Inma no Hado chapter 30

Chapter 30: Mean business


After a girl with the tennis look is tied up with both hands behind her back with a rope there and she was crawling on the floor by the shape that her hips was raised. When both her hands can be used she almost gets down on all fours and her upper body is supported by her face and shoulders being not able to do it. To see the face warped in pain and feeling embarrassed, Ruriko held her breath.


The girl belongs to the same tennis club as Ruriko, Aiko Kawashima.

(Aiko-chan…but why…)

The pretty tennis wear figure is Ruriko´s kouhai and is tied up with the hemp rope in an abnormal form and Ruriko wasn´t able to understand what happened in a surprise instant. However behind Aiko wearing the white tennis clothes, a black shadow wriggles something or other. That’s probably the form of a man and it didn’t take long for Ruriko to notice that something was being done at Aiko’s bottom.

“Aah, teacher…. It is shameful…”

The expression of Aiko who says so, is in agony and is dyed deep red for feeling embarrassed and sad and she seems to endure it and to shut her long eyelashes of her eyes firmly. From the expression and circumstances of the voice as for having done the lewd behavior clearly, Ruriko isn´t wrong.

(It is like that! At school to do such a thing…)

“Detestable! Don’t lick this place!”

Like sneering at Ruriko who is still surprised, the scream of Aiko draws near more and more. The man apparently buries his face between Aiko´s thighs and seems to suck at the secret part from behind.

“Ah…stop it, Midou-sensei….”


At that time the man looks up and Ruriko has clearly understood who this person was.


The shade is thin and it was the unsuccessful science teacher. The eyes of Mr. Midou shines, Ruriko feel like that he has looked at her peeping from the side of the shoe cupboard and she hastily hidden behind it.

(Has he discovered me?)

Though she hid herself while her heart was throbbing, and apparently she seems to have worried too much.

“Huhu, Kawashima….It’s because I do a more comfortable thing now…”

“Ah, teacher..don´t do it….Please forgive me already…”

The conversation between both continues. When Ruriko peeps with her face again fearfully, the science teacher who turned behind Aiko and Ruriko catches sight of the huge dick taken out of the pants of the teacher.


The ugly and grotesque features from the male organ, lets Ruriko raises a small squeal unconsciously.

(Hiiiii!!! Nooo!)

That still crushes the admiration and the girl’s mind which has a dream in the nature, just looking at it was horrible. The brown and burnt meat stick warps simply because it thrusts the sky and aims at the vagina of the beautiful girl.

“Teacher…please stop it….”

Aiko Kawashima who lied facedown and crawls on the floor, while raising her hips and she begs the teacher with a tearful voice. Her expression is full of fear and sorrow, this isn’t an act on mutual agreement for Ruriko who sees it and she understood that it is forced rape.

(What do I do…?)

While she does it so in this way, Kenichi´s dick beats fearfully and Ruriko´s eyes understands almost clearly that he breaks into the secret hole of her kouhai at any moment.

(I have to go to call someone….)

However while she thinks so, Aiko’s virginity may become the victim of the science teacher. At the time when she moved backward while thinking in her mind, she was confused and the drain board on which Ruriko got made some noise.


“Hmm? Is there someone?”

Toward Ruriko who can´t move as having her hands and feet tied up by unrest and panic, Kenichi stood up and approaches in no time.

(Hii! I need to run away!)

Without hearing what he says, her body for some reason even if she thinks so doesn´t move while sitting at that place.

“Hohou…this is an unexpected visitor…”


The figure of the rapist, who stands before Ruriko with his thing towering extremely well from his crotch, Ruriko screamed with her throat that only then became free and it was only a sweet tone to tickle the sadism feeling of the insulted person.


While looking down upon Ruriko, who sits at the front door of the pool locker room, Kenichi smirks and laughs. He looks at the third year high school girl at the time she is sad and that beauty is like a flower that will scatter with a touch and a desire rose within him.

“Huhu, bad student, peeping is wrong…”


When Kenichi drags Ruriko who can´t move like a snake staring at a frog, she is pushed down on the floor of the locker room in the same way as Aiko and he put her hands behind her back and ties them together with a rope.


