From what I concluded is that time stopped when the gun was shot  but I didn’t stop it on purpose or did I ?

I looked at the bullet again I had so many questions but I needed to get out first this place was a maze I could get stuck here for hours until I found the exit or for days even better.i ones again looked at the bullet I let my hand approach it and I touched it I could move it around I discovered and when I would let go of it it would stay in mid air I decided to turn the bullet around and start time again.


The bullet flew to the wall on the left side and got stuck miss karot looked at me confused and surprised I raised my gun.

-seems like I have to go I appreciate your help even thought you led me to a trap

I turned the switch on the gun to full automatic and shoved a metal scrap that i found on the trigger so it shot uncontrollable  it had 35 bullets I didn’t  quite know what kind of gun it was but I didn’t care I knew how to handle it in some parts anyways I I threw the gun that was shooting bullets non stop I wasn’t worried that it would hit me the moment I threw it I stopped time and looked at the door in front of me where the shot came from the door was about to open and time was stopping allowing me to open it fully I don’t quite understand this ability or power but i take it.

I grabbed stella and opened the metal door as I did that I found a guy with assault rifle in hand making a door opening gesture but I already opened it so it looked really awkward.In the room what I found was…
There wasn’t a exit but weapons..i looked around more and found money and some drugs that I made surprisingly the drugs I made seemed like they were transported here and stored I took 2 full bags of money….well who knows when I will need it better safe then sorry.

I left the room with stella there still wasn’t a exit to be found but…the stairs still were going up.

And so I started walking the stairs up in hopes to find the exit still the whole building was like a giant maze that consisted of rooms and long corridors and no windows it just made me more curious on where the air came from and how deep this place was.

I’ve been walking for probably 2 hours the thing about the stairs up is that you go up ones and have to find another stair up on a different side of the building when I was following miss karot she was leading me to all the stairs that were going up I had currently only found 4 of them in which it took me a lot of time when I climbed the 4 stair I was stuck there didn’t seem to be another stair here or I was looking at the wrong place.


I quitely cursed under my breath and looked around ones more while I was searching I made a map on paper i took from one of the rooms that showed me where I was and what places I already checked so far I checked every possible way I could find but with no luck another thing about this floor is that there is only 1 person and there are only 8 rooms in which one is a bedroom bathroom a library a office where the person himself is and the other 4 rooms are something like a lounge or a guest room I believe.


I looked at the person himself who seems to live in this floor.He is sitting on a chair going through documents I cant quite see his face he is wearing a red robe that has a hood on that he is wearing even thought he is inside the building his robe has a lot of ornements like swords snakes and a lot of shapes on his hip he has a chain attached to a book that is made out of leather it also had some metal on the edges and some strange markings on it.

-no use standing here I need help…

I concentrated ones again and started time


The man suddenly stopped going though his papers but he didn’t let them go and just raised his head to look at me I was standing in front of his desk just staring at him of course I could have just raised his hood and look at his face but I personally thought that i didn’t really need that.

-how did you get in here ?

He asked I was surprised he didn’t ask who I was.His question was a little hard to understand too by the way.

-I used the stairs up and got in

-you are lying

-no I am not

I rebutted he was calm and his voice had a chilling sound I could see a part of his face being a little gray it seemed like he was old.


He continued to stare at me for a minute I didn’t move either nor stop time stella was behind my back hugging my waist his eyes never shifted from mine in this one minute not that i cared anyways.

-where did you come from ?

I thought about it and thought that lying now wouldn’t help me nor telling the truth but its not like I cant get out of here forever.

-from the basement I am searching the exit can you tell me where it is ?

He didn’t answer for some minutes and then.

-why are your eyes golden ?

-wait a minute I am asking….

(time stopped)

I looked around it had been 10 seconds since time had stopped the old man was now standing up and pointing his palm at me in which something like a ice cuff was about to hit my throat I was inspecting the space in which it stopped from moving in my direction the bullet that stopped was the same so it seems I believe that whenever something dangerous is about to happen to me time stops and I can change it I don’t need my conscious to control this it seems.

I put the topic for later and grab the ice cuff and place it near the old mans throat I stood back where I was standing and started time ones again.


Ones time started the cuff directly connected to the mans throat and launched him to the wall where he was pinned up trying to release himself after some minutes he stopped struggling and removed the cuff by pointing his finger to it and then it melted.

I was wondering what it was it was clearly ice when I touched it and seeing it melt proves it but how did it get there ?

-I must say kid you have some really surprising tricks there you used my own spell against me on top of it your reaction is top notch I didn’t even see you move.

Of course he didn’t because technically i didn’t even move but I wasn’t going to tell him that.

-where is the exit old man ?

He glared at me ones again and then looked down to my sister but didn’t say anything about it instead.

-okey boy then here is my proposal…

-wait wait wait !

I interrupted him he clearly didn’t like it

-what is it ?

-I wanna get out no deals here

He looked thoughtful for a moment and was stroking his chin and finally said.

-if so then its easy you have to defeat me and I let you go !
And so he started to shot fireballs at me it turned out quite interesting even thought it wasn’t what I wanted


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