Inma no Hado chapter 32

Chapter 32: New slave


As the appearance that Ruriko who lay on the cold floor was tied up with both her hands behind her back, she is violated by Midou Kenichi who is the science teacher and she remains though it is made like the doll. Without the acute pain from depriving of the virginity being settled completely, however, it is not possible to faint to the pain in the remainder.

(…Aa, my virgin…)

Straight tears are shed over Ruriko´s beautiful eyes. The virgin who she protected carefully for 18 years is scattered cruelly and she becomes absentminded from the shock and pain. This should have been offered to Usami who is the vice-principal who she had feelings for secretly.

(But..but, when Aiko is saved with this…)

It was when she was going to fancy so.

“Ah, Senpai is also obtained…”

When Ruriko opens her wet eyes full of tears to hear the voice, Aiko who should be tied with a rope there like she and be lying on the floor and Aiko was laughing thin and was peeping at the violated Ruriko.

“Aa..a, Aiko-chan…”

Ruriko can’t understand the situation immediately.

“Hahaa, Senpai is a very good person, to offer your virginity to help me. Uhuu, I can´t possibly do such a thing …”

“…Su, such…”

Ruriko looked at Aiko who chuckled and has been puzzled. Originally she helped that Aiko who was almost raped by sacrificing herself. And yet why she looks so happy, when she laughs at me.


Ruriko tries to consider that once more, his huge penis goes deeper in the interior of her womb, the idea is lacked at once when each internal organs is pushed up to a heavy impact and it is erased.

(Aaa…what? What on earth happens?)

When the teacher draws Aiko with his hand behind Ruriko, who is confused and they exchange deep kiss while Kenichi´s dick is buried in the interior of the womb of Ruriko. Aiko´s expression is enchanted from the thickly twining of her tongue with the abnormal teacher and her voice is gladly raised. The glass of the door which leads to the pool which is sideways from her state, she is reflected although being vague.

“Kukuu, did you understand it? Aiko helped me to the point where you lose your virginity, she has been already my thing a long time now…”

“…Eh? What?”

Ruriko´s head confused by the shock turns and begins to finally spin her conclusion.

“It’s so, senpai…. I already gave my virginity to Midou-sensei some time ago, it has been held many times up to now…. To make teacher pleased today, it was a slightly stimulating play..uhuhuhuhu…”

“Su, such!!”

To the sense of hopelessness that her presence darkens this time, Ruriko has fainted. Her mercy heart that is nobler as a human being, it was played with by these devils.

“Aiko-chan…you, I… I was cheated…”

Ruriko says so and sheds tears terrifyingly. The pain in her heart betrayed by her trusted kouhai and the heart of the pure Ruriko shatters in pieces of the sorrow of losing her virginity.

However, Aiko who should have a bright and innocent character and is liked by everyone, far from feeling no concern in such a thing at all, she laughs with relish heartily with the depths of her throat.

“Is it my fault? Did I really seem to dislike it? Uhu, it is nice. Well, when the lewd teacher, in that way because he is preference to rape me who hate it by force, the thing that I acted hard”

“…Eh, acting…”

“Yes, the play which looks like rape was an imitation… huhuhu…”

From the answer of Aiko who made a fool of her, Ruriko just wets her heart in sorrow without willpower to get angry. The small devil, who offended her gentle and mercy heart, sees between groins gladly connected the surprised voice unnaturally is raised.

“Ooh! You were really a virgin! Asakura-senpai! Bright red blood flows slowly out…”


“Huhuu, this is big news…. Asakura-senpai of everyone’s yearning, in such a place, has been deprived of her virginity…”

As for Ruriko who has reached the point where already Aiko`s words don´t enter into her ear, Kenichi’s lower back which has begun to move again and she didn´t react at all. Her gentle heart is painted black by the poison of the incubus, instead dark feelings overflow as a substitute from her despair and sadness.

Her dark heart seems to bear a grudge against everything in this world. While Kenichi senses a change of Ruriko sensitively, he twists his lips and begins the last spurt with a grin.

“It’ll be because I’ll take it out immediately….”

