Inma no Hado chapter 20

Chapter 20: Meat party

Pierce fellation to two high school girls in the irregular six nine, when I’m also satisfied for myself to taste the thigh time when the love liquid is dripped around, I had them take off their outfits and lining up in the bed on all fours.

As for Natuki who wears the clothes of the blue cheerleader outfit and sexy black panty, As for Aiko of white tennis look and the blue striped panty, they attached in the white ground and have been stuck between the respective groins.

“Noooo… Quickly…”

“…Aaa… I’m embarrassed…”

While showing between the thighs which became soaking wet, while two people beg the abnormal teacher who is looking at the appearance, they shake their waists windingly. Because I use the red tentacle again and am making them have carnal desire, the faces of two beautiful girls have finished melting by excitement and desire.

Still, Kenichi thinks.

Natuki whose color is white has worn the black underwear, Aiko who is tanned, and does clean light brown wears white underwear. The contrast of the color of the skin and the color of the undergarment both, I emphasize each beauty and indecency.

“Teacheer… quickly… Natsuki want to eat it…”

“Aaa… already, no longer I´m irritated by you… teacher, I’d like to do dirty…”

Two people, while happily displaying their hips on the bed, sweet voices are raised a little while ago for the blow of the penis. Of course the red tentacle climbs all over their whole body, I can visually confirm to do both of the auras that have gone out of their bodies are thick pink colors and to come into rut completely.

“Say the more erotic thing, plead for it”

Both hands are put in each panties, while playing with it to like the pubic region which became soggy, I smirk maliciously. The red tentacle that coiled itself around the whole body of two people while doing it so erodes to an aura in greed, 17-years old combination’s sexual desire is compulsorily improved.

“Nooo, mean…”

“..Su, such a thing, I can’t say… aaah!”

When the finger enters into the vagina hole, two people who let their body feel scared for the stimulation. I tighten the finger which I brought sharply; satisfaction cannot be provided with the finger after all, however, saying a shameful dialog also has resistance.

But furthermore sending a red wave from the finger, when inserting the power of the succubus inside the uterus directly, Also two people were the limit.

“Aaa… Please! Teacher’s big one… inserting in Natuki!”

“Me too… Please give it me! The teacher being thick, it is hard… quickly…”

“More.. say more lasciviously”

However, the succubus still irritates it. These two people are in the dream; I know that more radical word is mentioned.

“… Aaa, I want sex! Teacher´s penis, I want you to put it in me!! Straight penis, move!!”

“Yaaah, my…my pussy, teacher’s, it’s thick, so I’d like to make it spitting!! My pussy, I want to do it with the penis of the teacher deeply!!”

Reason is burnt off, two people who babble out lines such as the graffiti of the rest room. Is this the usual dream or already the reality, the distinction might not be attached.

Two beauties who pass as an idol plead there; I was at the limit of endurance. When I remove Aiko’s white-blue striped panty sideward, my penis, clamminess was by saliva and going too far ahead, is being rammed quickly.

“Ahiiiiii!! Guuuuuuuu!”

For the invasion of the penis which it be said that I have finished getting wet, and is too huge, Aiko screams and makes her body afraid. The extended mucous membrane screams so as to be merciless, the sweet pleasure is severer than that and runs through the whole body and roasts her brain.

When the mucous membrane which shrunk tight is forced open, the sweet meat is being matched in no time.

(Aaa… is the same as the dream…amazing…)

The one violated actually is only that day, after that every night to this penis it is penetrated in dream. Both the hardness and the size are the same as the dream, after all the pleasure was stronger than the dream.

The finger that grasped the sheet, it whitens by the power.


“Hoooooo! Aaahiiiaaaa!”

I finish burying it to the very end, when I attack the womb depths mercilessly, Aiko falls into orgasm while making the muscle of the whole body stiffen. The very limit and the squeezing raising of the penis of the teacher, who swallowed to the interior of the womb, the inner fold is twining uprightly windingly.

(Aaa… high school girl pussy, It’s intolerable…)

A great deal of energy is issued from the body, I who absorbed that feel that power overflows more in the body. It will swell up by the time the penis is more ferocious, Aiko who is in the middle of the ecstasy is bundled off ahead of that further.

In that way, when the spasm of the beauty girl is enjoyed fully, I slip simply, after it’s removed, this time it keeps intruding roughly in Natuki of the appearance.

“Hiiiiii! Cummming!!! Iiiih!”

In the stimulus which is obtained finally, It’s being also greedy for the acme here by the first blow. The teacher’s penis which has been already put in many times, but its size would still remember first pain slut, it is made to the material that feels even it.

“Oooh, the penis seems to break off…”

The sphincter which I strengthened by cheerleading shrinks tightly, I tighten it to bite the penis which I had in my vagina. When it is pierced the uterus mouth honestly and is rubbed, I faint in agony while shedding tears. Naturally energy flows into the body of Kenichi in the meantime, furthermore, the penis greatly expands firmly.

(Natuki`s tightening the entrance is enormous…. As for Aiko`s squeezing the whole is cartridge viewing…)

Compete in taste by the vagina of two students, I have a wicked smile. As for youthful Natuki’s and Aiko`s tightening, the position and strength being different delicately, I love both irresistible.

