Inma no Hado chapter 15

Chapter 15: Natsuki

As for all the schools after school, a similar scene opens. The Ellis all girl´s high school where the tradition exists is not an exception, the student who ends the class and is liberated, I’m throwing myself into favorite club activities respectively.

In the passage of the back of the gymnasium, the lengthwise paved road lengthens, I follow the incinerator in the deepest part of the site, and the place without the thing to block becomes the way of the perfect wind. In the other side of the gymnasium for the purpose of blindfold from the neighborhood, a fragrant olive is set to one line inside of the wall, the yellow flower and a peculiar aroma can amuse students now.

The cheerleading club is practicing on the paved road now. I stand in the fourth line and am repeating the same formation many times according to the music.

“Alright, then, let’s do the break for a moment”

The formation exercise that continued all the time is over and takes the break to three five by the signal of the captain. Because a major tournament is drawing near in immediateness, the exercise enters the final stage, too and is fired up, and all are diligent.


“… Look here, Jun. Slightly bad…. Today, after this do the basic training? …if I can, today a little, I would like to go home and rest? … I still, feeling that my physical condition isn´t good yet…”

„What again? …anyway, You were absent from school yesterday, your physical condition though there is no help for it until you come back …”

The captain says so, and shows his face which was amazed at Natsuki Kurosawa who is also an ace in the cheerleading club.

According to the captain who is a classmate, the motor nerves and skill are outstanding for Natsuki. That it won’t be that it isn’t strange even if Natsuki becomes the captain when it’s original, In part, with the person not having the mind, the other is this absenteeism.

I’m not cutting openly and squarely of course, but I skimp the place which isn’t important in essence certainly. However, because the dance and formation are perfect on the other hand, the settlement is bad. Just before the 1st grader, it can’t be approved carelessly, when you can make a reason, it can’t help be acknowledged.

“Aha! Thank you, Jun! …I love you!”

The captain is telling practice resumption, thrusting a deep sigh while seeing Natsuki carrying the baggage and who leaves the place so that she may run away.


It was the second time I go to the room on the fifth floor, the throbbing of my heart is felt more than last time. From the morning, I wanted to meet the man, I can finally meet.

(Is there a teacher?)

Natsuki dressed in black spats and the white T-shirt which sweated. The steps to run up the stairs are light. No, I was noticing from the morning, but intention because, the body feels abnormally lightly.

The body moved more than usual in the club until a while ago and I was able to do a good performance of the sharpness. During the look of juniors’ envy for the dance of the dryness, even I was wondering.

No, I know the cause.

On that day. The day which I was violated by the science teacher until I also ejaculated in the interior of the womb 3 times and I became dead tired.

I was crazy about pleasure as I couldn´t believe it and let my whole body fascinate by the too sweet stimulation. When I noticed, I was sleeping in my room, but even if it’ll be in the morning, power doesn’t enter my body, and I have been absent from school.

But a strange thing had occurred to my body simultaneously with that. It was also so that my body feels lightly, but the one I noticed first was tension of skin. The face which takes a shower and comes out in the sink in the morning seemed to be glossy and be that of a baby so that even I was surprised.

It’s that uneasiness of the waist was completely missing that it was more marvelous. I fail in the landing during the exercise of the club a half year ago and deal my waist a heavy blow, that uneasiness like the dull pain continued all the while since that, It disappeared completely.

(… Probably, it is the result of that…)

The popular belief that skin becomes beautiful isn’t believed to be bathed in male semen. But when receiving that teacher’s hot semen in the vagina inside certainly, I found something like the strange power to come in me.

It can’t be explained by the logic, but Natsuki is convinced. It fixed my waist and it cleaned skin and lightened the body so much.


“Teacher, I came again …”

I turn the knob when I talk from the outside of the door of the science preparations room without hearing the answer. I don´t understand it, but there is the science teacher here and feels like being waiting for me for some reason. Not just sense and guesswork, but that is the one which “is understood”.

(After all, he was here!)

The teacher of the purpose sits down on the working desk, and seemed to be working on something. I think it looks good without also turning the light on in this dark room, but if even how it is a good thing, it’s reconsidered.

