Inma no Hado chapter 36

Chapter 36: Female restroom



(…This is…the wave of an devil?)

(Tl note: because I don´t know what gender the person who comes now is I will address that person as a male but when he should appear again and his gender is female then I will correct it here)

When the person stops his foot where he walked suddenly and looks up at the sky to check something. Suddenly, it stopped and the middle aged man who walked behind it immediately floated the face which seemed to be annoyed for an instant, there are many humans around, especially so it has done busily and pleasant without either the circumstances which change. Nothing changes from the usual crowd in Shinjuku. It is like a peaceful Japanese symbol, the downtown scenery that is anywhere. (Tl note: Shinjuku is a district of Tokyo)

However, the black energy that is dim, but is clearly felt for an instant by that person, he can look around the face to check the direction. His eyes are huge and stops at a luxury hotel incidentally, he looks patiently so that he may make sure there.

(Chii!… In a hotel…)

The source of the wicked wave is correctly specified, and it becomes the sour expression at the same time. Because there are several hundred humans in the hotel, this is because it is difficult to pinpoint who gives the wave.

It arrives straight at the hotel as always, it search until it identify the devil and the human who fused, but unfortunately, there is a previous appointment today.

Hereafter today, the target that the person was cornering will be assaulted with the companion and it becomes the appointment for elimination. Because It has to wait for many days again if it’s missed today, to encircle it so as not to let the target go, it can´t separate its action here.

“The wicked thought is overflowing more today….”

Looking up at the sky covered with dark clouds at night, it murmured aloud. A common human can´t see it, this person clearly seems that the energy of the wicked thought that whirls in this big city becomes a black flow. The city where humans covered with many desires including Shinjuku and Ikebukuro gather, it is easy to accumulate the conception in this way.

And, it becomes provisions of life energy that doesn’t have the substance that is called a devil, it’ll be the origin which absorbs and gathers in this society and fuses with a human.

It stood still in that way for a while, that black wave could never be sensed.

(Is it imaginary? …No, it was a wave of a devil for certain…. However, when a wicked thought is strong like this, that is difficult to distinguish it…)

The strength of the wave that it sensed only for an instant is feeble, probably it will be the lowest-class existence even when it was a devil. Because there is almost no actual damage to society when it’s so, it might postpone it. Anyway, the other party who faces it now is an intermediate devil who shows up after a long time in this area, it is the existence that has already caused many victims.

(Well, I’ll find and erase it eventually…)

Some coldness was mixed in wind to deepen and passed between buildings in autumn. When the person puts up the collar of the thin coat while considering the hotel, It began to walk at last again.

Usami who is the vice-principal finally leaves the hospital and returned to school.

A cast is still put on his foot of course and he has crutches. His Achilles’ tendon was cut in the tennis game with Midou Kenichi who is the science teacher. By the fact that Usami who finished operation and hospitalization returned, the morning gathering also changed to the usual businesslike person.

When saying good morning to one another, Usami showed the hatred bare expression that Kenichi considered and he parried it with just an ordinary expression. When it was about time when he was his former self, he would be timid to see the face, he becomes impudent and he seems not to worry now.

After Kenichi’s attitude is seen, Usami increases his hatred more and more.

Anyway because Usami lost in tennis that he was good at and was made hospital forwarding and it isn’t a thing of the average unpleasantness like humiliation. His grudge is felt increasing for a long time when he was in hospital and he promised in his heart that he will take revenge sometime by all means.

But the science teacher, who is an essential co-worker, seems to be boring and hears the morning gathering with the expression that he seems to want to tell to be indifferent including the speculation of such a vice-principal.

However, as for Usami who is the vice-principal, nobody of the teachers who are in this staff room notices it besides him.

The school is covered with a black wave from Kenichi´s body while he is doing so and it is wrapping the whole school entirely. And all the action and states of all the members who are in it are grasped and Kenichi is aiming at the next prey vigilantly in his suitable hunting ground called the all girl´s high school.

