Inma no Hado chapter 34

Chapter 34: Senior bullying



“Aaaa… this…I want this…”

During the date with the lover, it was this stout black penis in front which occupied Tomomi´s head. Even when she ate, walked on the road or shopped, black desire burned like magma unexploited deeply under the ground consistently inside her body and when there was a chance, she seemed to erupt even immediately.

“Aahuuu… kuuu!”

Memory of the pleasure that she has been made to taste so far just to have seen it revived and closed lightly with that alone incredibly. A large quantity of saliva is boiled in her mouth and love juice begins to flow gently from her vagina hole and pollutes her panty. Furthermore, her back hole which is behind it also begins to have heat and roasts her brain and dissolves her reason.


It was finished when Tomomi smelled the male pheromone which comes from the crotch of the man. The student in front of her vanished in her head and her lips with red lipstick is being covered from the tip without irritating when the sturdy dick is clenched with her white and thin fingers.

“Oou, it is good…”

Groan of pleasure that leaks out from each mouth.

Tomomi´s red lips just stick to the rugged dick and her dented cheeks stroke the meat stick which stretched in her mouth which is and was full of saliva and erect. While stimulating the tip with her long tongue, her fingers where a big diamond shines slowly rubs the dick.

“I can´t endure it…”

Kenichi mutters small to the skillful combinations.

So that, as for the neat and clean music teacher, a dry sponge breathes in water, she remembers the indecent, good meat service steadily. Because she does fellatio in each meeting and in the dream, Tomomi soon makes Kenichi completely glad about her astonishing technique. Not a trivial thing which a professional performs above all and the affection is high because Tomomi does it for her dear man.

“Do you also give such a thing to your lover?”

His dick was chewed lightly when Kenichi asked mischief.

“Itee! Oioii!”

” Yah, it’s because you say a mean thing…. Such a thing…such a thing, it’s only made with Kenichi…”

When Tomomi blushes and tells so to Kenichi to have sulked, she opens her red lips again and swallows his ugly thing. Kenichi´s thing has been just breathed by a strong power immediately, when she shakes her head for disapproval while making an erotic noise. The intensity seems to show the depth of the internal desire of Tomomi.

After his hand is poked in from the neck of her blouse simply, her chest is rubbed and held from the top of her bra. The bulges which have no cases that even her fiancé touched them, while Kenichi plays to like it as if it is his thing.

(Ouou…they’re wonderful…)

While tasting the oral service of the music teacher who dissolves his penis in her mouth, Kenichi sees the entwining between the high school girls on the bed in front with sticky eyes. Aiko is in charge of the upper body and Natsuki of the lower body now and they give an insistent caress to Ruriko.

“Uhuu, senpai is cute…”
“…Aa, stop it Aiko-chan…mmuuuu…”

When Aiko says so, she sticks to the lips of Ruriko. The kiss between women is already done in this way many times since a little while ago and the disgust Ruriko felt first has weakened gradually, too.

“Ahaa! This is also great…and already dripping wet”

Ruriko´s skirt is rolled up and her panty makes them crawl on the finger between Ruriko’s thigh which became completely exposed to view and Natsuki confirms the shameful blur and grin. However, Ruriko´s both hands were bound and lips were closed, lets her body being in agony.

“Don´ change her nature”
“Haha, I got it, Teacher. Until teacher wants her to want it and mind comes to be out of order, because I’ll irritate Asakura-senpai more”

Aiko and Natsuki understood 100% of Kenichi´s intention, and they nod while signaling him with their eyes.

Kenichi has directed not to make the two people give intention to Ruriko. With never leading to the acme, after they irritate thoroughly, So Ruriko says from her own, that she wants Kenichi´s penis.

Of course it is easy, when he lets her be in heat with the red tentacle in no time, when there is much time like today, in this way, the one which is cooked thoroughly with low fire as for that, the meat becomes good.

“Hey, look…where is the place that senpai feels?”

When Natsuki licks her tongue in no time teasingly and raises it, she put her finger from the side of the lovely pink panty and fumbles at the sensitive part. But it’s never the strength which feels the height and is blaming up carefully.

“Noooo! Such a place don’t touch it…”

And Natsuki’s finger which was also completely accustomed to lesbian play already, let Ruriko reacts sensitively.

