IGE chapter 04

However Jiang Xiaohan keep talking.

“We grew up as neighbors. I know you used to be good, helped me a lot and outstanding. However it was a thing of the past. Now we have grown up. Are you doing this just to catch my attention? As a childhood friend I tell you this. You’re provoking someone untouchables! ”

To catch her attention?

Ye Qingyu just chuckled.

Where did her confidence come from?

Ye Qingyu too lazy to replied just walked pass her to the test point.

Jiang Xiaohan were trying to change his mind but dailed. She sighed:” I know that it might hurt your feelings but if you failed once again.. What will you become? ”

Ye Qingyu never looked back. He walked straight to the goatee middle aged instructor and asked.

” I can now participate in the assessment test right? ”

The instructor only sit and drink his tea.

” Did you know why there are so many people here? Why did they come? ”

” Perhaps to see someone make a fool out of himself. ”

” I thought you didn’t know it. Now, they’re only looking at you as a foold. ”

The instructor smiled cynically.

” If you know that, why did you still do it? ”

” Maybe, to make them the fool? ” Ye Qingyu gives a faint smile.

” You’re asking for it yourself.. Then just wait. ”

” But I don’t want to wait. ”

The goatee instructor just sneers at him. As if he was looking at a poor family child, an insect, which is annoying.

” Just from you bad attitude, you’re not suited for White Deer school. ” the silk boy wears a triumphant look on his face.

However Ye Qingyu stared at him:” You want to be slapped again or go to hell? ”

The silk boy pride has been hurt. He took a step backwards but come forward again angrily.

” Bah, you think I am affraid? You won’t get accepted to the school. My name is Liu Ye, 1309th an official freshman disciple. What about you? You’re nothing. ”

” Liu Ye is it? ” Ye Qingyu smiled.” I will remember your name and I’ll soon return the favor. ”

” Che.. Act so arrogant. Don’t you think I didn’t know about you. Your age is on the acceptance limit and if you failed the test, the royal medallion will attract lots of people. I couldn’t even think of how many ways for you to die. ”

However Ye Qingyu too lazy to bother him.

He only look at the goatee instructor and said:” White Deer School actually have an unqualified instructor like you is such a shame. ”

” You.. Really presumptuous! ” the goatee instructor didn’t think Ye Qingyu dared to criticize him.

” I respect the White Deer School so I waited for 10 days. Did you think it was because of you? ” Ye Qingyu gives him a cynical smile and said:

” Let me participate in the test. If not you will regret it. ”

Then Ye Qingyu turned away.

” You.. How arrogant! Tell me that I will regret it? Hahaha you’re crazy.. ”

The goatee instructor is trembling in anger. He had never seen such ridiculous and arrogant child. For four consecutive years he have failed , how dare he threatened him?

The crowd then grows excited.

They are looking at Ye Qingyu only as an entertainment.

Ye Qingyu is fifteen years old so this is his last chance to enroll. After four times failing, will there be a miracle?

Each time Ye Qingyu failed, he silently go away.

This time, it wasn’t the same.

“What do you think will happen? ”

” Hahaha. He has failed four consecutive years. ”

” I don’t know why but I think today there will be a good show. ”

The crowd followed Ye Qingyu. They wanted to know what is he going to do. People are flooding because the news is spread out already.

” This is like a trash pulling people to see him die. ”

The silk boy face is changing. Somehow his heart is showing a hint of unease.

However the goatee instructor just sit there.

” I will see how this ends. ”


Jiang Xiaohan stood quietly.

The image of her childhood friend is turning into a mad clown.

If he failed, he will be gone without trace.

” Why don’t you understand my pain? ” Jian Xiaohan with a face of pity sighed and shook her head.

” Who understand your pains? No one is junior sister. ”

That is coming from a handsome tall young man that quietly appeares besides her.

” Xiaofei brother, why are you here? ” Jiang Xiaohan face suddenly blooms and showing a charming smile.

Han Xiaofei is a fourth grade students of White Deer school. Son of noe family, refined personality, handsome, talent and strength are perfect.

He is the crush lf countless female students. Lots of girls are crazy for him. Some female instructors even talking about him.

“Today is the last day of college admissions. I come to see because I heard a lot of talent is found. ”

He look at the crowd and realized.

” It is a pity that Ye Qingyu is in trouble.. I heard that you have a crush on him? ”

Jiang Xiaohan smiled and shook her head.” When I am a child, that must be because of me can’t think rationally. Now we have grow up. My future is wide while he is sinking into the darkness. ”

” Well Xiaohan junior sister apprentice , he stayed for nine days waiting for his test without skipping. At least he is not someone without resolution. ”


Ye Qingyu destination is the second assessment site.

In this last day afternoon, it was empty. Only some instructors is recording and sorting the test results.

The second test have a bronze statue. The test is for knowing their affinity. The tester just have to placed their hands on the bronze statue and let the element enter their body. It then could determine their affinity.

Ye Qingyu approached the instructor table and show his plate.

“Number 8888, Ye Qingyu? ”

However the instructor just frowned.

” You haven’t participated in the fiest test? ”

” I would like to participate in this test. ” Ye Qingyu said that calmly.

but he did not say anything, let the people who reviewed the results of jade Jane, a slight frown , said: “No, ah, you have not participated in the assessment blood test?”

“I would like to participate in the meridians test.” Ye Qingyu calm authentic.

(TL note: it took a lot of time to translate this.. Hope you enjoyed it)

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  1. thanks!
    wait…! he ends up not carrying the stone?! why—–!i’m waiting for when he shocks everyone! i must have those satisfactory shocked reactions to appease such a long wait!

  2. PatIence people, patience. The total length of the four chapters including this one isn’t even as long as the length of one chapter of Coiling Dragon (not comparing the qualities of both of course)

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