Inma no Hado chapter 3

Chapter 3: Change



The next morning, the awaking was unpleasant.

Is it the result of the nightmare that Kenichi had last night and he is dripping sweat on his whole body. He assumed that it was an omen, usually he is sleeping naked though the sheet was wet stickily. The event in the dream was strong above all than it and fear, hatred and despair were revived by remembering the dream.

“What a dream!”

He voiced unconsciously.

Only vague memory should remain now and it should be what’s called a dream which becomes thin as soon as time pass bye, but he memorizes the event of the nightmare last night totally like it was real and he doesn´t have the state that the memory becomes vague at all.

On the contrary, the intense sex between Junko and Usami, its sounds, even the voices and smell, can be remembered clearly as if he was at that place.

At the same time Kenichi was convinced.

The dream that he had last night is the true relation of Junko and Usami. He doesn´t want to believe it, so he tries to become desperate rationally and deny it, but his heart and instincts realize that it is true.

(Ms. Yoshikawa has an affair with vice-principal Usami)

He wanted to cry in the morning when he thought so.

Of course Kenichi knows that she is the unattainable object, which doesn’t suit him. He himself didn´t think that he could go out with her seriously.


(Why is it Usami?)

Even if he is handsome and cool, he still has a child and a wife. This relation isn´t permitted by ethics and by law. After he saw the woman who he loved deeply crazed about such a man, Kenichi is depressed as if he is sinking in a hopeless bottom.

(Ah, wake up)

Still, time passes without mercy. When he doesn’t get up soon, he doesn’t make it for the attendance.

The upper part of his body is raised from the bed and he tries to take the glasses which should be put at the bedside like usual, suddenly he noticed the abnormal state.

“Eh? Eh? “

For some reason he clearly sees his glasses at the bedside.

(Huh? What does that mean?)

The circumference is warped intensely when he takes his glasses and looks through them. It seems that he gets a headache when he continues to watch through them, so he takes them off.

(That’s, that’s impossible)

Kenichi who was extreme shortsighted since the days as a child by the heredity from his parents, he wears glasses since the days of a second grader and it’s something which can’t be left after that. His eyesight falls below 0.1 now, the thickness of the lens protruded from the frame of glasses.

Kenichi wears the tight glasses of the favorite degree once again, after all he gets a intensely pain in his eyes and the world is twisted intensely.

No doubt!

Kenichi finally noticed that the glasses are already unnecessary for him.

(Was the myopia cured? )

While being puzzled over the change that happened to his body suddenly, Kenichi was going to think calmly what kind of thing it was.

The words that the devil told him in yesterday’s nightmare were immediately remembered like a flash.

“The power is yours.”

(Is this “the power”?)

The extreme myopia since the days of the child has been cured for some reason over night. Though he is struck dumb, while thinking so, it’s a phenomenon which can’t be understood.

(For now I’ll consider it later)

When he goes to the bathroom to take a shower, he takes off his underwear which became soaked with sweat and his dick appeared. Although it didn´t have power at all, it was a long, shameless and bold fellow. It is clearly more than double or more the size than the size of a average boy.

However, Kenichi didn´t think it to have been enough so far. On the contrary, by the manners and customs that he held to display sexual desire until now, it continued being said that he was unpleasant because it was too big by the hospitality and the Soapland hostess who waited for customers.

It is said that their mouth is tired when he lets them do a fellatio, when they were going to put it inside their mouth they said that it was too big and let them feel pain. Because they who are professional should be able to take their ease even a little, basically they like short and small men with premature ejaculation. In that respect, Kenichi who has an extraordinary megalo penis, it was nothing for the sex industry but for uninvited guest.

He saw his too big penis and noticed suddenly.

(A mole in such a place?)

When it’s often seen, there is a black design in the middle of his penis. A black butterfly seems to have spread its wings exactly on it and it’s made the size and is about 2 cm long? There was nothing on it until yesterday.

It was too big for a mole, and it was totally like a tattoo or a carved seal. Above all he can’t understand how it appeared so suddenly.

(When? Perhaps it is a melanoma? Possibly…)

When Kenichi waves his head and throws away such a stupid thought, he takes a shower. He changes into a suit which isn´t outstanding as always and leaves the apartment. He decided to put the disused glasses in his bag just for the case he needs it.