It was at the same time, that power entered her body finally and she raged desperately, without Kenichi’s interrupting Ruriko who screams and he watches while having a faint smile. This locker room is in the place that the students don’t usually approach and Ruriko’s scream doesn’t reach outside. Because the black wave has gone out from Kenichi’s body and even if someone is approaching, he can handle it sufficiently.


Aiko mutters sadly while floating tears and twists her tied up body.

“Haha, I intended to have the body of Kawashima, but now a terrible obstacle entered…”

“Such a thing is done, you are still a teacher!”

The face of Kenichi who laughs is seen while Ruriko is raised like a princess she trembles with fear and her courageously voice of protest is raised desperately. Ruriko lie sideways on the cold plastic floor, her body remains in the entangled uniform and she scowls at Kenichi.

“Please free Aiko and me quickly. Otherwise I appeal to the other teachers and police…”

But Kenichi also parries her protesting voice while floating a thin smile on his face.

“Umm, that would be a problem. If such a thing is done, my standpoint becomes dangerous”

On the contrary to the words he says, the sound of making fun of Ruriko is mixed in the tone. Without Ruriko understanding the real intention of the damp and shady science teacher, she is confused more and more and feels the fear and chilly.

“Before I do such a thing, shall I have Kawashima quickly already?”


When he raises the hips and approaches Aiko who is still crawling on the floor, Kenichi goes around to her back after her appearance is appreciated. He rolls up her skirt and exposes her panty which has a lot of frills and he is about to seize her clean hips.

“Unpleaaasant! Help mee! Seenpai!”

Aiko tries to escape desperately and raise a high squeal, while Kenichi catches her waist firmly and doesn´t let go.

“Wait, stop it!”

When Ruriko cries desperately, Kenichi who unclothes his suit any moment and almost rapes Aiko, Ruriko answers that he shall wait.

“Haha, do you want to stop me?”

“It is natural! Because I ask, please stop it…”

The appearance that her kouhai is violated by force is seen and Ruriko entreats it desperately. Ruriko´s lovely and clean heart is trampled down, because Kenichi offers a fearful suggestion.

“Then I may let Kawashima go, for one condition…”

“…a condition?”

“Yes, instead of Kawashima, when you say that you will become my partner, then I permit it”


Ruriko is at a loss of words and shakes her tied up body in fear. For her Kouhai, she will give her virginity and she hasn´t thought it even in her dream.

“You can’t do it? If you can’t, watch it in silence there without doing a good appearance!”


When she is scolded by Kenichi, Ruriko becomes silent. Aiko is her cute kouhai, but she can´t tolerate that she gives her own virginity instead. Ruriko is a girl who dreams, that the man who takes her virginity, must be the one she loves. It can be said that, how much it is helpful for Aiko and she doesn´t want to lose her virginity to that abnormal science teacher in the locker room at the swimming pool.

However, in this situation Aiko would be raped and she would overlook it in silence. Ruriko is in panic and feels hopeless and she has a troubled conflict because she wants to save her own neck and her sense of justice.

(What should I do….However, to do such a thing…)

Ruriko who causes such self-contradiction is seen and furthermore Kenichi reports cruelly.

“An honor student like you, will think that she is a merciful and gentle person, but that is an arrant lie. You are the same as other people, and even you have a cute body after all”

“I´m different… I´m..not common…”

It was an unreasonable theory, because its fact that a scapegoat can’t do for the fear to lose the virginity and Ruriko can’t counterattack.

“I don’t say that you are bad. But when you can´t do it, without saying an insolent thing, its fact that you become silent, when I rape Kawashima. Do you understand!”

“Unpleasaaant! Help me! Senpai!”

Aiko who was crazy for fear and became panic, also doesn’t know about Ruriko’s discord and only calls for help earnestly. Her voice pierces Ruriko´s gentle heart like a splinter.

“Haha, I’m sorry. You were abandoned by your senpai. She resigns herself quietly”

“I hate it! I hate it absolutely! Help me senpai! Please!”

(Aa…I’m sorry…Aiko-chan. … I’m sorry…)

The voice of Aiko, who continues screaming, becomes the obsession and gets into the brain of Ruriko who covers her ears and doesn´t listen. Ruriko thinks that she makes a serious mistake and her tied up body trembles.


The hopeless squeal Aiko raises was heard by the ear of Ruriko who looks away from Aiko.

“Asakura, you look at it!”


