Inma no Hado chapter 35

Chapter 35: Black wave



Ruriko who waved her neck using her mouth desperately and finally it becomes impossible for her to endure the pain of the interior of her womb. Anyway after it almost lasts for more than 1 hour, she keeps being irritated while making her sexual feeling act crazy.

(Aaa…quuick…quick somehow…)

Still holding the bold dick in her mouth with her elegant lips, while licking and sucking it, she keeps asking the blow of the stout thing from just now in her mind. However, 18-year-old Ruriko who was a virgin only a few days ago can´t originate such an direct word, nothing can´t been done only by looking up at Kenichi with an upward glance, while snorting a little while ago.

(…Aa.. rather, rather…)

She only has to attack it by force and her reason which melted already was driven so that she even thought of such a thing. However, while Kenichi sees through the desire of such a beautiful girl with his devil eyes exactly and he enjoys the still poor oral service leisurely.

“Hahaha…can’t you say it that you want it, senpai?”

Natsuki and Aiko seem fascinating and giggle.

When Kenichi lets Natsuki crawl on all fours slowly on the large bed, her check patterned short skirt is rolled up and her clean hip is revealed. In that way when he removes her t-back panty with a too bold design aside which that high school girl wears and he thrusts his erect penis into the vagina hole.

“Aaahiiiiiiiii! Your cock is coming! Your penis is good!!!!

Because Natsuki had gotten excited for a long time, she is absorbed with the stimulation which is given blindly. There Natsuki discharges slimy body fluid in large quantities, she tighten it by force in narrow-mindedness as ever. When she is divided into a lump of huge meat by force and is torn, a strong pleasure current runs through the backbone of her waist in friction and feeling a expansion and melts her brain.

“Hiiiiiiiii! Guuuuuuuu!”

Although she has already accepted it many times, she always feels stupidity aches in far superior sturdiness from it than from her first boyfriend. But even that’s a spice of pleasure for Natsuki now and she is swallowed in no time by the ecstasy.

“Aah…only Natsuki is tricky…”
“Me tooo…give it to me next…”

Seeing Natsuki who is one step ahead of her, Aiko and Tomomi raise sulky voice and behave like a baby. Both draw close right and left to Kenichi connected with Natsuki in the rear entry position and they ask for a kiss in turn while running their fingers over Kenichi´s naked body.


For the indecent act performed in front of Ruriko who is left out of and came to be completely enchanted from it. The hard dick which goes in and out from the vagina of the younger student while wearing a whitish seriousness stew because she sees it from the side and it is clearly reflected in Ruriko´s eyes.

“Aaaaaa! Again! Again, ittsuuuuu! Cuuummming!!”

The long large thing might pierce to the interior, it is in Natsuki´s thin body wrapped in a uniform and she doesn’t mind it at all. With a sound Natsuki cries out in a pretty voice which arouse the sadistic desire of Kenichi.

Kenichi who enjoyed good flavor of the interior of Natsuki´s womb in that way for a while, it’s pulled out abruptly when it crowded and he lets Aiko crawl in the same way this time. When he holds her hips, from the side of the bold butterfly panty that this sticks to the skin which is tanned, he let his thing that has whitish muddy viscous liquid on it invade Aiko´s pussy.

“Aaaaaaaaa!! Good!! It is wonderful!!! Unbearable!!”

The pleasure nerve which became bare is stimulated and the 17-year-old young girl who was a virgin until quite recently keeps being totally in agony from sex like a practiced married woman from the beginning. Aiko receives the body fluid filled with the magic from the Incubus many times in the interior of her womb and her mind and body are completely changed from it.

“Aaaaa! Cum cum cum!! Itsuuuuuu!! Aaaaaa!! ”

While clenching the sheet until the fingers becomes white, Aiko falls in the bottom of the acme in no time. Kenichi rolls up her skirt and she is violated in her hips, it´s is the prey of the middle-aged teacher and she trembles with the joy with her whole body.

The back hole muscle strangles the intruder to the very limit and it is about to be bitten off and crushed. Everyone, Kenichi must dream to the extent that the place of Aiko is incredible and small and he has trouble to move.


For the hot sex which continues in front, Ruriko merely opens her eyes wide and watches it. As for the aching body, the thirst increases in what was left while doing it so and it deepens the desire of the innocent high school girl more.

