IGE chapter 03

Immortal God Emperor Chapter 3

Xu Feu and Ma Ju Lung passed and get excited. They passed the examination and held their hands high.

Zhao Gu on the other hand failed.

When they heared the verdict, many people from poor family have their tears running down.

They know that their path to be a warrior has vanished. After you are fifteen years old, you can no longer apply for White Deer School.

“No. 8888 ……”

Finally it’s Ye Qingyu turn.

He show his nameplates and went to the middle. For consecutives year, he failed here.

He didn’t even able to make the stone glow.

Only his mind is clear. This is the moment that he is waiting for. Today he will wash all the shame.

He will not hide his true power. His blood is boiling from excitement.

If not for his promise to his father, Ye Qingyu will be known already troughout the town.

He hold the stone, however a cold voice come from the examiner.

“Wait, Ye Qingyu. You already failed many times before. Is there a need to do this again?”

He turn his body and saw the examiner who said that. He sat on a table with a goatee on his face. Ye Qingyu looked at him and asked.


“Why? I am the examiner of the first stage and you already failed again and again. You want to failed again? Che..”

Ye Qingyu want to reply in anger, however he saw beside the goatee instructor a boy with a silk clothing is standing in mockery.

“Ah. It’s that boy!”

Ye Qingyu laughed. He already eager to prove his worth after years of humiliation. However, this wealthy boy, he was not a noble lineage. He must have some people backing him to be able to force the examiner.

Ye Qingyu fell into silence. After a while he looked at them. He will play to their hands for now.

“Are you sure you will not let me participate?”

The examiner and the silk boy really wondering where he got his confidence.

“You trash! You taking part in it only a waste of my time. Alright if you want, I will let you take the test. However you have to be the last one taking it. That way you won’t waste anyone time.”

Ye Qingyu only nodded: “Good”.

He hold his arm and patiently wait. He didn’t show his medallion. He know it holds power to civilian but to White Deer School, they have fair eyes for everyone. Moreover, Ye Qingyu mind have some evil plan.

He wants to play it big. When all eyes fall on him he will declare. The real Ye Qingyu is back!

“Next, please continue.”

The goatee examiner with a winning smile continued the test. He will wait for Ye Qingyu to dail and be the laughingstock of the toen. The silk boy also prepared to give him a humiliation speech.

The words of what happened spread out and more people is waiting for Ye Qingyu. They want to know what’s going to happen.

Countless pairs of eyes are on him. He attract lots of attention.

All this time, Ye Qingyu waited patiently..

Suddenly the day is already over.

The second day, Ye Qingyu is still there. His face didn’t show anger or impatience. He was smiling instead.

The test continued.

Another day passed..

Fifth day…..

Seventh day….

Until the ninth day when the participant has lessened a lot, the crowded place is soon going empty.

Those who last is watching the six test for those who passed.

Yr Qingyu however still on the first test area. There are also a lot of people waiting for him.

The goatee instructor look at Ye Qingyu with disdain and ridicule. Afterall people attention is focused on him and Ye Qingyu.


The tenth day..

The last day of White Deer School admissions.

Still some people is having their final test.

“Whatever we di, the goatee instructor couldn’t denied Ye Qingyu rights to take the test.”

“Also, he have a medallion of royal family, how could they insult the Snow Country royal blood?”

“He inherited it from his deceased father. Because of the law he is under protection until fourteen. We don’t know how many people will try to take that medallion.”

“Aah poor Ye Qingyu.”

There are people who already have devious plan for him. Noble, aristocrats, they know how precious is the medallion.

Ye Qingyu know that his turn will come soon. Suddenly a burst of fragrance can be smelled. A beautiful blooming girl stand in front of Ye Qingyu.

The girl looks is thirteen or fourteen, wearung a white deer college fourth-grade fire red swordsman clothing. White skin can be shown just looking at her collarbone. Her lips and nose enticing everyone. Slender legs, slim waist, it is a real beauty.

“I hear that you’re looking for trouble again.” the girl stared at Ye Qingyu.


Ye Qingyu hesitated, frowned and said: “Xiaohan ……”

This beautiful girl name is Jiang Xiaohan.

It was the most difficult year dir Ye Qingyu to stay in front of the grave when he didn’t see the girl next door.

Three years ago, she was admitted in the White Deer School. Like a phoenix she soared high. There’s no trace of fragile braided girl that he always protect.

“Please don’t speak my name casually. Call me by my full name. My name is Jiang Xiaohan.”

She continued to speak.

“For Four years, Ye Qingyu. Why can’t you accept your fate? You are still trying? It’s useless to struggle and try if you just become a laughing stock in the end. Just become a normal person. Live life peacefully.”

(So, you come just to say this ah?)

Ye Qingyu just chuckled. He lost his will to talk. He didn’t bother to explain anything to her.

5 comments on “IGE chapter 03

  1. thank you!
    wa—-it! the whole chapter, he didn’t even lift the stone!? -shakes fist at that goatee guy- you…! you dare prevent qingyu! hmph, that girl, she’s forgotten her roots huh? she doesn’t know how wide the sky is!

  2. I’m not sure why he expects different treatment when he went out of his way to appear weak for no reason. In these types of worlds, having extremely weak friends is a good way to die. Plus, we don’t know how much effort she put in to trying to prevent him from becoming a useless person while he persisted in pretending to insist on becoming the most useless person he could be.

    If he’d just avoided the test for 4 years like a sensible person, the instructor probably wouldn’t be biased against him, almost none of the other participants would know who he was and his childhood friend might be willing to support him. Honestly, in her own way, she is supporting him now. It just doesn’t seem that way because we know he’s super OP and he’s worked very hard to convince her that he’s trash.

    Btw, why stop him taking the test? Arguing about it took longer than failing the test would have. Other than the obvious drama reasons of course.

  3. “Also, he have a medallion of royal family, how could they insult the Snow Country royal blood?”


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