“Not good…. Sensei, stop it…”

At the long break of 20 minutes which are between the 2nd period and the 3rd period. Ruriko who is called by a mail beforehand in a private room of the female restroom on the fifth-floor, where her shameful part was licked from behind by Kenichi with her body being pushed to the wall.

“What are you saying, Ruriko. Here might already be muddy”
“…Aaa…Noo…it is embarrassing…”

According to Kenichi’s point,『Ellis’s butterfly lady』the so called idol of the school which is elegant and neat, lets a large quantity of honey liquid overflow from her shameful part and her light blue panty was made muddy.

Ruriko who went to school in the miniskirt so that it is possible to say “Wow”, lets her pervert propensity burn with a thrill to have possibilities to be seen, besides she was called by an mail in the morning and has been in heat in no time.

Ruriko with Aiko and co. had sex with Kenichi all night at the hotel the other day, after he released semen many times inside her womb and her body matures from its magic rapidly. Her greedy desire that she hid under her elegant and neat mask is revealed and she demanded the pleasure by herself although being shy and it was devoured many times.

While Natsuki, Aiko and Tomomi are exhausted, the greedy Ruriko kept getting in touch with Kenichi and uttering a delighted cry. Her legs with black knee socks are tied to Kenichi´s body and she exchanges kiss with him fascinated, when Ruriko who associates just like a married couple is seen, it’ll be to astonish for many students at this school who long for her and will be paralyzed.

“Aaaaa…in such a place…when someone comes…”

People hardly come to the fifth floor where special classrooms form a line, but still someone may come in after some time. Although it’s such a dangerous place, the excitement thrilled with the thing is remembered.

Of course for Kenichi such a thing as being found by someone was an impossible thing. Because the black wave tells him the circumstances around correctly, so he knows who is where so that he may take it in his hand.

However, Ruriko who doesn´t know “the power” of Kenichi lets her head reel in fear and a thrill not to know who enters when.

“Hey, thrust out your hips more”

When she is ordered, her head can´t think anymore because it is baud and her well-shaped hips are being pushed out obediently. In the abnormal situation that Ruriko associates with a man in the private room of the small restroom, she lets her dark desire flare up from the inside of her body.

For a while, she has that and is raised with an impact.

“Hiiiiiii!! Cuuummmiing!!!”

It’s gone through from the rear while standing up in the restroom, each internal organ is lifted by the long and large penis. Ruriko is swallowed up by angry waves of ecstasy in no time and she makes her mouth gasp like a goldfish of oxygen shortage and utters a cry of pleasure.

Before coming to the school in the morning, she would take a shower. An exquisite good smell is floating from her long and glossy black hair. While overrunning the narrow interior with the long and large penis from the rear, Kenichi buries his face in Ruriko´s hair and is intoxicated with the sweet smell.

“Nooo… not good…. You mustn´t release it inside!”

While holding the body of Ruriko from behind and violating her from the rear, her white skin has dark red traces when he sucks her scruff.

“When you return straight to your classroom, you may be exposed to everyone? Up to now, I have fucked your pussy”
“No No not good! You mustn´t release it!!”

However, Ruriko who imagined such a situation, ironically she is excited so as to be disgusted from herself, while she is caught up at once by the second ecstasy. Ruriko imagines herself who smells strongly after the bad-smelling sperm and comes back in her classroom with marks on her scruff remaining from sex. From that alone her brain is attacked by excitement and becomes white.

Impulse of the hot ecstasy wells up again from inside of her body.


Then at the same time that the big hand of Kenichi grows from behind and holds her mouth, somebody entered this restroom. The restroom seemed to be full somehow or other in the lower floor and an underclassman seems to have come here by two people.

“Don´t speak”

Ruriko who becomes desperate and nods, when it’s ordered so by the ear. Because it is a ruin when it comes out by any chance, she bears the scream that almost leaks desperately.

Ironically, because it’s simply such a situation, that the excitement flares up still more and Ruriko feels it. The sphincter increases and shrinks every time and it is changed to something narrow so that it can’t normally be believed in the small vagina.