When Aiko who did that and did intention sound is exhausted, Kenichi lets Tomomi crawl this time. When her black tight skirt is raised, her mature aged white hips rise in the indirect lighting of the hotel. The purple panty which became completely soaked is pasted up between the thigh.

“Aaa…Kenichii…Kenichi, quuick…”

While seeing Kenichi´s dick not moving an inch even when he has done anything with two high school students, Tomomi makes a hollow voice sound and entreats. The quiet Tomomi, who also keeps her temper in her everyday lessons, shakes her hips by herself and ask for the hot single blow of Kenichi with her whole body.

“Where do you want it, Tomomi?”
“…Aa… it is embarrassing…. Hips…I want it in the back hole!”

Ruriko who heard the words did not know what it means. Because she doesn’t know anal sex, the act which connects at the back hole exists and it also isn’t possible to imagine it. However, when Kenichi grins, it smashes the light fantasy of the high school student ignorant about the nature.

“Hey, Asakura. Honda-sensei while having such a pretty face, hides it from her boyfriend and she is a pervert loving to have sex with me in her back hole”
“Aaa…nasty…don´t say it…”

Tomomi feels shy while blushing. However at the same time her expression is full of joy of a thrilled masochist.

(Su, such…from behind…but, that’s impossible…such a thing…)

“Hey, show your true form to Asakura. Do it like you always do it”

It is still unbelievable even when said to her, although Tomomi´s face is burning in humiliation, shyness and excitement when Kenichi gives the order immediately. Supporting the upper part of her body with her shoulders and head while being on all fours, Tomomi turns both her hands to her hips and opens her back hole.

“Kenichi… Kenichi…. Please…Tomomi, Tomomi wants it in her back hole…”

The elegant and beautiful music teacher pleads Kenichi to insert his thing in it.

“Aaa…capricious penis…. Kenichi`s big capricious penis insert it deep in Tomomi´s back hole!!”

When he lets Tomomi ask by lines he taught her until now, he inserts his erect penis in the narrowing back hole. It’s helped by the honey liquid which Natsuki and Aiko put out and the back hole which already received it many times falls for the invasion of the ruler plainly.

“Hoooooooooo! Coooommming! Entering is goood!”

It is shown off in front that Kenichi´s thing is swallowed by the anus of the lovely music teacher and Ruriko screams from the excessive horror. However, the neat and clean teacher who was the admiration of the schoolgirl has the expression of delight like posture to expand hips by both hands. Her lips to play a beautiful voice for in soprano finish usually opening slovenly and a squeal is raised while driveling.

“Hiii! Inside! It enters insidee! Great one, a great thing is insiiide!”

Hid grand black thing by which she thought it was impossible by all means in being not believed, it was slow, but all disappeared in the white hips. The female teacher shakes her body like having caused the convulsion fit at the moment the back of Ruriko who hears utters a cry of the brute who comes to feel cold, and is blinded by the clear acme.

“Ouou…as usual, don´t tighten it so much…”

For the tightening of the back hole which is far superior to the vagina, Kenichi conquers the rectum and braves a sigh of satisfaction. To steal, eat and do the beauty’s back gate who has a lover, the intolerable black joy is remembered. When the boyfriend who may masturbate is imagined while thinking of this beauty now, Kenichi is feeling thrilled with the sense of superiority of sleeping and stealing another´s lover and is welling up.

(It isn´t because she is developed enough…)

Before the wedding, this bride will be dyed black by poison of the Incubus. Imagine that, at that time his dick occupying the rear gate from the female teacher warps with more power.

“Aahiiiiiiiii!! Guuuuuuu!! Higuuuuuuu!!”

While yelling with the voice which no longer becomes a word, Tomomi shakes her whole body tremblingly from the dark ecstasy which the anal coitus brings. And hot love juice is spitted out from the vagina which is a virgin intermittently and her thighs and the sheet are being wetted.

Tomomi just do mind in front of Ruriko who can´t but stare in that way many times, she has drooped before long. With the sweat that looks like a white ball a thick female pheromone is being thrown out with the sweat from her whole body.

Kenichi´s thing, who endured the clamping of two high school students and the female teacher, shows off the ferocious figure proudly more and more. After he makes it fit the gut liquid of Tomomi put out on the whole, it towers to show off the powerful power and the black bruise shaped like a butterfly floats clearly on the inside.


The same form and shape as the one that appeared in her dream. It went in many times by the huge thing in the dream and violated her and the memory that kept enjoying itself in the mind of Ruriko revives vividly.