On the other hand, while Aiko on the upper body sucks Ruriko´s tongue in agony with a red face, too, and Aiko plays with her nipples which jumped out of the bra cup with her fingers. In that way before Ruriko is going to indulge in ecstasy, Aiko stops her hand of the caress and let the impulse go past. Because that’s being repeated many times already, Ruriko comes to gasp for breath really.

“Hey, Senpai let’s have a look at Midou-sensei”

“Nooooo! Stoop it!! It is shameful!!”

When her thin legs are opened forcibly, she separates her mouth and her body is in agony with feeling embarrassed. However, Aiko holds the legs in check together from both sides, too and confines the resistance easily. Ruriko´s pink panty with the clean design gets wet in the crotch and sticks, and with the flower honey which overflowed from inside had become a dense color.

“Look, the unveiling-”

When Natsuki says so with a joking voice, although Kenichi sits down on the sofa and let the music teacher suck his penis and she exposes Ruriko´s wet secret part to Kenichi staring with his eyes which glared.

“Noooo! No no noo! Stoop iit! It is embaaraasssing!”

The most shameful part which isn´t shown to her parent either is exposed and Ruriko screams with the feeling of touching the air.

“Uhuhu…you just lost your virginity the day before yesterday and the love juice is already overflowing…”

Aiko who is her junior of the tennis club peeps into her secret part from the other side and giggles. Because she was also in the site where Ruriko lost her virginity and remembering the thing of that time, it keeps thrilling Aiko.

“Aaaa! Noooo! Forgive me!!”

The most shameful part in her body is seen by a man and Ruriko squeezes her throat and screams. However back from the interior of the body none only the lamplight, her love liquid starts to overflow a little.

(Don’t have the intension of an exposure fan as expected….)

After Ruriko’s sexual feelings rise rapidly from just now, and the color of her aura shows that she is in an excited state until it’s abnormal. This is because her shameful place is seen in this way.

The beautiful high school student that Kenichi is having his eyes glued to is the idol of the school and in fact, he saw through that Ruriko had a transformation propensity to be excited at being seen in her shameful place exactly.

The beauty likes being seen originally, that’s why she dresses up so beautifully, to catch everybody’s attention. This neat and clean noble young lady isn´t an exception, this person will deny it, but will have a potential desire to want to give a vivid description of her extraordinary good looks and limbs to everybody.

(This fellow changed, too and it doesn’t exist…)

Now, Tomomi who is licking and sucking Kenichi’s thing all the while with her face, she had a character that was quiet and shy before, she gradually shows her hidden propensity by Incubus magic and she began to wear sexy clothes to invite Kenichi with this now. The eyes of her fiancé and men who look after her figure stick to her hips and thighs in a miniskirt and are felt day by day now. Tomomi´s bottom gets wet so for excitement while throbbing secretly.

“It’s a delicious pussy…”

After the wet vagina of the beautiful girl opened immediately is seen, wicked blood flows into Kenichi´s dick like a muddy stream. In the manliness that still swelled up in Tomomi´s mouth more and the music teacher tightens her lips up and makes her tongue wind while being enchanted. Her white fingers into which an engagement ring fits is tied and she doesn´t forget to rub it up and down skillfully either.

“Ahiiiiii! Noooo!!!”

When Natsuki licks Ruriko´s clitoris which congests, a electric current starts to have run through the whole body and Ruriko screams. However, so that Natsuki never drives it to the last height, she irritates the sexual feeling of Asakura-senpai in the state of half-kill and play.

(Aa…it is the best…)

Although Kenichi is satisfied enough with the fellatio of the beautiful teacher who is his colleague, he enjoyed the obscene and luxurious show performed in front of him.

(Aaaa…already, noo…)

How long does it take for her, until she would be irritated?

Aiko and Natsuki who draw close left and right favorite the way playing with Ruriko´s body and Ruriko comes to gasp for breath. She is kissed deeply by one of them while being massaged on her chest, the other one takes up her position between the groin and sensitive part of Ruriko and is stimulating it skillfully by the mouth and the fingers. When Ruriko almost reach the climax, however, both stop the caress suddenly and avoid kindled sensuality.

“Iii!, don´t! Don’t stop it!!”

After a raging wave of ecstasy is being close at hand again now, she is made to the postponement immediately before jumping into it and Ruriko raises a scream of disappointment, because she know it. However, those two are really cruel, while weakening the caress when they grinned at each other and waiting for the attack of the acme being relieved patiently.