(Aaaa! Nooooo! Feeling good! My voice comes out! )

As much as she is going to control it desperately, on the contrary, the sexual feeling rises steadily. When there isn´t the big hand which holds her mouth, she would suffer and utter a cry.

Ruriko hears the sound that the water flows soon and all two of them leave the private room. She hears the sound washing hands in the washroom and Ruriko leaks a relieved sigh while being most stable in the back private room.

“Hey hey, by the way did you see Ruriko-senpai?”

Her name is given suddenly and Ruriko trembles. The penis that she swallowed in the interior of her womb rubs against the vagina wall, and a weak stimulation left running through her whole body. She almost utters a cry unintentionally and she strongly bites her lips in a hurry and endures it.

“I saw her! Her image was somewhat different from usual”
“That’s right. She looked like an adult from the front and today you could say she was more like an adult woman…”
“It is unlikely, but that skirt! Such a super-mini one Ruriko-senpai wore today”
“You said it. Even such a mini skirt, I can´t wear it. Senpai, was there anything?”

While two people confirm their figure in front of the mirror somehow or other, they seemed to talk.

(Because it doesn´t matter…. quickly…leave quickly…)

While getting irritated with the two students who she knows neither their face nor their name, Ruriko in the state of being violated by the upright positioning shouts in her mind.

However, ignoring the wish of Ruriko, those two continue their talk any way.

Kenichi who was behind soon has begun to move slowly.


While raising the squeal overcast by a too vivid stimulation, she looks back desperately toward her back and wave her neck unwillingly. The moment two people who are still in front of the mirror may hear it, while Ruriko shakes her body in fear as her heart cowers shudderingly.

(Stop it! Sensei! Please, don’t move!!)

However, when he laughs at the wish of Ruriko, the damp and shady teacher uses his long and large dick skillfully and stimulates the weak point in Ruriko. Kenichi, who knows everything about the part which this young lady already completely feels, stimulates the part with his hard lump using the meat gills which stretched.


The voice leaks from the gap of the hand by a small explosion unintentionally. She is startled, but it is already too late.

“Did you say anything?”
“Uuh…. I heard it from that way”

(Hii! I was found!!)

These two people who heard the voice a short while ago are probably coming here.

Ruriko, who lets her body harden, lets her heart thumping. Ironically, her vagina tightens from the strain more, which is increasing more pleasure that rise from her waist. When power doesn’t enter her waist and she nearly come down to the bottom, the merciless penis pushes it up like a counter.


It’s short this time, but the cry of pleasure is given clearly. Her always sensitive mucous membrane is rubbed hard and it is unbearable and she is feeling it, the fear to have possibilities to be seen by somebody with such a figure becomes the spice and lets the sensuality of Ruriko be ablaze in no time.

Even when it’s rushed and the mouth is held by her, it’s too late.

“Are you all right?”

Her state is that she is nervous and is addressed from the other side of the door. To hear the voice a little while ago, they seemed to think that somebody suffered at the inside.

(Hiiii! I`m found!!)

This might be said that her heart is frozen. That moment, Ruriko certainly felt her heart stop pulsing.

(What will I do..what will I do..what will I do..)

Should she ignore or should she answer? Ruriko becomes panic without there being a judgment.

The other party on the door over there seems to watch her state, too. The state of long silence continues for several seconds. That the tone of her heart which pulsates big again may be heard is feared.

(Please…go away…)

Ruriko prays desperately.

Then, an unbelievable thing happens.

The teacher, who is behind her, holds her waist with both hands solidly and has begun to move slowly.


Ruriko who bites her lips desperately so that blood flows, holds her mouth with both hands and suppresses her voice. Ruriko who turns to the back greatly stares at Kenichi and commits chaos with her big wide eyes and shakes her head intensely to stop the movement and entreat him.

However, Kenichi who feels joy for trampling down Ruriko’s wish uses his waist mercilessly but skillfully while jeering. The G-spot that is Ruriko’s weak point when he lots with his huge thing, lets her fall in deep ecstasy while letting hot juice gush out from the depths of her vagina.