It is understood that I blush and the temperature of the whole body raise the decimal point several times. The sweat which is different that it is refreshing which I raked until a while ago oozes out from all over the body thickly.

“What is the teacher doing?”

For Midou Kenichi who isn´t going to look at this at all the beautiful girl approaches him without any hesitation. It’ll be fact that the teacher is busy with a test and class preparations, but I’m convinced still that he was waiting for me.

“Kurosawa. Weren’t you at the club?”

Without looking up from the document, the teacher says with a monotonous voice. I don´t understand that I hear the voice for some reason, I have the feeling that something black fell in this dark room, the shudder which makes *zokuu* runs through the back. But Natsuki feels herself who is being attracted by the wicked one.

“He he…. I skipped… ”

Natsuki is licking with putting the tongue out prettily.

“But, even the teacher is lazy, here. … There will be tennis club today and doesn´t need to go?”

I stand beside Kenichi going to the desk and I say so and chuckle. It is surely the rule that Kenichi participates even if it is originally a vice-advisor because there is a club today. However, I say the thing that is suitable when “there is yesterday’s accident and feels responsibility and feels depressed” today, Member’s director has been left to a center advisor and office girl’s coach.

As if it was predicted that Natsuki comes here this time at all.

“I heard it, heard it. You seemed to become a hero in tennis? All the children of the class, and I know that Usami and the teacher played a game.”

Natsuki is getting close to the side right now while saying so. On the bare skin a T-shirt, the bottom is made with an appearance only black spats. The sweet smell which the young girl that metabolism is active gives off goes up among smells of the weak sweat from the body.

As if Natsuki knows that is the best one which makes this obscene activity teacher has carnal desire, I put the body to fall on Kenichi sitting down from behind.

„What would you do, what would you do? If I become very popular with high school girls as it is, I can do a good thing various one cup”

When so I look up from the document which was being seen finally, I stare at Natsuki´s face. I have the feeling that something such as the magnetic force appears from the eyes, the beautiful girl, the back, the joy with which I’m thrilled is remembered and my body is shaken like a bull.

“By the way what does it seem to be today?”

“Well. Isn’t that slightly cold? Only that’s the relationship which loved each other hot…”

Natsuki clings to Kenichi’s scruff from the rear and utters a too dependent cry. The smell of the sweat, it’s wrapped more, The science teacher’s excitement swells up and it is congested with surprising swiftness between groins.

“Aah, well… Natsuki, want to play more with teacher…”

I make such *kuna* *kuna* the body wind, and the coquetry is indicated in order to excite Kenichi’s interest. There is not the bright smile like the idol until the other day there, Smile of the small devil which laughs at being here obscenely.

“Hey…, don’t you want to know what color Natsuki’s pants are?”

When I say so while chuckling, I who am distinguished even for a second grader stand in front of the middle-aged teacher, I held out the lower part of the body only for spats in front in an ostentatious way. The usual innocence drops a shade; the licentious poison is different to the look and phraseology as I went around.

“Ufuh. If the teacher holds his hand out and lowers spats a little, Natsuki’s whole pants are seen…”

When she says so and laughs in lasciviousness, she waves the waist of spats on purpose and still provokes me. Love liquid overflows from the crotch, and getting her pubic region wet stickily, I understand it for the super sense that I exercised clearly.

(Natsuki, is more aggressive than the other day…)

While keeping calmness with the head even if she let him become hot between crotches, Kenichi was convinced that the girl has changed with only once of intercourse with him from the inside. The beautiful girl who was the ordinary high school student who is everywhere, after even the character and action are changed by the sex with Kenichi, he is being invited by words of courtesan astonishment.

(No. It isn’t once actually…)

It is once to have violated her body with the penis in this room; Natsuki is also being violated in the dream besides that. For a girl for Kenichi, It’s remembered clearly like mutual’s also suiting intercourse in the indecent dream indeed.

Sweet pant voice. Perfume which rises from her body. Taste of the saliva and the love liquid. Sound with which the meat is hit. 17-year-old blandishments meat which also squeezes my penis to the utmost, I really remember all as having met in a dream.