When Ruriko is ordered by Kenichi even if she disliked it from her heart, she can’t disobey anymore. She looks up and opens her eyes so that it may be handled by something.


Aiko’s outfit is taken off immediately and her cute white panty was dropped off and she became bare. The middle-aged teacher lifts the legs of the high school girl who can´t resist, when he makes only one leg take off the outfit, the preparations for the rape are being arranged slowly.

“It is baad! Stop it! Unpleasaaaaant!”

It was Aiko, who cried for fear madly, as her waist was fixed by invisible power and it is held out toward Kenichi. When Kenichi moves Aiko´s white panty away in front of Ruriko, the pretty petal of the beautiful girl is exposed to fresh air.

“Ooh, your vagina seems to be delicious…”

“I hate it! Help me! Senpai!”

The voice of Aiko, who becomes desperate and asks for help from Ruriko, jumps up particularly high. At last Kenichi pushed the tip of his dick to the soft secret garden of Aiko.

At that moment, Ruriko decided it.

“I become…”

To hear these words, the wicked science teacher grimaces a grin.

“What is it?”

“…I, I become the substitute of Aiko!”

The high school girl, who is the yearning in the educational institution, raised a small voice and declared clearly.

“I see. Then, you are the substitute for Kawashima, is it said that I play with you?”

“Yes….On the other hand, release Aiko now”

The eyes of Ruriko who told so to Kenichi were full of the devotion like a martyr. Kenichi tastes the excitement thrilled with Ruriko’s feeling. When Kenichi leaves Aiko who was about to bury the tip of his thing unattended in the vagina of Aiko, he approaches near Ruriko while letting his ugly thing erects.

“Well, then out of consideration for your gentle feelings towards your kouhai, I’ll give a chance to Asakura, too”

While stroking Ruriko´s soft cheeks, Kenichi proposes devil´s dealings.

“If you can make it with your pretty mouth, I may stop taking your virginity away…”

“I do it!”

Because Ruriko is also 18 years old soon, she knew that there was an act to caress the sexual organs of the man with the mouth as knowledge. It was horrifying and she didn´t think that his behavior can become honest, as if she is in a dream.

“What’s wrong? Or should I rob your virginity right now?”


While shivering for anger and fear of losing her virgin after all she can´t but to accept his suggestion. There aren’t other choices for the pitiful female high school student. Kenichi is waiting for the answer of the beautiful girl while being excited. When he uses the power of the incubus, it is easy to induce him to handle the sexual desire of Ruriko and let her give him her virginity on her own, but then it isn´t interesting. He lets the virgin push herself forward, while shaking with fear and despair.

“What do you do? Will you do it? Or do you lose your virgin as it is?”

Kenichi pushes down Ruriko´s body, when he divides between his groin and her body, he pushes his huge thing to Ruriko´s pretty blue pants.


It is hot as burnt with heat and the pressed part remembers the mistake on which it gets burnt. Kenichi throws down the idol of the school to the cold floor in the locker room and he enjoys the bittersweet body odor to his heart’s content.

“… I do it…”

If the beautiful girl has a possibility even a little, she took part in the suggestion of the devil. However this malicious devil, the jar of which it exactly thinks is needless to say.

“OK, then try it. It’s continued until you give up by yourself”


When Kenichi sits down on the wooden chair which was there, Ruriko goes on her knees in the front of Kenichi with her hands tied up behind her back with a rope. Tears overflow like rain and fall on the chest of the uniform.

(To do something like this why…. Someone help me…)

Even if she prays so no matter how much, in the building in the outskirts of the schoolhouse, no one will come to the locker room of the swimming pool at this season.

“Haha, what happened? Or do you want to lose your virgin to this fellow quickly?

When Kenichi laughed thinly, his dick in front of Ruriko seemed to grow big conspicuously.


Unconsciously, Ruriko screams small with her mouth. For the third year who is a virgin, the huge thing of the teacher isn´t anything else except the object of fear. Ruriko imagines the acute pain when it is inserted in the interior of the womb and she shakes her whole body.

I have no choice but to sit down on hope of a ray now.

“Please… don’t look, Aiko-chan…”

After having hesitated for a while, Aiko closes her eyes and Ruriko brings her lips close timidly, she kissed the other self of the devil who ruled over her from now on.

Kenichi is sitting down on the chair.

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