Ruriko who suppresses her voice agonizes herself desperately.

Her vagina eats and sticks to the dick like a toothless carnivorous animal, while it squeezes something like steel to the utmost by all power tightly. It twists so that there seems to be a bruise and it was the best pleasure organ everyone dreamed of.

The first-class good flavor that the 18-year-old beautiful girl brings.


An ordinary man tastes 10 seconds and intense fastening that he doesn’t have, Kenichi raises even a small groan from his opened mouth. In the situation of the thrill full marks that it is likely to be found, the idol of this whole school is excited and has carnal desire before it’s abnormal clearly.

“Hey? Are you all right? Are you hurt?”

The people outside the door haven´t given up yet and even knock hard and fast on the door now. They think, that the student inside has some kind of sickness and want to help her somehow.

“I call a teacher to come on!”

She said so and the other schoolgirl opened the door of the restroom and left into the hallway.

(Hiiiiii!! What do I…what should I do!!!)

Indeed they’re in a desperate situation.

Because the door of the restroom is only one place from the beginning, when many people come here, it isn’t possible to cheat to escape from this abnormal state. If it is known that a male teacher and students are in the fifth-floor ladies’ room where nobody is and has entered the private room, the standpoint of Ruriko in this school collapses only with that.

However, while Kenichi enjoys Ruriko´s confusion, the time when the intense shrinkage calmed down is chosen and the movement is resumed again.


Ruriko who entreats to stop it becomes desperate and shakes her head for disapproval. She can´t be caught in the act with such an appearance at least.

However, her waist moves rhythmically regularly, Ruriko’s sexual sense area inside her womb is sniped surely and it raises the sensuality by force.

(Please, stop it! Please, please stop it!!)

Ruriko entreats so desperately, but the stimulation increases as ever and the voltage of the pleasure is rising. Because Kenichi ejaculated inside her womb many times up to now, Ruriko’s childish sexual sense opens her vagina completely and she has the rich sensitivity like a ripe married woman from the Incubus´s magic. When it is blamed persistently carefully in stout penis, she may go against the stimulation.

Not her head, but her body takes its all over and the pleasure is ruling everything soon.

(Already not good!! More more, not good nooooo!!!)

The reaction is dreadful because her endurance has been piled up.

From the feeling that the big wave which she hasn´t experienced so far comes, everything before Ruriko goes black for despair. Suppressing her voice, when she tastes this.

“I will put it out”

It is whispered at her ear and Ruriko understands the meaning of the words and shudders.

(Not good! It is not good!! Please, only that don´t release it!!!!)

She can´t live anymore when she is seen with a large amount of white semen overflowing from her bottom.

It was a fatal wound that her waist was shaken in order to become desperate and remove it.

Kenichi´s huge thing is rubbed directly against the ring of the uterus hole which is in heat and went down from the sperm. That place which congested becomes sensitive incredibly, that explode at once as a needle was stuck into a swelling balloon tightly.

“Higuuuuuuuuuu!!! Guuuuuuuu!!!”

From the explosion of her orgasm her brain is melting and the roar like a beast comes out of her mouth. With being no longer able to suppress it with her hand, Ruriko raises a loud voice while shaking her whole body fearfully and enjoys herself.


The good flavor of the 18-year-old vagina tightens hard and Kenichi lets his white wicked semen that has finished piling up to his heart’s content loose while blowing out a smelly breath. The pipe of the muscle which is firm in absurdity is wrapping intensely from the point to the root and is twisting and cutting inside of Kenichi.

“Ahiiiiiiiii!! Higuuuuuuuuu!!!”

When the white bullet proposed at high speed hits the back door of the meat ring intensely, Ruriko shakes her body and yells and cries. The orgasm that she thought to be a limit has become deeper and the cells in her whole body tremble with delight and the semen is welcomed by the whole body.

The pleasure current of a too enormous amount is called off quickly and Ruriko`s head which short-circuited parted with her consciousness. In the sweet darkness where the future is hinted, she finds herself to be falling slowly.


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