Although he makes Natsuki and Aiko taste his dick again from left and right, Kenichi stares at Ruriko lying on the bed. To see the face which should be witty which took her virginity after having deceived, Ruriko is baud of avoiding it.

(Aaa…those eyes…when I look at those eyes, it is not good…)

When she is watched by the red eyes that hasn´t been seen, her whole body comes to have been numb. Even during class she gets sucked into those eyes, love liquid is spouted enormously and it overflows each time and when the science class is over, she must rush into the restroom. It becomes unbearable just to remember these eyes and recently she quietly comforts herself in the morning and at night.

“How is it done? Do you still endure it?”

When the mean man says so and laughs thinly, he looks at Ruriko’s eyes. It seems that some kind of power is given off from him, and Ruriko´s heart and body are being tied.

“When you don’t do it, I just enjoy myself again with these two people”

Natsuki´s and Aiko’s body are held when they draw close right and left when it is said so, from the man who gives a wicked smile. That smile tempts a pure angel and he looks just like the devil from the Bible.

“…Aaa, please…me too…”

With a slender voice by which a mosquito cries, Ruriko speaks of words of the corruption clearly. Something which she defended carefully so far cracks, while feeling that it breaks into pieces.

“Me too…I want it toooo…. Please do me too…”

Ruriko looks up at the man she hates with wet eyes as if she caught a fever and she asks for it on her own at last. The words restrict her, while understanding that her destiny is determined, she says it.

It was the contract with the Incubus that Ruriko submitted and was corrupted.

When the words are confirmed Kenichi grins and he is covering Ruriko who lies down on the bed. The young lady of the upper class that anyone longs for, she surrendered at last and prostrated herself by heart and body to Kenichi.

While trembling in her uniform appearance, Ruriko still enjoys her fate. The dick is pushed by the side of her pink panty, and the cells of her body raise a squeal of delight and joy which she received finally.

However, suddenly Kenichi stops his movement cruelly there, he still teases her. By doing so to the very last possible moment and driving it in, Kenichi completely incise this beautiful girl on the body and heart as his possession.

“Aaa… more, more…”

He comes here and is fascinated again and Kenichi looks at Ruriko´s expression that she seems to cry with her beautiful eyes. For the forever mean devil, the 18 years old girl is tossed and there are no accomplished means.

“Whose thing are you?”

Ruriko is asked so and she finds herself at a loss for words. When uttering these words, she can never turn back. Because that’s understood, her remaining reason hits the brakes faintly at the last end.

Kenichi isn’t impatient at all and waits for the answer leisurely. When he uses his red tentacles, she will say it in no time, in this way gradually, his dark desire which is thrilled with the thing which is being run down is felt.

The pure and noble girl is made dirty. The repetition of the act brings up his wicked heart, it is gloomy, but lets the quiet science teacher undergo a complete change. No longer did he have a timid and shy look, now he is wicked and his desire to do anything in order to satisfy his own desire is full.

“I…I am…aa…te teacher…teacher´s thing…”

When Ruriko tell so, because she has been possessed by his red eyes again, she closes her beautiful eyes quietly. A beautiful small devil which disobeys the heart of God is born one again in this way.

“Hiiiiiiiii!! Aaaaaaaaaa!! Cuuummmiing!”

The body which starved for the stimulation and was entirely dry runs out of control suddenly by the first thrust until it’s rough and is indulged in richly colored ecstasy. A spark of seven colors flies at the inside of her closed eyes and a scorching pleasure runs up her backbone and makes her whole brain boil.

The vagina of Ruriko shrinking tightly clings to her destined partner and is subordinate. The inner wall is surging windingly and is inviting the penis to the inside.

“Oo…can´t endure it…”

When the purplish red aura swells up at the same time as Ruriko does mind it, a large amount of energy is flowing in Kenichi´s body. When the energy is collected in the lower part of his body concerning the cells in his body, it’ll be a small ball and it is just sucked in to the black bruise of his penis.

The black wave still expands more and it is the maximum size by the location besides the school and is spreading beyond the suite in the hotel. After his super-sense is actuated at the same time, Kenichi’s perception is becoming incredibly sensitive.

The black wave given off from Kenichi’s body is spreading over the surrounding and it gradually enlarges the range with excitement. Kenichi obtained it “Power” strength and he seemed to show it off to someone.

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