IGE chapter 02

Immortal God Emperor chapter 2

The people around the test ground laughed.

Someone who abandoned everything, staying in the front of his parent’s grave everyday, someone who fall down into the bottom of the community.

But, some people from White Deer school knows, this poor boy talent is once accepted by the old headmaster.

Who is the headmaster?

Person of high power and influence. Have been teaching many disciples and they are all extra ordinary. How can he make a mistake?

Someone he evaluated as talented, how can turn out into someone who is useless than trash? So the pressure now fall down on Ye Qingyu.

Envy from noble kids, how can they accept someone like Ye Qingyu to take the test?

He invites mock and ridicule from onlooker.

Four years ago, the headmaster decided to take him in, but because of his parents death, he failed miserably.

Many people once put a high hope on him. At the age of ten, his talent is recognized by the headmaster. The people may witness the birth of genius, but his first test score is so horrible that he didn’t have to finish the whole test.

He create a history of the fastest failure in the White Deer school test. What’s more he is doing it for four consecutive years.

What’s more everyday he just stay in front of his parents grave. Who will not mocks him? The headmaster evaluation of his talent has gone without trace from the people’s mind.

While the people is still thinking on their own, a teenager in silk clothing stand in front of him. His face is provocating Ye Qingyu and look down on him.

“Go away!” Ye Qingyu waved his hand to the boy.

“Hahaha, what a joke! Who do you think you are?”


Out of nowhere Qungyu slapped the boy in the face and makes him staggered.

Nobody see him move.

No one knows, Ye Qingyu is actually stronger than anyone on the same age. The old headmaster wasn’t wrong in judging his talents.

For four years in front of his parents tomb, he do a special breathing exercises.

Slowly but steady, it nourished his strength. What’s more he never missed a day of practice.

Just to abide his father words, he have endured it all for four years. He never show his strength and accept any humiliation.

The silk clothed teenager stumbled and it feels like he has been hit by an iron rod, his bidy is numb because of the impact. He can only touch his swollen cheek and look at Ye Qingyu in disbelieve.

No one moves and said anything except Ye Qingyu. “What? You still want another?”

That words is like a cold water thrown to the boy’s face. “You.. How dare you hit me?”

The next moment, every noble that saw that is angry and shout. Some guards even rushing to protect the silk boy. He must come from a wealthy family to have guards following him. They are all cursing and mocks Ye Qingyu.

Ye Qingyu just smiled. He took out a small medallion from his pocket.

It was a small medallion with an engraving of a sword.

(TL note: the badge terms used in the beginning is changed to medallion, sorry for the confusion but medallion fits better)

The medallion was created a long time ago and some haven’t see it but the importance of that medallion has been told troughout history.

The importance of the medallion begin a thousand year ago when the first King, Wong Yue reign in power. He asked the finest blacksmith to forged a medallion using a meteorite. There is a total of one hundred and eight different medallion and the engraving dictates their rank. The medallions was given to general and royal family member of the King.

Some aristocrat in Snow Country, still wears this medallion to show their status. But since it was already a long time ago, the number has been declining. Most of the medallion has been lost along with powerful lineage because of the constant war.

Right now, the people was speechless. The medallion in his hand seemed to be genuine.

After thousands years no new medallion has been found, how can right now one appears? Some of the people from rich family remembers something. The day Ye Qingyu parents was killed, there are rumours saying that they have the medallion of honour.. Who in their sane mind will think that it was true?

After thousand year, another medallion appears.

It appears at White Deer.School.

In addition to that, it was with the idiot?

Disrepecting a person with the medallion is the same as disrepecting the royal family of the snow country. It was a great sin. For insulting a member of royalty, they could be executed for that.

The silk boy comes from a rich family but still not a noble. Even if he’s a noble, the aristocrat wearing a medallion is still way higher than him.

“What? You don’t know what is this?”

The silky biy then kneel down giving a salute. Which every one should do when seeing a member of the royal family. Failure in doing so is a crime.

“What a bootlicker. When he knows my real identity, he suddenly be polite.”

He speak loud enough just for the silk boy to hear.

“I know you didn’t accept it but this is your own fault. Everyone should be ready to hold responsible for anything they do. If you didn’t accept this and bear hatred in your heart, you can come back to me when you’re qualified.”

Ye Qingyu smiled. Not even trying to hide his satisfaction when looking down at the silky boy.

In fact, the silk clothed teenager have bullied Ye Qingyu. Howevere the time for his patience have ends.

Today, he vent his anger and four years of humiliation.

The true value of the medallion, Ye Qingyu have known for a long time. But, before he never have a real reason to use it.

Today, he think that it was necessary to show it. To clean the shame and mockery of four years time.

He put the medallion back in his pocket and approach the reception table.

From there he recieved a nametag with number to participate in the test.

He lined up with others until his turn comes.

“number 8888? I hope it can brings me luck.”

Now, the face of the silk boy has changed. We can see fear, anger, but it soon show an esthatic smile.

“Even if he is now acting so high because of the royal medallion, he is still an idiot! How fool of me to get agitated for it. He will fail the test anyway. He will soon return to the town of Luming clown.”

The silk boy truly engrossed in his toughts.

“Today he is fourteen years old. If he failed again, his future will be over. No school is willing to take him in anymore.”


After an hour waiting in a long and boring line, it’s finally Ye Qingyu turn. The entrance examination have six test and one of them is to test the strength of the body.

Even if one have abundant talent, if his or her body is weak then how can they be a great warrior? Strength also show power regardless of family background.

The stronger one’s body, the more potential they have in the future.

The strength test procedure is very simple. Therr will be nine ancient pillar lined up in a circle. The person tested need to move to the center of the circle and lift a stone. The stone weight will varies, depend on the contestant strength.

This is one of the basic but useful method.

Another contestant stepped in and lift the boulder. When it was lifted, the colour gradually changes to red. As the weight is becoming heavier, it will be redder and redder. The stone pillar will also glow to determine the strength.

“Maru No. 8677, three pillars, three hundred and twenty kilos of strength.. Passed!”

“Zhao Gu No. 8884, number of pillars, none…… Failed!”

“Xu Fei No. 8885, one pillars, hundred kilos…… barely passed!”

“No. 8886 Jia people, lift ……”

The voice of the examiner is loud and clear for everyone to hear.

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  1. thanks a lot—-!
    awesome! woah? i didn’t expect the medallion to be of such significance! cool stuff! -cheers for qingyu-

  2. So what if he has the medallion? Does a bandit suddenly become a king because he steals a trinket? They have no reason to believe that he came by that medallion honestly and every reason to believe that he found or stole it. They would either try to kill him and steal it themselves, or have him arrested and executed for impersonating a member of the aristocracy in order to curry favor with the royalty. Either way, he would definitely die if someone who could vouch for his right to hold that medallion didn’t appear. And if there were such a person close enough by to help, then why wouldn’t they have helped him in the last 4 years?

  3. The grammar mistakes made this too hard to read enjoyably… I’m assuming tl has English as their second language or just didn’t bother to fix it too much after mtl. Thanks for the attempt but this just hurts to read. Time to look forward and see if it gets any better.

  4. Why did he even take the tests before if he knows cannot attend yet? Why? …..Does he really crave that attention?

    …….no wonder people mock him, what he did was idiotic, grieving for four years but still takes the time to attend entrance exams.

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