By using his waist for a while intensely and tasting the tightening of her young mucous membrane, he tells it to Ruriko with a cruel smile. After Aiko places her tongue in Kenichi’s anus and inserts it, she sensitive licks and sucks there.

“Stop it…. Inside.. nooot innsiide!”

While crying and looking up at Kenichi with her hollow and swollen eyes, Ruriko still does the last entreaty. After she was threatened by the teacher who she hates, raped her and deprived her virginity and if he can make her become pregnant, how should she live through that.

“Hey, after I have taken out enough, I inseminate you”

“Hiiiii! Noooo!! Don´t!! Stop it!!”

However, Kenichi ignores even the small wish of the high school girl cruelly. When Aiko’s tongue places in the sensitive anus with a jerk it crowded and Kenichi´s huge dick erects even more in Ruriko´s secret garden.

“Ooo, unbearable… I will put it out…”

“Noo! Nooo! Not good! Stop it! Noooooo!”

Ruriko who feels the male ejaculation impulse, tries to escape desperately. However, like sneering at screaming Ruriko, Kenichi firmly grips her waist and ejaculates enough holding his dick in her young uterus.



The cry of despair from Ruriko overlaps the groan of the pleasure from Kenichi and it spreads through the locker room at the pool.

(Everyone…everything, should die…)

The beautiful girl loses her consciousness while cursing everything of the world in the next moment and she fell into the deep darkness.



She lies sideways on the cold floor and her body is deprived of heat completely, Ruriko woke up because of the cold. Without knowing where she is for an instant, next by the uneasiness which has formed between her thighs and she remembers a thing at that time forcedly.


Her hands are still tied up behind when she gets up in a hurry, blood did not circulate completely and she became numb.

“Huhuu, at last I woke up …”

She catches sight of Kenichi who sat down on the wood chair when she turns her face to the person who said it.


It was a scene where she wanted to turn her face away and it is just demonstrated of as fixed by an invisible power. There the hambone of Kenichi towers and there was the figure of Aiko who suck it while being enchanted.

“Ah..teacher…it’s wonderful…”

Aiko makes her pretty face glow with desire while saying such a thing and the hambone is held in her young and full mouth. Her pink lips which don’t require lipstick are erotic that it gets wet from the saliva which is spitted out and shines.

(…Already, completely does such a thing…)

To see the really accustomed state, Ruriko understood that Aiko has done such an act many times before. The fact torments her heart and fills it blacker.

“Huhuu, the thing that you just spitted out Aiko, you completely lick it and clean it…. If it is true, you will do…”

Even if such an unreasonable thing is said, Ruriko can´t answer it.

“A while ago it had your crotch and now Aiko licked everything and cleaned it…”


That reminds Ruriko, that there was a sense that his shameful part was sucked; because she was in a dreamy state, she doesn´t remember it clearly.

“Uhuu, when it erects, a large quantity is put out ardently, because when I rubbed it, I have had trouble sucking everything…”

She says so and shows a dirty smile like a expert prostitute, Aiko winks at Ruriko who sits on the floor in utter amazement. After his dark meat stick rubs against her healthy cheek which burned positively, she fondles with her lovely hands the root of his thing and she stretched out her tongue to lick everything clean.

Kenichi´s thing is ugly and also abominable when Ruriko sees it again and something very unrealistic is seen, that equals Ruriko´s pure and pretty face.

“Uhuhu, I will lick here…”

In front of the dumbfounded Ruriko, the ace of the tennis club continues her erotic service.

While brandishing the thick hambone with her hands, which usually grasp tennis rackets skillfully and her pink tongue crawls over his scrotum which is below of Kenichi´s erected thing. Her face is drawn towards the hairy sack of Kenichi, Aiko snorts gladly, the made noise and her saliva is smeared on the interior of the wrinkle.

Ruriko who was a virgin until a while ago sees the incredible dirty act, while Aiko who is her kouhai seems to be in paradise from this act. In that way when she licks his balls clean for a while, Aiko stretches her tongue out more on his lower part.

“Aah, as for the back hole of the teacher, I lick it too…”

When Kenichi sticks out his lower back before slightly, Aiko seems happy and sticks to the unclean back gate while stroking the penis with her slender white fingers.

