IGE ch 07

Immortal God Emperor chapter 7 – are you kidding me?


The last time Ye Qingyu failed, Lam Dong sneered at him after saying “stinking trash, a waste of my time..”

“Oh, please let us forget our bad past shall we?” with a faint smile, Lam Dong tried to repair their relationship.”

“Uncle, you better leave!” however Ye Qingyu replied with an angry shout.

“You..” Lam feel his face gone cold. How dare he embarrass him in front of so many people?

Ye Qingyu walked away without even looking at him again. He turned to the crowd and said: “Before I am accepted to the White Deer School, I hope no one bothered me with other things except test related matter.”

When he said that, lots of group that originally wanted to recruit him backed down. Then Ye Qingyu walked to the fifth assessment test area.

Ye Qingyu and his temperament, everyone knows now that he is a short tempered boy. He will rub salt on your wound without even blinking.

(tl note: do you understand these Chinese proverbs?)

Then this fat man fall faster than the book to the floor. After a long time, someone actually dares to humiliate him? He was one of the official from the North city government army. His face is turning red with blue vein popped out on his forehead. For so many years no one dared to offended him and the north government army.

On the other hand, the Luanping family guards was laughing.

“Quick Ye Qingyu, finish your other test.”

However some people also regretted his action.

“This Ye Qingyu is really brave however he must have not known the power of the north city government army. If the lord was offended, no one knows what is going to happen next.”

“even if he was a genius, I’m afraid that his attitude won’t take him far.”

The silk teenager Liu Ye is also mixed in the crowd. He keeps on clattering his teeth. Until suddenly someone hit his head from behind.

“which b*stard dare to hit me?” Liu Ye yelled.

“You dare to be angry? It is me who should be angry. You’re getting me into trouble.” The voice was angry too.

When Liu Ye turned his body to see who it was, he was frozen in place. It was his own uncle Liu Heng, the first test instructor.

“Ye Qingyu, what is his result in this test?”

Liu Ye can only answered while covering his face.

“he succeed, now he is heading to the fifth exam. His test result is Nine mirage mountain perseverance level, first class talent.”

“what? First class talent?” once again Liu Heng head ached. The better Ye Qingyu test result, the more trouble he is in. when the school heard that he is hindering such a genius, the consequences would be a disaster.

“I’m really furious at you right now. You only give me trouble!” Liu Heng then fiercely slapped Liu Ye a few times. Even if he have to kneel down in front of Ye Qingyu, he need to make him go back to the first test and take it.


Liu Heng no longer do his duty as the first test examiner. He was running down to catch up to Ye Qingyu. However when he arrived there, it wasn’t Ye Qingyu who is standing at the test area.

“Where is Ye Qingyu?” Liu Heng hurriedly asked a second grade student.

“You are too late, he already passed this test. Really for him to reach the ninth level, this is the first time in history.”

“What? Ninth grade again?” Liu Heng has gone mad. “God,are you playing with me?”

“Yes, at every test he reach the top score. Ninth grade for all of the test, he is simply a monster , easily surpassed other genius we have seen so far.

Liu Heng almost fainted hearing that. Will he finally be kicked out of the school?

He have tried so hard to achieve his current position. Will it be taken from him so easily?

“Look at your face, you must be very shocked right? I’m also excited. With Ye Qingyu and the other genius, I think our school will be the winner in the next year competition. Finally someone we can be proud of.”

(tl note: school competition spoiler? Yeeaaaay!)

Liu Heng with face full of tears coming to the sixth exam building.

“I hope I’m not late to drink the medicine..”

(tl note: another proverbs? Not to late to fix their relationship)


Sixth exam.

It was the test to find out the student mentality. Ye Qingyu is standing still in the middle of the taste area.

This is one of the most unique test of white deer school. It was the test to reflect the students state of mind.

“I never imagine that your mind reflected a shura gods!” a middle aged man with a hand on his back laughing. “well, it could mean a lot of things. Ashura was ruthless, fearless, full of rage and wrath, on the other hand it also signaling good talents in martial arts and strong domineering body. I like you boy! Hahahaaha!”

In front of Ye Qingyu, a statue seven feet high appear. It has a humanoid shape but with six arms and each one of it holding a different magic weapon. it even release a murderous air around it. It was truly the god of war.

Actually the other five test point was pale in comparison to this one. This one is not considered important for others but not for the school. They could learn of the students behavior, attitude, and mentality from this test. Some were timid, some are good people, someone is tough, someone is a killer, someone is brutal, someone was as passionate as the fire, this mental statue reflect the state of their mind. But most importantly, it reflect their heart which they couldn’t hide.

Ye Qingyu statue, representing rage, evil, but also pride, and talents. However it is the god of war. If it walked on the wrong path, only carnage remains wherever he go.

His result causing the crowd to be talking among their selves. Ye Qingyu , the god of war. It was a two side of the same coin. A double edged sword that could hurt the enemy or destroy the school.

However the instructor just praised him, is that really the correct decision?

“To think that in the last day of the test, our White Deer school could find such a treasure.”

The instructor looked at Ye Qingyu closely then laughed.

“Your name is Ye Qingyu right? It seemed that the headmaster judgment wasn’t wrong. You’re really a genius. You wasted four years but you didn’t fall behind the other. With your qualification we don’t have any reason to not accepted you. Welcome to the White Deer school.”

Did the crowd misheard something? He is admitted directly without needing to do any other test.

Ye Qingyu is admitted to the White Deer school.

Four years of dispute and ridicule at this moment they disappeared.

“Thank you master!” Ye Qingyu bend down his upper body and bowed to him but then he shook his head.

“But, I’m sorry. There is a test that I haven’t done. I’m afraid that it will attract bad words later on.”

(tl note: man, that attitude. Revenge is sweet)

“Oh? There is a test that you missed? But you’re already at the sixth test. Is there a problem?” the instructor frowned.

Ye Qingyu was about to speak when..

“Liu Heng have come to see the sixth test instructor.” He is out of breath, clearly he is rushing here after the test end. With an apologetic smile he said to Ye Qingyu: “Ye brother, I was just joking with you before, how can you already left the test area?”

Liu Heng said that as he is smiling to Ye Qingyu. However Ye Qingyu remained silent.

The sixth instructor on the other hand knows that something must have occurred.

“You’re the first test instructor right? You tell me, why Ye Qingyu did not participate in the first test?”


Aaaah… translating this is so refreshing.. the only issue is that the original web page doesn’t allow right clicking or copy pasting.. do you know how disastrous it is??????

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  2. argg this is so good drop the other and focus on this one

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  3. I don’t know why but I always love series where the MC is ruthless. Anyway, thanks for the translation.

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    oh—-? that’s his mental state, eh? i don’t blame him. please, look at what happened to his parents! znd what he’s had to suffer all these years! hmph! but, he won’t hurt people indiscriminately. he will treat people the way they treat him!

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