From his apartment building to the Ellis all girls’ high school, it takes 30 minutes with the train. Kenichi has no appetite, so he hurried to the station and felt bad without eating breakfast.

He got off from the train on rush hour, went through the ticket gate and mixed with the student’s group who walked to the high school, wearily. Several students were doing greetings in the morning and he just respond to them with “Yes.” with a gray expression.

The event in yesterday’s dream still becomes a trauma and the gloomy feeling isn´t stopped.

“Is something wrong, Mr. Midou?”

When he entered the school building and opened the door of the staff room, he is called out to from behind, Kenichi´s whole body trembled. Now, there is one person who he doesn’t want to see the most who is standing right behind him, vice principal Usami.

“Don’t be so depressed in the morning, are you able to shake it off? “

He rubs the nerve of Kenichi up the wrong way, when he pats Kenichi on the back from the rear and laughs boldly.

(Damn it!)

The face which is tanned on a well-defined sweet mask, a white tooth which formed a line, neatly peeps out when he laughs. It is no wonder that women get crazy.

“Well, that’s about it…”

The sickness in the chest welled up again and Kenichi answered while having a fake smile as hard as possible while bearing nausea.

“Umm. Well, you must do the self-administration properly because you are an adult”

Even mistaking me for a hangover, Usami declares coldly while judging Kenichi with the eyes which seems shady. This man makes the friendly feminist face like a lady; he is strictly cold so as to be abnormal with the same sex.

„ Everybody in your surrounding feels sick, when you look so gloomy. Your outline isn’t always a cheerful person so much….”

When the vice-principal claps the shoulder of Kenichi with his tummy he sits down on the huge desk at the first edge that was his seat. He can look at the whole staff room from there.

Kenichi walked along the row of desks which were just connected for a long time and sat down on his seat of the first edge.

“Are you alright? You are pale blue? “

“ Well, it is nothing”

What the middle-aged female teacher asks is troublesome and Kenichi wears a timid smile on his face and answers. The feeling isn´t good just without power entering the body. He is silent now and waits for the time to pass.

After the mouth is opened and a quick breath is made shallow puffing and blowing and he is dripping lack in greasy sweat on his whole body like the student who had anemia at the morning gathering.

The door opened entirely and a figure came into the staff room who is applying salt on Kenichi`s wound. All the glances in the faculty’s office concentrate at the appearance which extends the line of the backbone to the pin dashingly.

“Good morning”

“Oh! Good morning“

Junko Yoshikawa entered the staff room with the state that didn’t change all the time, she wears a beige chic jacket and skirt today. At once, she becomes gorgeous as having lit up suddenly as the turn stands in the spotlight, the eyes of all male teachers chase her figure all at once. Hou, Kenichi sigh like his past self.

“Good morning. Vice-principal”

“Oh, Ms. Yoshikawa. Good morning.”

In the eyes of such men with Usami, Junko sat at the horizontal from the vice-principal seat at the entrance, exchanging greetings  casual in the morning. However, among the two people such for Kenichi, he felt like having seen light of the shyness in an instant and black greed running.

“Good morning”

Junko took the seat slant in front of Kenichi’s while smiling so towards the teachers in her circumference. Junko’s beautiful face is also seen today between the miscellaneous books which are clogged up in a pile. Everyday Junko wears silver-rimmed glasses and it’s normally elevated and the intellectual impression is made very strong.

(Hey, quick! Hurry up! I want your fat penis)

The face overlaps with the disgraceful behavior judging from the dream last night, as for Kenichi, this intelligent woman, was like an animal, he still feels unbelievable.While he looks patiently at the beauty, his and her eyes almost match incidentally but he averts his eyes in a hurry.

(I´m a completely loser)

Kenichi almost cried again while sneering himself.

He does neither have the features nor the appearance, nevertheless he isn´t excellent as a teacher in particular. He is single and hasn´t associated with a woman up to now and this year he turned 32 years old and there isn´t even courage to confess to the woman who he likes.