“Oou, goood…”

She is a really cute girl with the cuteness that didn’t lose to any idol singer, furthermore, the mucous membrane of Kenichi´s anus is caressed with her tongue and even Kenichi can´t suppress a groan of pleasure.

(..Aaa…su, such a…)

She doesn´t see the part serving directly because of the back of the head, Ruriko knows what Aiko is doing now by the conversation and movement and she is shocked. An obscene act is witnessed, originally, her escape instinct should function, but she is charmed she can´t take her eyes off from Kenichi and Aiko.

“Ah, would it be good soon? ..Teacher..”

When she whispers so in an amorous voice, Aiko looks up at the science teacher who is her master. She put one hand in her skirt when she stands up without hearing the answer and she takes off her pretty outfit with the frills. When Kenichi plunders to snatch it, Aiko confirms it that she is wet and become heavy in her hand, he enjoys the lewd smell from Aiko that he smells with his nose.

“Huhuu, you are soaked extremely and your smell is also heavy”

“Nooo, it is shameful….”

Feeling shy and tickling the favorite heart of Kenichi, Aiko seems happy and is sitting astride Kenichi who sits down on a chair. Every time her lips are piled up intensely while embracing the scruff, her pretty ponytail which is tied neatly shakes.


While exhaling hot breath, Aiko is shaking her waist in obscenity on Kenichi´s waist. After she closely has seen her attractive senpai losing her virginity, she is helplessly excited.

“Hey hey… quick…”

The huge penis which became hard is rubbed between Aiko´s soaking wet thighs which are covered by a pink panty. When she stimulates the secret meat which became really sensitive, the coquetry is requested by her whole body and the pleasure from this huge thing is requested.

“…Hey, sensei…”

“When you want it put it in by yourself”

“Aah, thats mean…”

She looks glad while saying so, when Aiko half rises to her feet and causes the erected and huge dick which is like the arm of a baby towers vertically. Her short is removed sideward and the huge thing is slowly swallowed while she is putting weight when taking aim.

“Hiiiiiii! Goooood!!”


While hearing the scream of her junior suffering a shameful ache, Ruriko is shivering and turns around while remembering it.

The huge and fearful thing which also entered her body a little while ago, at the same time as Ruriko is surprised and witness how it swallows the delicate body of Aiko, with its vivid feeling, that she didn´t like is remembered.

“Haha, how is it?”

“Aaa, inside me..all the way…aaaa…good..”

Aiko, who connects with the root and accepts everything of it in the interior of her womb, moves her waist slowly while gasping for breath. Although she was violated many times until now by Kenichi, there are no substitutes for a girl to gain the incarnation of the devil inside of the womb in the case that it’s still hard labor.

“Unbearable… aa, it feels so good…”

However, as for the feeling of expansion that such a shameful pain is overwhelmed, it is related to the memory of the pleasure and it makes Aiko enchanted immediately. In the interior of her womb a sexual feeling was developed, a large amount of sweet secretion liquid is spitted out while treating Kenichi´s penis and the flexible mucous membrane climbs all over the intruder persistently.

“Aaa! Cum! I´m cumming already! Cuuuuummmiing!”

The body of Aiko who saw the rape of Ruriko blazed up and only the deep tip rubs the uterus and she reaches the ignition point. The sphincter which is strengthened by tennis shrinks intensely and it tighten the dick by force and squeeze the blood of it.


While investing her pretty hips and stroking it, Kenichi expresses a sigh of satisfaction from the finest pleasure that such a beautiful girl brings. As for Aiko’s vagina, it goes into convulsions twitching even if she keeps still.

“Oo… I can´t stand it…”

At the beginning it was just tightened up simply, every time he ejaculates inside of her womb repeatedly, the structure changes and Aiko there now, it has reached the extent which can be called a excellent container.

Although when it is sake of his sperm which [power] of the devil dwelled in, Kenichi himself understands it and it didn’t take so much time. Incubus parasitic for Kenichi, it does so and the body of the sex slave who is the provider of energy is changed and it seems to try to obtain bigger pleasure energy.


