trts ch 28

Chapter 28 Final Step

Edited By Mjolnir77


I sat in the corner of the room, listening to the teacher who was explaining the basics of magic theory. I observed Stella a few times while i listened to the teacher. Stella seemed to be doing good, talking happily with her classmates, maybe potential friends. Even i was happy for her !

Another thing to note was that when the teacher asked her students to pull their books out, i realized that i forgot to give Stella hers. So i called the grimoire from thin air, not minding my surroundings, and asked the teacher if i could give Stella her books. I got more then one weird stare.  It was only later that i found out that conjuring something out of thin air was only possible for a mage above 6th tier.  At the time i thought that since everyone used magic, i wouldn’t stand out too much … i was wrong.

I got quite a lot of useful informations out of the teacher about mages in general. The term ‘sorcerer’ had been pronounced more than once and i could slowly understand why these people were so rare. If what Steward said was correct, Stella was one of those sorcerers with innate talent, enabling her to use her magic freely.


I looked up to the bell that just rang, meaning that the first hour had ended. Stella looked at me from her seat and waved at me. She looked a little cramped after looking at her classmates, not sure about what to do. I pointed at her then at her friends. She nodded, smiling, and left to talk with Chloe and Sally. I would hear about it from Stella later on.

– (maybe i won’t need to hold her hand through this ?)

I thought.

I stood up and waved at Stella. She noticed and looked my way; i showed the time on my smart phone. She nodded, waved me good bye and resumed  talking with her friends.

I started walking towards the exit. I already had all the formalities done and documents ordered … now to inspect our new home ? I looked at my phone and saw that it was 2:05 right now. I would take Stella and Cecilia at 5 o’clock but Stella would need to attend extra classes from 5 to 7 o’clock : i needed to her first, then Cecilia, escort Stella to Ms Kimbridge’s classroom and then bring Cecilia home, wait a bit, take Stella at 7 and get home… sigh !

– So…

I thought that i had the time to do something until 5. I considered going to Sera and continue our talk but figured that i may be a bit too pushy… hmm what else could i do ?

As i tapped my foot on the ground, standing in front of Stella’s classroom door, i figured what i wanted to do !

I pulled out my phone, chose a name on the very bottom of the list and dialed the number.
I waited for someone to pick up and sure enough someone did.

– Hey Steward ! Can you call that person of yours ? I think i want to see the place that you were talking about.

===============================Couple Minutes later===================================

After talking a bit with Steward concerning the place i was staying at, he told me that he would send a person to the “gate hall”, which i honestly didn’t get what he was talking about until i looked it over the map that i had.

And so i was walking to this so called “gate hall”. Steward described it as a giant hall people went in and out from, like a “subway” … which didn’t help me because i didn’t have a clue what a “subway” was in the first place.

After couple minutes i descended towards the first floor where the gate was located; on the way down, i was thinking about my current belongings : money didn’t seem to be a problem for now but you could never have enough of it; maybe i should also learn something, a good education would never be unwanted and it could help me understand more things about this world… But right now wasn’t a good time for something like that, i already was in the middle of my job i needed something remote then…

As i pondered about it, from the corner of my eye i noticed someone standing in my way. I raised my head a little, to see a guy with some rough clothing on. He seemed a little troubled for some reason. Well that’s what his face indicated in the first place.

– Ehhm are you Mr Timer ?

I looked him over one more time : he had short brown hair and dark eyes. I couldn’t quite figure out what color it was but i knew it wasn’t black. His clothes were brown and rough looking they weren’t baggy, they seemed to be binding him. He looked alright over all and  he was most likely my escort.

– Yes and you are ?

-I’m Thomas, nice to meet you.

He streched his hand out for a handshake. I looked him in the eye, i could somewhat see that he was nervous for some reason i didn’t get and didn’t care about anyways.

We shook hands it seems like i put too much strenght again because i saw him wince when i squeezed his hand a bit… I really needed to keep this under control, first the broom now this.

Thomas quickly took his hand away he shook a little from the pain but i didn’t mind.

– Master Steward has assigned me to bring you to your house and explain you how the gate hall works. From what i heard from master, you came from a very far away and isolated land and are here to protect the madam.

I thought about it for a minute i never really told anyone where i came from. My background documents stated that i came from the east; i didn’t quite understand but agreed with Steward. He made it clear that i could keep my secrets as long as it didn’t have anything to do with Cecilia or him.

On the way down through the corridor, Thomas enlighted me about this “gate hall” : to sum it up, it’s a transportation room or more precise a teleportation room. It seemed simple enough to use. You just stand in the circle initiate it using a chant and think about the place you want to go; it only works if you have a “A” point and a “B” point to travel to, meaning that you activate the circle and appear in another circle in a different location … simple.

As we walked, i asked Thomas about himself. It seemed like he was a mage apprentice studying under Steward. I asked Thomas about the difference between a school for mages and being a mage’s apprentice. He told me that it depended on the master. For example, Steward seemed to be a really well known mage. A lot of people seemed to respect him too he was even invited once to become one of this city’s council member but declined.

– Why did he decline ?

I asked.

I felt curious. Steward was working as a butler for Cecilia  but  being a member of this so called council should be a way better opportunity for him, so why decline something like that ?

Thomas shrugged and said :

– Dunno ! I also asked him but he told me that he had debt to pay back, nothing else.

– A debt huh…

We were walking in an open corridor connected to one of the smaller yards.I  couldn’t see a lot of people out here; it seemed like everyone was still in their classes. It sure was quiet… very peaceful indeed.

I looked at the yard a bit : there were a lot of flowers and even some fruits and vegetables; some of these were really unknown to me so i got curious, wondering if theys were only grown in this different dimension.

– Bugh….

I stopped and clutched my mouth, preventing me from throwing up… What was going on ? Why so suddenly ? I thought.

And so again it’s happening !

I thought.

And as i did, i could feel my head growing extremely dizzy, pounding and screaming at me. My body was stuck so i quickly leaned to the wall, sitting down while breathing heavily.

– Wah ! What it is ? aAre you alright ?

Thomas noticed me falling down and quickly came near me asked me.

I couldn’t even talk. It was like last time, i looked at him and he seemed really panicked, not sure about what to do.

I looked in front of me and waited.




He was there, kneeling in front of me. Dressed all in black and had blonde haire. His green eyes still shining at me, as if looking at my very soul. His eyes were cold as usual and his face was emotionless and he stayed silent. He got up and slowly approached me. When his head was close to mine,  he whispered :


He stared into my eyes and i could feel something taking my spirit away. Everything was slowly fading away; the scenery was changing and i heard :

– Great Marquis ! We are being invaded !


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