trts ch 24

Chapter 24 Sera The Dragoness

-ehm so where should i start hehehe…

She laughed shyly.

-just start from the beginning to when we met.

I said while looking around the room on closer inspection the room had many strange devices such as something close to a can opener and a gun like needle or a robot or was that a golem ?

Sera inhaled deeply and sat down on the the couch next to the window she seemed really worried well seeing that she is about to talk to a complete stranger about her problems i can’t really say she doesn’t have a reason to.

-well let me introduce myself again i am sernath but just call me sera i am 15 years old and a second tier magician i pretty much live here

She raised her hands indicating this whole room.I was a bit confused how does one live in a library and what was that metal ball flying at me at the beginning.

-now that officially known i want to ask you how much do you know about fey ?

She asked a little bit nervous at that.I thought for a second from what i heard fey are beings that aren’t categorized in were-animals or undead so pretty much all of the magical beings and creatures can be called fey.I explained to her.

-yes thats right and do you know the rules for this academy when it comes to fey ?

At this point she froze a bit and stuttered her last words…Now that i am thinking about it the academy didn’t really state a lot of rules about fey only that people can bring them in as pets…….wait.

I looked sera in astonishment does this count as all fey not just the small ones ?

As if she clarified my thoughts she nodded very slowly….for a moment i thought the time just stopped so i checked if i didn’t do it on reflex which wasn’t true.

-How ?

I asked .And so Sera explained to she was and how she got here.

5 years ago

When sera was 10 years old she was exiled from her tribe for not acting like one of their kind.

-wait what ?

I interjected obviously i was kinda enraged that a tribe would exile a 10 year old.What happened to her parents i asked which got her a little bit red and depressed on that point i waved my hand to let her continue.

Anyways because sera was only 10 years old she didn’t have the necessary skills to survive the outside world and by the way the place she used to live was the world where the feys originated from that is in a different dimension just like this academy that is build on a different dimension where islands float.

The place she used to live 5 years ago was a volcano.

-wait what are you again ?

I interjected ones again.


she fidgeted at that point.I was really curious now because i wanted to know how a child could live in a volcano and what her parents were…

She touched her horns a little bit almost stroking and seemed to to have calmed down i figured she was something that didn’t go outside very often seeing that she had some communication problems not that i am very different because i just tend to be very blunt about everything.

-i…i i am a dragon



A dragon ? she must be kidding me from what i know dragons are proud and arrogant creatures who spew fire pillage and destroy anything because of their temper problems.With the attribute each dragon has i read the most calmest dragon was the earth dragon and that is when he is just destroying a small village in comparison to a fire dragon who slaughters everything living on sight that is called tame in the book….what kind of dragon was she maybe she is just a wyvern ?

-hey eeer are you listening.

I popped my head and looked her over again.

She had delicate hands that were pure white she said she lived in a volcano before how is she not charred black ? has it anything to do with her being dragon that she gets such resistance ? her hair was exceptionally long and glossy black tied in a pony tail i couldn’t really see her eyes because she wore one of those one way mirror like round glasses her height was small she herself was petit compared to cecilia who had curves in every right place possible this girl looked like a small animal to me and not a terrifying dragon…..and suddenly i had thought why did she get exiled anyways ?

-why did you get exiled ?

-how should i say this….

She looked a little bit ashamed of herself when i asked but answered anyways.

And so she explained that her tribe are people who can turn from dragon form into human form through the use of magic the dragon folk are indeed as the books describe them to be but they weren’t always like that for a dragon pride and strength were everything to them the strongest dragon would always lead the tribe as the chief if anyone wanted to replace him they needed to challenge him into a death battle in which the winner becomes the chief and the loser dies the winner can also choose not to kill the dragon but at that point the dragon will lose all pride and most commonly be exiled or commit suicide which sounded ludicrous.

-wait why were you exiled then ?

I asked the whole reason she was here was because she was exiled 5 years ago how did she end up here ? i don’t think she fought anyone or lost her pride but looking at her i can kinda guess that she maybe lost a fight ?

And as i thought my guess was correct she turned it around.

-i was exiled because i didn’t have any kind of pride as a dragon….

She said red faced while looking down.I was kinda mad on her stead they exiled her because she wasn’t like a dragon but biologically was a dragon ? how did that make sense i asked.

She answered by telling how it got to that point and as she said dragons weren’t always as prideful as they are today the dragons are sort of a tribe of warriors that seek battle like madmen there are dragons that go around alone and there are also dragons that go in groups or tribes the male dragons are in most cases sterile and it takes a very long time for a female dragon to get pregnant with eggs which makes it really hard for dragons to have offspring thats why there aren’t so many dragons which i was actually really glad about.And when a dragon gets born from the egg its pretty much like a normal human baby but more reptile like well the point was that the elder dragons force the baby dragons to get more aggressive which sera refused to harm anyone and after 10 years-which in dragon calendar is the time when a dragon becomes and adult-sera was exiled from the tribe because she failed as a dragon she further added that other then hunting for wild animals for food she never harmed any creature for fun or pleasure because she found it really sickening on which the other dragons frowned upon when i asked her about her parents she said that when a female dragon lays eggs and is finished the parents just fly away leaving the eggs to fend for themselves which i found even more extreme the dragon tribe on the other hand adopts the abandoned eggs and teaches them how to be a proper dragon.

And so she finished talking about her life as a dragon which to me sounded very interesting.

Sera also seemed like she calmed down a lot from our conversation there were times she was almost about to cry but stopped herself.Over all she is a sweet and cute girl to be around with i thought.

-But how did you end up here ?

-well a lot of things happened while i was wandering near the volcano and into the forest….

I nodded my head understanding we got quiet at that point me just thinking about dragons and sera looking down a bit red on her face and fidgeting with her hands.And after some seconds i noticed that sera would take a lot of glances towards me sometimes meeting my golden eyes which were showing from the the eye sockets from the mask that i was wearing the whole conversation.

-is there a problem ?

I asked sera jumped a little from my sudden question while opening and closing her mouth not a sound could be heard coming from it but it was amusing so i laughed.

Sera looked a little angry for laughing at her but she let it go i started talking.

-how about this i remove my mask if you remove your glasses ?

I asked a little playful because she realized that i saw through her intention she got even more red and nodded her.

I smiled and said.

-me first

-me too

As both of us removed the things on our heads we starred at each.



…..I was wide eyed  her eyes were violet in color with a slight pink to the edges if i thought her appearance with the glasses was cute then without them she looked like a complete different person so beautiful it would tear cities apart and make men lose their mind for such beauty she was like a flower that stood out the brightest among flowers like a monarch overlooking her folk she had that kind of noble elegance to her no pride but more like dignity to the degree of burning from her appearance.

She was also starring at me wide eyed both of us oggled each other for a full 3 minutes.

-(beep beep beep)

As my smart phone rang both of us jumped back i almost fell out off my chair sera quickly grabbed her glasses and put them back and sitting straight i could see her face burning on the corner of my eyes i looked at the phone.

Cecilia was calling i looked at the clock i was staying here more then i intended to be.


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