“Hey. You try kissing”


“Nooo… ”

When the abnormal teacher gives an order while thrusting his penis into Aiko’s vagina again, two people who hesitated lined up the bottom, and while the beginning’s becoming on all fours, I put the lips such as the petal and kiss.

“Mufuuuh… ”

“Amuuuuu… ”

With the water sound *pecha**pecha*, although it has not ordered, two people be entwined tongue adjusting, I find out that a real deep kiss is being even done. I am just looking at the movement of the tongue and become unbearable, with the waist which attaches white skirt the deepest section is devastated in big stroke without modesty.

Again, Returning to Natuki, after enjoying inside fully, when I pull out the penis, I screw integrity between the lips of two people exchanging a kiss.

“Hey. Because you spitted it out, clean it”

“Aaah…you are terrible…”

“No, terrible… ”

The penis which became muddy by the honey liquid I put out, even then extending tongue from left and right, it licks gently and turns. Even the serious soup with which I sided with mud like egg white here and there, they lick in a joyful expression and take it.

After the faces finish melting in the desire and pleasure already, they are fascinating like a dirty prostitute and beautiful.

When I do that and make them taste the penis much, I made two people do on the back this time. As for two people who wear the respective uniform on the bed, they greatly open it between the crotches under the miniskirt and wait for me.

“Now. Which will I eat first, vanilla or chocolate?”

When I say so while smirking, they understand it immediately and do the lovely pleading.

“Aah. Vanilla is more delicious …, Teacher”

“No, chocolate is sweeter…. Eat chocolate…”

“Ai-chan, dirty! Vanilla is better, right? Vanilla`s pussy, is delicious”

“Even if. More, I want to do more…. Hey, Teacher. Chocolate is eaten. Chocolate`s pussy is so much sweeter..”

It does so and it fights ahead mutually, two beautiful girls of white skin and the light-brown skin. Also two people while it is the respective uniform form, their legs are expanded by not being any further and waited for me. In front of the delicious high school girls not to be inferior to sometime soon, the indecent animal that thought of luxurious thing it will eat from either one.



“Aah…teacher…as for here?”

“Hey feel here…. Like this, when it does how?”

“Aaa… it is good, both…”

After he makes the upper part of body lean on the end of the bed, the opinion that Kenichi of the stark-naked becomes numb is expressed. This is also stark-naked between the thigh, Natsuki Kurosawa and Aiko Kawashima, though it’s sprawled from left and right, I inform the penis which towers between the thigh about a countenance from left and right, I caress thickly with the finger and tongue.

It is a double fellatio taking two people, the combination improves discernibly.

The small bedroom is full of the smell of the heavy nature; it can be sultry in the smell now if somebody enters here. The sheet of the bed becomes muddy with sweat and the body fluid which three people drained, the underwear which girls took off messily is scattered on the floor.

From that 3 people including me indulge in the pleasure each other all night; it is for a long time in the bed excluding meal, the rest room, and the shower. The date already changes, and it is Monday of the makeup holiday, meanwhile, three people had sex all the time in this way just to have taken some sleep.

First, the feast of the meat started in tennis and cheerleader uniforms, it is intertwined by the stark-naked following the soap play with the bathroom afterwards, it intersected for a long time in the bed excluding several-time meals and showers. The indecent beast demands girls, the girls seeking the indecent beast; the partner was not released from the bed mutually.

Preparing from the origin to alibi, Natuki who is the schedule which stays of course, Also Aiko being persuaded by Natsuki, comes to the point of staying, Natsuki’s undesirable friend cooperated in the alibi making.

Aiko who knew the forbidden fruit called the pleasure of the nature, the extent where Kenichi and Natuki are surprised in between yesterday and present two days it becomes positively, depth of sensitivity and the peak becomes large attendant upon that, the art to delight the immoral sexual act teacher improved remarkably.

Furthermore the extent which the combination play which is done with two is surprised it becomes good, the first way it is not something which will be awkward, Kenichi was delighted by skillful cooperation so that I said that the two-wheeled vehicle play of a famous soap was also written at all.

At that time Kenichi has ejaculated 4 times, Natsuki and Aiko shared and swallowed the semen when gladly licking and taking it. Mysteriously whenever Kenichi’s semen is received in the interior of the womb and drunk, it was actually felt that dependence on Kenichi and the pleasure increased.

Though Natsuki and Aiko tasted the ecstasy many times, Kenichi is careful not to take too much energy away from two people. When I reach the ecstasy too many times, the energy of the girls is exhausted, it’s because I knew to become unconsciousness like Natsuki at the first time.


“Is it time to return soon?”

“Aah, already?”

“Noo, not yet…”

Because it is past 6:00 of the evening, their parents might worry about both slowly. So that neither I nor they comes out in the school, it is necessary to be careful.

“Hey? Let’s do only one more time?”

Saying so and having pleaded previously, it was Aiko who had been feeling shy until yesterday. After she is dyed in the poison of the succubus completely by now, she has been changed to an abnormal female senior high school student by the lecherousness which would be happy to be tasted to the hole in Kenichi’s bottom.

