IGE chapter 01

Four years passed by in the blink of an eye.

Ye Qingyu is now fourteen.

He is now just a poor boy from the snow country.

Four years ago, the now country involved in a power struggle which caused war everywhere.

Ye Qingyu was involved in the incident and with an unexpected turn of events, his parents were killed. He became an orphan, his family was destroyed, and he has nothing left.

“Father, mother, the four years have finally come to an end!”

Today is exactly four years since he made his promise.

His face suddenly changed. From the gloomy eyes, it radiates hope of life until it looks like sparkling.

At this exact moment he seemed to change into a different person.

Ye Qingyu kneeled on the grave and respectfully knock his head three times on the ground. He then dig a small hole in front of the tombstone.

After a couple minutes of digging, he found what he was looking for. A small black iron box.

It even gives a hint of rust because it was buried for four years.

Ye Qingyu carefully took out the box that seemed like it could be broken at any time. He opened it and took out a small badge from inside.

Under the sunlight, the shape of ancient swords engraved on the badge became visible.

This is the only treasures that his parents left him.

“Father, mother, according to the original agreement, I can now do the things I want. I can now return to being a normal person right? Haha, if the towns people see me, they will be surprised right ? ”

Ye Qingyu spoke while revealing a strange smile.

He had endured four long years in lonely solitude. But it didn’t change his personality.

He is still optimistic, still full of confidence.

He even gained a lot of things. Like wisdom that reflected in his eyes. Only suffering can really sharpen and build a person.

Four years, it was enough to make Ye Qingyu mature.

“Those people who mocked me all these years, you have bad luck. I’m a very vengeful person. Ah, father, mother I am now free so I can do what I want right?”

Ye Qingyu’s face was gentle as if his parents were there listening to him.

“Everything that we have lost, our home, fortune, I will personally get it back. Father, you were right. Without power, anger is meaningless. I will return to my original plan. Entering the White Deer School. You will not oppose my decision right?”

“I’ll become strong. Strong enough to pay back all of those people by several times more.”

He swore in front of his parents grave.

“Although you don’t want me to get involved, I will certainly find out who killed you. In the end, seeing you suffer with my own eyes, I will make that person pay the price!”

He remembered his parents face. Their kind smile fill his heart with warmth.

He turn his body away facing the sun. Under the sunlight he walked away to the horizon.

A legend should have started earlier. Even if four years have been wasted, a destiny couldn’t be stopped. And the sunlight fall upon the grave as if giving a farewell.



In the world, it used to be ruled by clans as numerous as the stars in the night sky.

After the chaos of thousands years war, it declined into a small number. Only a total of eighty one remains. Each of them ruled an area which is full of prosperity.

There are also towns growing and one of them is the town of Luming. It was founded not too long ago but its’ fame has spread out.

When the summer time arrived. It was the time of Luming town’s White Deer School admission.

From several mile radius, people have come to study. The school itself only founded sixty years ago but powerful martial arts practitioners have been raised.

So when the sun rose, there are tens of thousands people already crowded in the town.

The bell of White Deer School is ringing to signal the beginning of the admission test.

Even the heat from rising sun couldn’t stop the enthusiasm of teenagers.

Apart from the teenagers, there are countless men and women from their family. They even come from high background, various tribes, each one comes just for the sake of admission.

The most important thing is, White Deer School accept anyone that have the skills. For children born in poor lowly family, this is the chance to change their fate.

If they get accepted, train hard and become a powerful warrior. No one can look down on them or their family anymore.

One of the children then starts to talk.

“Hey, I heard you’re the daughter of the president of the chamber of commerce. Song Qing Luo, twelve years old. When you first take the test, you passed all six tests with a very excellent grade, and were also branded as a genius! But, how dare you stand in front of me?”


“What is this? The south district’s master’s son Lee Seung Jin, although his talent has regarded as the finest but he start picking on someone on his first day?”

“This is not surprising. Those aristocratic family have teach their children to be a powerful warrior since they are still small. Secret practices, resources and even immortality treasures is given to them. Just passing the entrance examination for them won’t it be simple?”

“yes, that would be the case. It’s a pity she stands in front of him.”

“poor girl ah!”


There was some commotion. At present, some boys and girls who came from wealthy families those who came from poor families, they are the same in the eyes of the school.

those who passed rejoiced, and those who failed cried in desperation

Some noble young master disliked the poor ones and threatening them but the path to strength is fair. However they still act like they have higher status than them and may bully them in the future. There is already signs of this shown by a young boy earlier.

The entire test plaza is still crowded. Even when the examiner reported they have failed, they are still there.

Suddenly, someone is walking in the middle of the crowd, splitting them into two.

A teenager with a smile on his face walked toward the test point in imposing manner.

This boy who suddenly appear caught lots of attention.

He seemed to be fourteen years old, wears shabby clothes, messy hair flow down like a waterfall reaching his waist. His body is slender not showing any strength. But his eyes is very clear, angular face and exuberant brow.

Anyone who’s looking at him could feel an air of pressure.

Although this boy wear a shirt robe that is full of patch, worn out straw sandals and doesn’t look promising. However he walked with confidence as if a victorious general returning from war.

“Huh? Isn’t that Ye Qingyu? That idiot how can changed?”

“Oh! This guy come to participate in the assessment of the school?”

“Hahaha, he really came? I remember this fool participated before too right?”

“Who doesn’t know him? He actually managed to pass the test but because his parent’s death, he didn’t show up to the school and have to do the test again. Since that day for four years he’s participated but didn’t even pass the first round. How can he still come today? Doesn’t he have any shame?”

“Hahaha, the previous White Deer School president once praised him for his talents. He even said that he is a genius!”

“maybe the president was already too old and get confused. Hahaha.”

“Maybe that’s the case. Anyway we’re going to witness his stupidity again in the test. Hahaha. Pathetic.”

Ye Qingyu clearly heard that but he didn’t care. He even laughed and invited more insults.

“Bunch of dolts. I failed four times because even if I passed I couldn’t leave my parents grave.”

But no one heard that. He walked to the register and received a number to participate. He already tried before so he was already familiar with the rules.

“after failing four times, this year you want to try again?”

A teenager wearing purple silk clothing stood in front of Qingyu and gave cynical remarks.

“Haha.. You want to create a record for failing five times right?”


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  1. thanks!
    go qingyu, go, go—-! -nods- hm, very good, having a strong mentality is extremely important, and having it early on will be a great advantage to him! also, go qingyu—-! enter the school! though, i’m more looking forward to when he travels/adventures, if he does. furthermore, it’s not revenge, but justice!

  2. Unbelievable! There is no next chapter button! What the hell man, you are courting death!

  3. His parents are genius! If you have to grieve for four straight long years non-stop then of course you’ll get sick and tired of it! ……….I can even feel his happiness the day he was finally allowed to stop grieving……

    “Under the sunlight, the shape of ancient swords engraved on the badge became visible. This is the only treasures that his parents left him.”

    Yeah I SERIOUSLY doubt that line………his parents left him a lot of things including a house but he really did not take care of it properly though. I doubt that neglecting their family belongings is included in his father’s will.

    Also did he have to attend the entrance exam EVERY YEAR?…..can’t he like lie low for those years it’s not like the school will go the extra mile to drag the kids for mandatory entrance exam….

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