“Hey hey senpai. When you want the stout penis of the teacher, say that you want it”

When Aiko twists the pink nipples which completely erected with her fingers now, it drives Ruriko maliciously.


Ruriko who felt, what her body want very badly, she can´t speak of being ashamed that she demand it from herself, since shaking her head for disapproval from just now a *no no* is repeated.

(Aaa…already…I already want…)

The pain of her body has already culminated and Kenichi can realize that her aura turns red with his eyes clearly. If this is Aiko, Natsuki or Tomomi, they should already open their thigh and ask for his big thing on their own already.

(Don’t exert yourself easily….)

When Kenichi moves Tomomi who still licks it and looks that it isn´t enough, he takes off his clothes and become naked. After he contracted with the Incubus, his body also changed and it is muscular and sturdy though it’s thin now. The body is seen and Tomomi is entranced.

While being able to tower with his penis between his crotch extremely well, Kenichi holds it out to show off in front of Ruriko who pants when he goes onto the bed.

“Aah… Sensei´s dick is coming”

Kenichi´s penis shakes fearfully in front of Aiko and Ruriko who stare hot at it. Being hungry for blood, like a sword which seeks the game, it seems to utter a magnetic force to attract the beholder.

“Uhuu, will Ai-chan serve it together?”
“Aah, it is good…”

*Uhuhu* while laughing at each other Aiko and Natsuki bring their faces near from left and right. While casting a side glance at Ruriko, they stretch out their long tongues to show it off and lick the big meat pole and raise it.

“Hahaha…it is full of Honda-sensei´s saliva…”
“Yah, it is terrible hard…. it aims at Ruriko-senpai´s vagina…”

Two people who have experience in this way many times already, they competes for their dear teacher while taking their skillful cooperation. By skillfulness and enthusiasm of which someone can’t think them as high school students at all and they makes Kenichi´s huge gun slimy with their saliva.


The dark penis which shakes between the faces of two girls in front, it’s very annoying, repugnant and obscenebut pure Ruriko can’t take her eyes away.

(Nooo…that…that is my…)

Ruriko would receive it how many times in the interior of her womb after she was robbed of her virginity the day before yesterday.

She was just violated in the locker room the day before yesterday actually and she is violated by this penis in her dream every night. She doesn’t know why she has such a realistic dream, anyway after she is gone through by the male sexual organ in her dream which is right in front of her now, she was made to taste pleasure so as to go mad endlessly.

The memory of the dream mixes together with reality and she has already been stenciled mad to her brain and body as driving of this stout male many times, while Ruriko doesn’t know it, that she is the captive of pleasure which is given. Her eyes are nailed to the just a stone’s throw away penis in the present and her body has already begun preparations to receive the sturdy thing inside her vagina.

Ruriko’s modest vagina finishes congesting and opening, while the secret cave in the depths discharges thick white juice, she seems to want to hold something in her mouth and is rising twitchingly. The movement like a insectivorous plant that waits for the catch, Tomomi held her position between the thigh and laughs.

“Hey, you also suck it”

When Kenichi holds out his huge gun which got wet with saliva from the two people in front, Ruriko wavered for a while, but looks up and sees the teacher’s face suddenly. Both their eyes looked at the eyes of the other and their glances were connected for a while, and Ruriko opens her pink lips, as if she is possessed by the red eyes of Kenichi before long. When she takes the head of the penis in her mouth to just trace the act of the dream, she closes her eyelids with long eyelashes and begins to shake her head slowly.

“It is wonderful…Asakura-senpai, the penis of the teacher becomes so…”

It’s murmured so, as Natsuki admired it once more.

As for it, it is no wonder. That Ruriko who is the idol of the school is doing something, that isn´t known by all students and she does an indecent act in a suite of a hotel and who will believe it in this way?

“Hehehe… is it great? Ruriko-senpai, she is completely crazy already…”

While Aiko nods, she laughs *Uhuhu*, and she is proud of it like it is her own.

According to the words, the beautiful high school student who everyone at school longs for, since holding the penis which she should hate, is already in her mouth strenuously and she raises a weak nasal voice. The refined daughter brought up with tender care is polluted by the magical power that seems to be doubtful that the Incubus emits and she was blinded by the instinct of a woman.

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