IGE Prologue

“Son, don’t cry. Humans are mortal, it’s a given that we’re going to die. We’re going to return to the stars and watch over you.”

“Compared to those who have gone ahead of us, we were lucky enough to have had a chance to stay by side your and see you grow up. We are blessed already.”

The colour of the sunset that day is not orange. It was red like the colour of the blood.

A fight has just ended and silence fill the place. A boy with a thin stature is bursting into tears. His innocent face is filled with grief, anger, and hatred. In front of him a middle-aged couple is sitting in a pool of blood.

Their condition is even worse than the number of blood that is flowing.

The wife’s body is pierced by a spear and she is dying. The husband lost both legs and an arm, there is even a small sword piercing his head but he still not dead.

But he is still alive. His will power is the one thing keeping him this far.

With his remaining arm he hug his wife’s’ body.

The young boy in front of them is their only son.

The husband is just staring at the boy. His eyes is full of difficult unspoken feelings.

With all his strength the man smiled.

“Wipe your tears son. I have something important thing to tell you. This is my last wish.”

The boy understand and nods.

“After we pass away, you have to bury us together. For four years, you have to visit our grave without missing a day. You understand?”

The boy keeps silent but tears are come from his eyes.

“I know that now you’re feeling sad and angry, but please clear your mind. You always want to go to White Deer College to study martial arts and become a strong warrior. But son fulfill your promise to me first. Four years. That’s all I ask for.”

“Don’t ask me why, but you have to do it. Maybe people will say that you have become a fool or a madman but don’t listen to them.”

“After four years, you can do whatever you want to do. If by chance you reach the first realm in strength, you must go to the palace of the Snow Country. You must retrieve one thing that belongs to you. At that time, this badge will tell you all the truth!”

The man handed out a small badge to his son. After that, his face whitened and became pale. No sign of slight redness on his skin, he even spit out a mouth full of blood.

“Dad…..” the boy shouted sorrowfully.

“You remember that I once taught you an unnamed breathing technique? For four years you have to keep practicing it here, in front of our grave. Can you do it?”

The boy desperately nodded.

“That’s my son…”

He shifted his gaze to his wife. Using the last of his strength he kiss his wife softly on the forehead and said, with a hint of guilt in his voice. “Yingying, I’m sorry….”

After that he drew breath no longer. His wife realizing that he is gone, shed crystal clear tears and with that, she let out her last breath.

The young boy kneeling in the pool of blood, holding the badge in his arm tightly and cried.


His name is Ye Qingyu

After that, in the edge of the town, in front of a grave, the boy stayed there for four years. He didn’t even move just like a fool.

Since then, at the edge of the slum in Seongbuk Deer County, a lack of an acre of weeds among the graves, an unknown boy, a stayed for four years.

For four years, he stayed there inviting cynicism from the people.

They know his parents died but the biggest blow for him is his admission to the White Deer College had been abolished. He had been accepted by the school before the accident, but his stay of four years in front of the grave made him lose his chance.

because of that Ye Qingyu has been lifeless. Even worse from the time his parents left him.

Right now he has lost his will to live. People started to bully him but he didn’t resist.

Even his home that was left by his parents was robbed by the townspeople. The young boy little by little lost everything he had.

But he still didn’t care. People were free to bully him, spit in his face, rob him of his possession but he still didn’t care.

Until one day, his only childhood friend also left him.

“Qingyu, while you are grieving, I am growing up. I’m sorry. We made a promise to care for each other but don’t blame me. I have to be realistic now… I was admitted to White Deer College, I’ll be leaving.. See you later, no, I don’t think we will ever see each other again.”

The one who said that was a girl standing behind him. A girl with a braided hairstyle that used to follow him everywhere he go.

But, her amazing talent was discovered and she is destined to go. Surrounded by group of people, she understand and leave with them.

After four years, the girl that used to follow him has grown up to be a promising child.

Qingyu on the other hand. In the front of the grave, stayed in solitude to fulfill his promise for four years.

15 comments on “IGE Prologue

  1. thank you—-!
    this was my reaction after his parents died: -clutches heart- no—-!!
    urgh, feels, and it’s just the prologue…go qingyu—-! rise, rise to power—!!

  2. I had slight hopes for his childhood friend to not openly abandon him and just pretend that she was doing what she had to and would be happy to have drinks with him at some point in the future if they met again. Even though both of them would know that that would never happen. It would at least not burn the bridge completely. Something I think she’ll wish she’d done before long.

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