Although there is no heating, the locker room of the pool is hot and humid and the body of Aiko covets pleasure on the body of Kenichi which is completely drenched with sweat. While Kenichi enjoys the sweet body odor that the beautiful girl gives off, even Aiko’s whole womb is violated and draws out the hambone.

“Ahiiiii! Already cum! Cum! Cum!”

One of her hands is put in her tennis wear and she rubs her chest which was about to swell out from her bra cup and Aiko’s body is thrown out to rise again suddenly. At the same time, the hambone that she swallowed in the interior of her womb tightens up by the strengthened sphincter.

“Ahiiiiiiiii! Guuuuuuuuu!!”

Aiko, who is carried away by a big wave of ecstasy, droops facing a seat rank. A large amount of energy is sucked up and she gasps for breath. When she faces to the side while enjoying the reverberation of the last moments, her eyes matched with Ruriko who sits down on the floor while being bound up by her hands behind her back.

When Kenichi’s red eyes look at Ruriko and shine, a red tentacle expands from his body. Whether it’s the reaction which wasn’t used up to now today, the movement is greedier than usual and it branched off into innumerable thin tentacles and attack the body which just lost the virginity.

The aura that shines blue is invaded at once and it gradually changes into purplish red.


The body of Ruriko is in heat with it and her exercised super-sense shows that it’s melting in doze. After the owner’s feeling and expectation are ignored, the power of the Incubus lets the beautiful girl has carnal desire forcibly.

The “power” was overwhelming and the change was dramatic.

Ruriko was deceived and was robbed of her virgin by force and glared at Kenichi with anger and contempt until a while ago, she blushes and is puzzles, because from her body a strong lust wells up now.

“Come here”


When Ruriko’s delicate body is held and raised, he was glossy and stuck to her plump lips.


As for the red tentacle whose power full opened after a long time, makes the blue aura from which Ruriko’s body was being protected discolor to deep red. When it comes to this, it makes the high school girl who is naive it´s captive and soaks her in pleasure and there aren’t fixtures for Kenichi who is unit with the incubus.


It was Ruriko who hardened her body first and immediately she intertwines her tongue by her own aggressively with Kenichi and she snorts, while exchanging a deep kiss. After the tongue of Kenichi who she should hate is sucked up and she swallows the sticky saliva which is poured in her mouth through the kiss. Every time it’s sucked up since Kenichi is tying Ruriko’s tongue, it is unbearable and pleasant to be approached in this way that her eyebrows become painful.

“Se, sensei…”

Ruriko stares at Kenichi with the expression that was thick when she frees herself from the very long kiss. There are no colors of anger, fear and hate in her expression and she is a female in heat clearly.

“Hey, get down on all fours and turn your hips towards me”


He makes Ruriko who became completely obedient crawl on the floor and his thing got wet because of Aiko’s combustor and he invades Ruriko from behind.

“Ahiiiii! Higuuuuuu!!”

She is bathed with semen of the devil inside her womb, because the laceration will be healed immediately by its magic and Ruriko hesitates first to release a cry of pleasure. She got down on all fours with both hands being bound with a rope and she is violated from her hips, because she cries and is in agony like a married woman.

“Noo, Asakura-senpai is already feeling good…”

Ruriko hears the teasing voice of her junior, while raising her uniform wearing hips on the cold floor of the locker room and she is born to indulge in the pleasure of meat for the first time. Her head has no memory of fear and the acute pain from the forced rape anymore, only pleasure of the sweet meat influences her whole body so that the inside melts.

“Aaaaa! Iiiiii! Goood!!”

Ruriko raises the joy at last when her sensitive inside is stimulated skillfully. The strike shake of her whole body because of the pleasure and her eyes seem to have oil poured at them.

(With her, I obtained four now…)

While holding the fresh hips of the 18 years old Ruriko, Kenichi is overjoyed from the joy that he conquered the idol of the school. This beautiful girl is already his possession like Natsuki and co. It’s possible to summon and violate her as much as he like from now on.

The Incubus who gradually widens the black power in the closed school, in order to taste the body of a beautiful female high school student exhaustively, furthermore, he coveted beautiful meat intensely.

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