(Whenever ejaculating in the interior of the womb, she is subjected to me fast, whether it’s the reason which is becoming licentious with that…)

Aiko Kawashima’s time was also so, when I ejaculate it in the dream to my heart’s content in the reality world, the seed given off enters into the beautiful girls’ body which is the target, it is actually felt to dye something of that pure to my color little by little.

“From it, I might want you to do…”

Kenichi takes down the zipper of pants slowly without breaking the calm expression. When I took it off, and the belt unhooked it, the beautiful girl in front got down on knee between legs of Kenichi with a laugh.

“An, teacher if… I want to put it in Natsuki´s mouth”

Natsuki says so and helps to undo my pants gladly, she grasp the penis between the groins which just heaps up underwear by a pretty hand.

“No, because I already become completely fine…. Teacher’s horny”

I say so and send the heroic sidelong glance which doesn’t seem a girl, and I´m having the bite slowly from the top of pants. I open the mouth immediately and hold the hambone and check the hardness and size.

“Wonderful big! Do you enter the my mouth?”

Natsuki is being thin, is increasing her long tongue and tastes the penis from the top of cloth while looking at Kenichi by her pupils which shines. Though the cloth gets wet at once and it discolors, without also interfering in that, the beautiful girl is making the underwear of the middle-aged teacher sticky by the saliva.

“Amazing. oh, I feel it…”

It was surely the size of the abnormal sexual organs. Whenever Kenichi showed his penis, each prostitute was overwhelmed by its size. However, they are negative in the hugeness, the one having been severely complained as largeness or the pain.

But look now. The beautiful girl, who is right in front of this now, is enchanted as having been fascinated by the size that women complained to heartily.

“Then, I do it slowly. “

When it is pretty and is playful and says so forever, I begin to take off his pants. The huge penis which erected is caught, and don´t readily come off, I seem to enjoy it while chuckling.

“Amaaazing! It is so big…. In a bright place of seeing it because this is the first time, I’m surprised…. That explains why at the time of sex, it was so painful…”

The girl raises the admiration with size of the penis of Kenichi in comparison with the male genitals which she knows. If Natsuki was the lady who gained more sexual experience, the admiration would be something big more deeply.

“How is it compared with your boyfriend?”

Natsuki associates with the ace of the baseball club of the high school in the neighboring town, and Kenichi who knows to have sexual intercourse sometimes asks meanly.

Natsuki was the slightly marvellous state, when I’ll laugh with *niku* immediately, the root of the penis is clenched by slender finger, and that it’s loose, it’s being moved so that it may be rubbed on indecency.

“Ahem. The teacher understands anything…. Yes…, Also, Compared with Koji’s, the one of the teacher, is different…”

When saying so in an entranced expression, with putting on a white T-shirt and black pants, the face is drawn to the sexual organs of the male gnarled rough, her long and surprisingly slender tongue was extended and it rubbed against stem body.

“Afuh, ufuuh”

Kenichi towered while snorting and uttering a cry superficially, I make them crawl on my tongue uprightly. It was far behind a mature woman for technique, such an indecent act the beautiful woman high school girl dressed in the gym clothes, Kenichi is excited at the situation that he goes at a schoolhouse after school before it’s abnormal.

“Ha-ha, does the teacher feel it?”

While occasionally laughing teasingly, I have just rubbed the penis wet with saliva on indecency with *shiko* *shiko*, the pin and the surface are played by my tongue, It’s tasted around so that I may sweep by tip of the tongue with *ciro* *ciro*. I sharpen the tip of the tongue thin and give strong stimulation and fully open the wet tongue in saliva slimy and lick it stickily. Natsuki became more intolerable first soon, and the mouth was brought near the point part where protection is expanded big at the point.

“Oh, I already…. Even if the teacher takes it, I have a dirty shape…. It’s being just seen and feels dizzy….”

After I have sighed with *Hou* who get drunk really slightly when I say so, I open the mouth slowly and am going to swallow it from the tip. I don’t need a lipstick, glossy, I´m healthy and pink lips extend, The tip such as the cobra which was glaring, and stretched in purple-red, I hold it in my mouth with *zubu**zubu*. When the huge penis is put in my small mouth finally, I close my eyes fascinated, and tightens the point up in the hot mouth.