Speaking of hobbies, Kenichi collects specimens of insects and is surfing on the internet. He hasn´t even a friend who knows the cell phone number, Facebook, Line or Mixi.(Tls note: Mixi is a Japanese social Network)

Of course he doesn´t have the courage to tell Junko that he loves her. After he looked for a long time in the vicinity, he only just has love feeling.

In the faculty’s office, the morning instruction aloof from Kenichi is carried out long ago. In place of the principal who is busy as usual, Usami who is the vice-principal conveys short instructions and messages.

Kenichi remembers the nightmare from last night when he sees the face of the vice-principal and he feels sick in his chest and nearly throw up. He turned his face away in a hurry and closed his eyes and the hallucination continues at the back of the eyelid, while Kenichi is worried.

However, when he looks ahead this time the beauty of Junko get into his eyes and he came to feel sick more and more. Without being able to open his mouth slightly, suddenly in the case of the hyperpnoea, he breathes out briefly and he is going to survive it somehow.

(Quickly…, quickly, end it)

Kenichi wants to escape into the science preparation room as soon as possible. He thinks only about it since a little while ago.

Because he is in such a state,  he can´t hear the stories of the vice-principal.

Noticing Kenichi’s state which isn’t concentrating with a struck dumb expression, Usami cries with a irritated tone.

“Mr. Midou! You are absentminded since a little while ago; do you hear the story properly, about the matter from a little while ago? How do you think? Say it in this place!”

“Oh, come!”

He stood up unintentionally while answering and hang in his thought. Kenichi doesn´t hear the story from Usami at all and isn´t accompanied by the examination at all on earth what topic it is.

However, it is heartless, and the eyes of all the staffs gather to Kenichi by having stood up, everybody is waiting for an answer and for Kenichi’s reaction. When he cast a side glance, from the interior of his metal frame glasses, Junko stares at him with eyes looking down upon feeling pity for him.

(Stop looking with such eyes! )

After it was murmured by mind small, two seconds of quietness just flow for one second, a cold sweat flows to Kenichi’s back.

“Eeh… aah …ooh“

He tries to take out a word somehow, but it isn´t able at all. Anyway, because he didn´t hear the story of the vice-principal at all, there is also no possibility which can do an accurate answer. He is going to think desperately, his head that became panic becomes snow-white and completely falls into a shut down.

Without apologizing with saying, “I did not hear it,” Kenichi who is flustered only.


Then it came over like lightning.

Before thinking, an unexpected word thrust at the mouth.

“Yes, I think it’s as a vice-principal says. It is a fact recently that there is the disorder of public morals, it is a love hotel street of Kasumicho in the morning yesterday, there was the information that saw someone from our school. After I also went to the neighborhood yesterday right away, I investigated whether it was a fact.”

“Ugh, I see. You had trouble with that…”

Kenichi was stunned from his word while saying.

He was busy with preparations of the test yesterday and stayed in school all the time. Besides he didn´t go to Kasumicho in the morning. Speaking of Kasumicho, it is considerably far from here in the morning, it takes more than 30 minutes by car. Besides, because there are plenty of love hotels at the downtown area, it’s difficult to think suddenly that a student from this school is there. However, the vice-principal seems to understand obediently without having a doubt for some reason.

Because Kenichi was absent-minded above all than it, though he didn’t know at all what Usami was just talking, he seemed to survive a critical situation for some reason.

After Usami comes to have been disturbed a little for some reason, he signals that Kenichi may soon sit down by his eyes.

Kenichi doesn’t know why such word went out from him, although he comes to have been bewitched by a fox, he takes his seat. But from the state of the circumference, Kenichi’s reply is in the flow of the meeting and it was extremely precise and seemed to be natural.

For a while, Kenichi finds that Junko before the slant looks at him frequently and something  flashed out like divine revelation again.

(Those fellows, yesterday, they went to a hotel at Kasumicho in the morning!)

It’s so.

Therefore Usami came to be upset, Junko asks about this anxiously.

Oneself only said “the thing of our school” to it, Kenichi never said “the student of our school”.

Thus, for two people not a little shady, it became that the remark of Kenichi hurt his feelings very much.

(Is this the ‘strength’ of the contract… or? )

A chill with which he is thrilled runs through his back. Kenichi shuddered like a bull.

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