IGE ch 06

Chapter 6

This time, Liu Heng decided to help his nephew Liu Ye. How could he let Ye Qingyu embarrassed his nephew. When Liu Ye requested his assistance, Liu Heng agreed.

Anyway in his eyes it wasn’t a big deal. Ye Qingyu is a nobody. It doesn’t matter if he payback what Ye Qingyu did to Liu Ye.

“Why there are so many trash in this test? ”

Lie Heng calmly sit on his chair and drink his cup of tea. He is waiting for Ye Qingyu to come back and fall on his knees pleading to him.

A nobody tried to force his way to the test and threaten him? Who is Ye Qingyu?

A waste who failed four times.

Such a thoughts makes him feel superior and comfortable.


“teacher Liu. Teacher Liu… ”

A bit hasty voice coming from a student that he ask to observe Ye Qingyu.

” How is it? ”

The student with a weird face explain to him what is happening.

” Say it again! ”


Before the student finished repeat his report, Liu Heng throw the teacup in his hand to the ground.

This teacup is one of his most precious thing. Normally he treasures it but today his mind is clouded with anger and it is broken into pieces by his own hand.

“You.. Is that true? ”

Liu Heng voice become hoarse and he is looking a little bit pale. He is leaning on the table to support his body that is shocked.

It is the first ninth rank savvy talent and golden meridian? And he refused to test him.

What kind of impact it could give to his reputation as the first test instructor.

Why it have to turn out like this?

That Ye Qingyu isn’t he a trash?

“Are you sure? ” Liu Heng tried to ask again.

The student with a slight rueful look nodded.

Liu Heng could only look at the ground and moaned.

He realized one thing.

Ye Qingyu seriously know that he is going to pass the test. If the news come out that he makes Ye Qingyu waited till the last day and didn’t permitted him to take the test..

“Ah seriously Liu Ye that brat. How can he put me in such situations. ”


Perseverance test exam.

Ye Qingyu sitting cross-legged, with eyes closed as doing meditation in general.

Among the examination room, a gray rune slate has been placed. Slowly the slate conjuring a floating mountains mirage and it fall towards Ye Qingyu back shoulder.

The number of mountain then increased. Slowly forming a mountain Ridge. Ye Qingyu now shouldering a total of nine mirage mountain.

“Nine mirage mountain? His perseverance is first class talent ah! ”

” For candidates that undergo such a test, it is to test his spirit and perseverance in training. The pressure of even one mirage mountain is equivalent to the real mountain. ”

” It is said the chance of five mirage mountain level is good, seven is excellent and nine is a guaranteed success to inherit the white deer school techniques. ”

” just his perseverance alone could lead him to the top tree of the school admissions. ”

” He is a monster. ”

The crowd is cheering, the more test he do, the more crowd following after him.

Really the old headmaster judgement of him isn’t wrong.

“number 8888, Ye Qingyu. Nine mirage mountain perseverance level, first class talent.”

After that Ye Qingyu give him a thanks while reclaim his nameplate.

Now all eyes fall on him. The people of the city who mocked him for years, those who want to take his medallion is now swallowing their saliva.

In fact each years, many people interested on this test. They could scout for excellent talent and recruit them when they graduated.

However they have never seen a terror like this. Ye Qingyu potential, no one could imagine how high he will soar.

It has been continued for several years ago. Strong group that recruit the potential students will sign an agreement contract. The group will pay for their tuition fees and after they graduated they will be a part of that group.

Nobles, aristocrat, wealthy merchants, powerful family, it has been a battle ground for them too.

Of course some of them get too high of themselves and in result failed to produce the expected result. It was kind of a gamble too.

This past nine days, they have recruit good potential students but no one is better than Ye Qingyu. His talent is too strong and attracted these people. They are crazy over him.

What’s more Ye Qingyu family conditions, everyone know all about it.

“Little brother, I am the head guard of Luanping family in the chamber of commerce. My master wish to have a time to talk with you. ” a middle aged man smiling to him while handing gold coins.” Ye brother, would you consider this? ”

Everyone sneered hearing that.

They all know the power of Luanping family. Their financial strength is the one backing the chamber of commerce. If they decided to compete with money, no one could outdo them.

Under the numerous gaze Ye Qingyu just smiled.

“I’ll consider this later. For now I want to focue on the test. ”

The guard captain only slightly stifled and nodded.” Alright “. And he withdrew the gold coins.

Everyone surprised seeing him refused the offer.

” Haha. Ye brother is a really visionary and ambitious man. The chamber of commerce didn’t worthy of such a great talent. ” an exaggerated laughter came from a fat man. He is bearded and a little bit pale but his clothing show his power.

” We are the government soldier of the North city under the command of General Wei. My name is Lam Dong. If you are willing, the army will appreciate your talents and…. ”

Ye Qingyu however didn’t wait for him to complete his offer.

” North city government soldier, Lam Dong, OH! I remember you. Four years ago you also said the same thing to me. But after the test I couldn’t find you. ”

Ye Qingyu of course didn’t forget it. The North city army believed at the old headmaster judgements. However after he failed the test, they are abandoned him.

Ye Qingyu swiftly used this time to pay them back.

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  2. TY; this novel is truly awesome. Talent just doesn’t go away; you should never just flat out give up on people given his terrible circumstances.

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