“In Aiko’s vagina, teacher’s huge penis is put in…”

Without saying so and waiting for the answer of Natsuki and Kenichi, she sits astride on Kenichi who is sitting cross-legged and sits down, she grasps the raising penis abruptly by her one and fit it in her genital.


While shooting the aura of deep-red color from the entire body, the big and beautiful pupil is smoked to the desire and Aiko who bends backward, if only the expression is seen, it is like the junkie that found the medicine.


The figure which covets pleasure while moving the waist by her slowly was indecent in greed like a ripe married woman. For the behavior that is different from Aiko until yesterday, Kenichi and Natsuki float wicked smile, nod each other and exchange kisses.

“Feeling good…aaa…it is so great…”

I´m enchanted to the interest of tennis that I enter the high school and meet; it was the life that was flooded with tennis so far. The enjoyment which steadily becomes good, it was thought that I may dedicate all of the high school life.

However, I didn´t know.

By seeming that such a thing fades away, how wonderful this pleasure is.

The huge penis brings it, the sweet overwhelmingly pleasure that melts the brain. I serve the whole body of the strong man with my finger, tongue and my mouth, the sense of control shall tingle back.

“It is good, it is terrible… Teacher… because it is the last, it is cum with all one’s might?”


I knew everything in these two days, my own weak point. The waist is matched to the felt point, strong stimulation that pierced the head ahead came when rubbing.


At the same time, someone’s finger enters the anus, it becomes same with the penis into which my vagina route is expanded, and a doubtful pleasure is produced. The teacher crawl the tongue over the scruff who is full of kiss marks, I was able to stick out of the tender meat with sharp cuspid.

“Higuuuuuuuuu!! Aaaaaaguuuaaaaaaa!!”

The pleasure signal accepted in the body removes all limiters, Aiko jumps into a huge whirlpool while screaming.

“Aaaaaaaaah! ! ”

I shake my whole body shudderingly and reach the richly colored ecstasy, I make my nail to the back of the teacher embracing tightly. After countless sparks fly in the inside of my closed eyes, I make the sound like the popcorn which brain warmed with a microwave oven boom and explode.


Though the red aura to which Aiko’s body is worn extends explosively if a large amount of character energy is discharged, as if there was a black hole there, everything of that keeps being sucked by Kenichi’s body. The large quantity of energy is compressed, when it’s drawn in by the black bruise while being huge, it started suddenly.



As soon as the large amount of sex energy that Aiko vomited has entered the body, a severe pain runs through and Kenichi faints in agony to the whole body.


“Noooo! Teacher!!”

Aiko who was sitting astride between the thigh and Natsuki who clung to a scruff and skip, it agonizes on the bed. The pain runs in the whole body as having become tired with an innumerable gimlet, aloof from two people who assume the blank surprise on the floor, it rolls in the bed and it turns.

“Gaaaaa!! Guuuuaaaaaaaaaaa!”


“H,how will you do…”

Natuki and Aiko which will be been flustered.

Though there was no sign until a while ago, I look at Kenichi who raised something like such attack suddenly and, it is not possible to do very.

“Teacher! Are you ok?”

“Is an ambulance called? Hey?”

However, within only one minute, the acute pain to attack the whole body is sudden in the same way as time that came; it disappeared from the body completely. To the whole body though it was Kenichi who profusely scratched the sweat, being released from the suffering like the hell, while spitting rough breath, the expression of the relief floats on the face.

It was like Natsuki and Aiko.

“Ah, that’s a relief…. But, All right, teacher?”

“Call an ambulance? Hey, teacher…”

Though it was Kenichi who was stark-naked to repeat rough breath for a while, he looked at two people when he opened eyes before long. The eyes are reddish subtly, the color without seeing is done.

Two people who see the eyes and shiver runs to the back for some reason.

“… Te, teacher …is, all right?”

“…A..ho, how did you do?”

When I don´t answer to that and set up the body, in order to verify the condition of the body, the neck is turned. In that way, when breath is sucked largely, as that back swelled up in Natuki and Aiko eyes, it was visible. Something pushes up the back from the inside, like trying to expand the wing greatly.

“Ah, it’s OK…. you take the bath before you return, and will be refreshed..”

“Y, yes …”

“All right…”

It is full of sweat, when the female senior high school student making the smell of the semen have indignantly from whole body is suggested, both stand up obediently.

“Hey…teacher, truly all right?”

“Aaah, I worry about you….You suffered so much…”

The leading beauties draw close right and left to the teacher also at the Ellice woman school named Natsuki and Aiko, they raise a weak voice and cling. Both experience the sex in which even the bone melts with the succubus for one whole day mostly, they changed to completely different women from the inside.

“Teacher… in the bath, to make last…? Right?”

“Not, Only Ai-chan is tricky…. Natsuki also dirty… ”

With two beautiful girls under arm, I face the bathroom. The black bruise that shape like the bat that exists on the penis, it seems to be growing a little somehow.

Though it did not see from two people, the expression floated a wicked, cunning smile for the seen one to shiver.